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Best Privacy Browser Android


We use smartphones every day, and it’s safe to say that overall, there are more android users than any other operating system globally. The reasons are obvious; Android phones are much more affordable, durable, and seem a lot more versatile than any others.

But here’s where more android users lose; security. While it may be true that android phones come at better price points and present many features, they are generally less secure and offer fewer security customization options.

If you’re an Android user, many apps, including browsers, may be tracking your online moves, keeping logs of it, and using it to perfect their targeted marketing efforts. Or worse, some apps could even be selling your data to interested third parties.

Some of the major suspects in this data-collection game are browsers. We use browsers on our smartphones to connect to the internet almost every day, yet very few of us are aware that browsers collect massive amounts of user data and keep logs. If your browser features a history tab, the browser keeps logs of your browsing behavior, which goes against the basic rules of cybersecurity.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to upgrade your browser security is to switch to a privacy browser. In this blog, we will discuss 10 of the best privacy browser Android, and also some honorable mentions.

What to Remember When Choosing The Best Privacy Browser for Android

No Targeted Results

Many people rely on chrome google privacy to make sure that they are secure online. Even though Chrome does offer security options, the targeted ads and remarketing are proof that there are breaks in the security provided.

See, some of the best privacy browser Android offer access to a completely unbiased internet—because they don’t keep logs of your browsing, and thenceforth, don’t know your preferences. In contrast, most popular browsers show targeted search results.

No Browsing History

If your browser is showing you a history tab, they are logging your data and most likely know your online whereabouts at all times. Privacy browsers don’t log your data, and even if they do, they offer modes similar to the Chrome’s incognito mode, where they don’t log your data and delete any cookies that may have latched on during your browsing session.

You Get to Keep Your Personal Information Private

There is nothing more liberating than to know that your personal information is yours alone to own. The best privacy browsers make sure to keep your personal data safe and protected using three different strategies: anonymity, blocking ads and tracking and deleting cookies while not logging your data. All privacy browsers use one or more of these methods to ensure security and privacy to their customers.

How Can You Prevent Web Tracking?

Your browser can take specific measures to protect you from tracking. However, it is essential to note that most ‘privacy modes’ browsers offer, like incognito mode or InPrivate, hide your online activities from your machine’s history. These modes do not protect you against tracking.

There are also other browsers, like Edge and Safari, that effectively block known finger-printers. Firefox is also known to be working on a behavioral blocking system that will alert you as soon as the website tries to fingerprint you. Other browsers like Avast and Brave, some of the best privacy browser android, come with features that obscure data.

How Do You Know if You’re Trackable?

Find out how safe you are through this cover your tracks webpage. This page tests your browser’s susceptibility to fingerprinting and tracking.

Our Top 10 Privacy Browsers for Android

Firefox and Firefox Focus

And Firefox and Firefox Focus are two of the best privacy browsers for Android. Firefox Focus can best be known as a relative of the original Firefox, with a higher focus on security, but that is not to demine the original Firefox privacy protocols followed by the veteran Firefox browser.

Built on:



  • Tracking protection, including Facebook tracking
  • Supports security add-ons
  • Syncs passwords, tabs, bookmarks, and history across devices
  • Blocks ads


  • Compatibility issues
  • Consumes a lot of computer memory
  • Struggles with HTML 5

**Firefox Focus offers two versions, the standard FF and hardened FF, which are good options for people with more customizable security options.


Loaded with useful security features, Brave privacy browser is one of the best privacy browsers. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Brave browser.

Built on:



  • Fast, secure, and makes sure to keep your searches private
  • Blocks pop-up ads, and other malware
  • Allows anonymous browsing
  • Blocks third-party cookies


  • Not a lot of add-on or extension options


DuckDuckGo recently came out with its browser starting as a regular search engine. Here’s a rundown of its pros and cons.

Built on: 

Edge/Chromium for Windows, Safari/Webkit for MacOS


  • Auto-switches to HTTPS anytime possible
  • Allows users to search anonymously without logging history
  • Blocks ads and tracker


  • Not a lot of personalization options

Onion Browser

Onion is one of the best privacy browsers for Android. Based on the TOR technology, this one makes it a point to provide online safety and security to Android and iOS users. Let’s look at the features and cons.

Built on:



  • Hides your IP address
  • Protects against tracking
  • High customization options


  • Slow connection
  • Slow maintenance

TOR Browser

TOR is considered to be the best privacy browser for Android. With three levels of encryption and elite tracker management, this one can easily be your best choice. Here are some pros and cons of the TOR browser.

Built on:



  • Blocks ads and trackers
  • Protects from surveillance
  • Resists fingerprints
  • Triple-layered encryption
  • Deletes browsing data, passwords, and cookies


  • Slows down your browsing speed


Ghostery Privacy Browser offers users a fast and uninterrupted browsing experience by removing junk from websites. This browser blocks ads without slowing down your speed. Here are its main features and disadvantages.

Built on: 



  • Let’s you know who is tracking you
  • Blocks ads and clutter
  • Offers advanced features like ad blocking
  • The private ghost search mode anonymizes the user


  • Crashes often

Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser

Dolphin Zero comes as a lightweight app that also features a Do Not Track mode that enables you to go fully anonymous when using the internet. Here are some of the top features and cons of this browser.

Built on: 



  • The incognito mode does not track you
  • Provides personalized search between different search engines
  • Blocks ads
  • Deletes history and cookies, which makes it one of the best privacy browsers for Android


  • Lack of personalization options


Cake web browser aims to ensure that websites, advertising agencies, and companies do not track their users’ browsing habits. Here are all the browser’s best features:


  • Blocks trackers and ads
  • Offers passcode protection
  • Offers a private tab bomb


  • You can’t add privacy extensions


Inbrowser is one of the best privacy browser Android, and has been around for quite a few years now. The browser does not save your data and works very similarly to TOR. Here are its best features.


  • Does not save data
  • Offers multiple layers of encryption
  • Deletes cookies and passwords
  • Blocks trackers


  • Downloading isn’t easy


Frost is most known for its ability to delete all your browsing data as soon as you close the tabs. What’s more, Frost also has a password-protected secret vault where you can save important pages and bookmark them.


  • Lets users browse privately while going incognito
  • Blocks ads and trackers
  • Clears browsing data
  • Doesn’t allow screenshots


  • Freezes randomly

Some Honorable Mentions


Aloha is another one of the best privacy browser android that maintains excellent privacy at great speeds. It comes with a free built-in VPN that lets users surf anonymously while also encrypting the internet traffic. Aloha also blocks ads, locks private tabs with fingerprints, deletes your browsing history, and blocks spammers.

Fun fact, even if your browser doesn’t come with a VPN option, you can always download Ivacy VPN to boost the security of your current browser.


Another browser that we think could be the best privacy browser for Android is Avast. Even though the VPN feature requires you to pay for a subscription, there are lots of free features that you can still avail. The browser blocks ads comes with built-in anti-phishing and even a password manager.

Alternatively, you can get Ivacy VPN and use it with any browser.


The Epic browser also features its own proxy, which functions like a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt your communication with the internet. Epic also blocks ads, crytomining, trackers, and even ultrasound signaling.


Webroot offers antivirus protection and spam filtering and protects parental controls and firewall. The browser is fast, and even comes with a password manager that is synced across different devices.

Snap Search

This browser makes sure that your online activities are private and secure. The incognito mode features automatically delete your cookies, data, and browsing sessions.


Which is the best privacy browser for Android?

All browsers mentioned in this article are great options for Android. However, if you’re looking just to pick privacy browser android, we’d go with Brave.

Which browser has the best privacy?

It’s hard to pick the most private browser android since all of the ones listed in this article pose robust and valuable features depending on unique user requirements.

Is DuckDuckGo a good browser?

Yes, you have nothing to worry about with this one. Go ahead with DuckDuckGo app free download for android stress-free!

Is Brave better than DuckDuckGo?

Both Brave and DuckDuckGo are incredibly powerful free privacy browsers.

Which browsers do not track?

This article lists down some of the best privacy browsers that do not track.


Even though getting a privacy browser is a great way to upgrade your online privacy, sometimes, even that is not enough. Most native VPNs are primarily proxies that only change your IP address, without offering additional features like split tunneling or IKS.

Unlike them, VPNs like Ivacy VPN offers a more secure plan. If you’re looking for more robust, more well-rounded security, you can easily get Ivacy VPN for Android and secure your online parameters.

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