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What is Bridge Mode on Router and How to Use it?

What is Bridge Mode
You might have come across a bridge mode setting when configuring your router's SSID or turning on WPA2 encryption for more protection. Are you wondering what is bridge mode? The "bridge mode" setting may be present while configuring your router. It is usually deactivated in routers, almost all of them. But you can activate it with only a few clicks. Given that the router acts as the main hub for your company's WiFi, you shouldn't enable bridge mode on a whim without first learning how it functions. What is Bridge Mode? Bridge mode is a setting within a router that
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Top Metaverse Platforms to Know About in 2023

Top Metaverse Platforms to Know About in 2023
The Metaverse is making quite a buzz in the digital and physical worlds alike. People are becoming obsessed with the possibility of living in the digital world, just like in the real world. Modern-day technology has made significant breakthroughs, making it possible for people to live in a digital state. Metaverse platforms have become the next step in human evolution, enabling humans to gain an entirely new perspective on connectivity. But what are these Metaverse platforms, and which Metaverse platforms are worth visiting? The discussion below contains information on all the latest developments on Metaverse platforms. Continue below to find
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21 Best DarkWeb Websites You Should Browse in 2023 | Dark Web Links

17 Best DarkWeb Websites You Should Browse in 2022
You may have come across the term dark web and wondered what it is about, really. Here, we talk about what it is and how it differs from the regular internet while also discussing the top dark web links you needed to visit in 2023. Historically, the US developed the dark web to enable their spies to share information without disclosing identities in the 1990s. It was later made available to the public. The dark web or darknet comprises encrypted online content that is not indexed by any search engine. Dark web websites are truly remarkable because they are completely isolated from the rest
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What is an eSIM? Everything You Need to Know

What is an eSIM
Gone are the days when we had to insert thumbnail-size chips in our mobile phones depicting the carrier and phone number we use. In SIMpler terms, the future is of digital SIMs, or eSIMs, as you may call them. An eSIM is simply an embedded, reprogrammable chip that helps you activate your cellular plan without having to insert a physical SIM. But how? We have gathered all the information you need about an eSIM card and more. Keep reading the article to learn what is an eSIM, how it works, and everything related to it. Types of SIMs Wondering what
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What is Jitter? (And How to Fix It)

What is jitter?
The internet is only as good as it is smooth. You are golden if it enables you to experience crystal-clear audio calls, lag-free video games, and buffer-free streaming. On the other hand, if you have the misfortune of experiencing distorted calls, laggy games, or never-ending buffering, you are bound to suffer. Network jitter is one of the renowned evils of the internet that causes these things to happen. You might be comfortably enjoying your favorite game or talking to your friends when suddenly the game starts to lag or the call drops; this is what jitter does to you. For
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