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The Dark Web Access is Full of Terrors

The Dark Web Access is Dark and Full of Terrors

Disclaimer: The article is not intended as a promotion of Dark Web neither are we in any way associated with the sites, owners or pages listed therein. This is only meant to serve as an informational piece for our readers. Whatever you do with the information provided here is solely your responsibility.

Is the Dark Web real?

As we all know the internet can be a scary place sometimes because it gives us dark web access. Not that the access is easy in any way. There is a trick to that (hold your breath, we will get to accessing part later) but the point is, there is danger lurking behind the all-so friendly face of the internet.

Dark Web also sometimes referred to as Deep Web (though not the same thing, exactly) is that space online which an average user does not have the access to. A browser by the name of Tor can help them achieve that feat but the real question here is, how desperate are you for Dark Web access?

Definition of Dark Web

In layman terms, it is a bundle of websites which exist on the encrypted network and a user cannot find them via traditional Google search or through traditional browsers, for that matter. The sites over Dark Web hide behind Tor encryption tool as Tor makes you surf the web, anonymously. It is similar to having a VPN but not its replacement.

Through Tor, the aspect of anonymity gets multiplied. It’s just that strong! A user’s IP address is bounced through a wide array of servers before it is set to a different IP when using Tor browser. Imagine the same formula getting applied to websites. That is why finding such sites are near to impossible, of course through conventional searches.

The owners of the sites on Dark Web cannot be traced and as a user, if your identity is revealed to these people, it can get you into hot water. We know you are dying to learn “what is dark web and how does it work?” and wants to access it. Well, your patience has paid off. What follows is Dark Web access.

How to access Dark Web safely?

You can access dark web in two of the following methods:

Method 1

Now that we have explained how real Dark Web is and have defined it, let’s get to the accessing part. We don’t know if there is anything safer about Dark Web access, it’s just that you can access it. Ivacy among other things provides access to Dark Web as it masks your IP address and lends you anonymity. So when we talk about “safety” VPNs are the closest.

Method 2

Another method and as already explained – Tor browser should be your go-to source for exploring the realms of Dark Web (should you choose). You can download the Tor Browser Bundle from

Execute the downloaded file and install it just like you would any other program. The Vivaldia Control Panel therein will by default handle the installation process for you and will get you set up through a randomized network. A necessary precautionary measure while accessing Dark Web would be to place a tape over your webcam.


It is done to prevent prying eyes from watching your every move. Now whatever you intend to do on Dark Web, the aforesaid is advisable. Okay, so you are on Dark Web, what’s next? If you don’t know what to do, it can be a pretty creepy place. But we are not saying this to scare you but to warn you.

It is easier to look for “how to access Dark Web on Android” or “how to access Dark Web on iPhone” or on any of your devices but staying safe should be your top priority. The Dark Web has sites that deal in drugs, guns, pedophilia and every other worse ill imaginable!

A little about Deep Web

As we stated above that Dark Web and Deep Web are terms which are used interchangeably but are different in essence. If your question is how to access Deep Web then the process is similar but what makes it different is that it has more to do with the collection of web pages which search engines cannot find.

So essentially Dark Web is a subset of Deep Web but in addition, also packs all user databases, webmail pages etc. An interesting thing to note here is that the term “Dark Internet” has no common ground with either of the Dark or Deep Web. While the latter is typically what tabloids label as dangerous, the former is where scientists store raw data for research (boring, eh?).

Is the Dark Web legal?

It’s like asking if marijuana is legal in the US. Is the Dark Web dangerous? Hell yes! What is Dark Web and how does it work? We just laid it out for you above. There are a variety of sites available on Reddit as well in this regard. You can check out this aggregated link but remember, you didn’t hear about this from us.

Also, since it is not legal, the sites on Dark Web come and go. So stay vigilant when trying Dark Web access.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is illegal to view on the dark web?

People may acquire illicit narcotics and weaponry on the dark web. It’s also riddled with unlawful pornographic sites, including child pornography. It’s a section of the internet that standard search engines like Google don’t index.

Can police track you on the dark web?

Typical online browsers expose their unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, allowing law enforcement to track them down. A dark web browser, on the other hand, generates a bogus IP address using a network of relays to conceal the user’s identity. A substantial part of dark web activity is legal.

Why does the dark web exist?

There are a variety of valid and legal reasons to access the dark web that are unrelated to illegal activities. It’s the place to go for anonymous surfing, great for getting research information without paying through the nose, reading obscure literature, and discovering new forums or social networking websites.

Do you need a VPN for dark web?

It is possible to surf the dark web without a VPN, but it is highly recommended that you use one. Tor is required to access the deep web, and because Tor nodes are public, connecting to one instantly raises red lights with your ISP. You may face greater scrutiny or possibly an official inquiry.

Can I use a VPN with Tor?

Yes! Using Tor and a VPN together gives the highest level of security.

Is Tor more secure than VPN?

While both Tor and VPNs safeguard your online privacy, VPNs are the most secure option when used correctly. Tor is a free browser that encrypts your queries; nevertheless, it is sluggish, does not have access to all sites, and can result in legal issues.

What are .onion sites?

Onion sites are dark web websites with the ‘. onion’ domain extension. They use Tor’s hidden services to conceal their location and the names of their owners. Tor browser is the only way to access onion sites.

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