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What Are the Best Ad Blockers for Safari in 2023?

Best Ad Blockers for Safari

Is it just me, or ads on Safari are actually annoying? These ads come out of nowhere and get in the way of your browsing experience, slow down your browsing speed and track your internet access throughout the web, among many other things.

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If these ads annoy you too, we have good news for you! You can easily remove these ads on the Safari browser through an ad blocker. Yes, you heard it right!

But, choosing the best ad blocker for Safari can be a hassle. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Read this article to find some of the best adblockers we recommend using for the Safari browser. Not only that, but we’ll also list the advantages and disadvantages of using adblockers to make the decision easier for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

Do We Need to Block Ads or Not?

Before we begin listing the best ad blockers for Safari, let’s first understand if we need to block ads or not?

For this, we need to evaluate the advantages of using an ad blocker with its disadvantages to get a proper answer, so let’s start with the pros first.

Pros of Using an Adblocker for Safari

  • It stops annoying pop-ups.
  • Remove auto-play video ads
  • Blocks obnoxious audio ads
  • Gives you control over which ads you want to see and what websites you support

Cons of Using an Adblocker for Safari

The only con of using an adblocker is that it can hamper page scripts and corrupt some of its important components, affecting its functionality and hence providing you with a bad browsing experience overall.

Since the pros of using an Adblocker for Safari outweigh the cons of using it, we definitely recommend using adblockers on your Safari browser to stay safe and secure while browsing the web.

Best Ad Blockers for Safari in 2023

Now that we’re sure that we must use an adblocker for Safari as it offers greater advantages than disadvantages, let’s just curate a list of some of the best adblockers for Safari in 2023:

1. Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is among the most popular ad blockers and has Safari extensions. ABP has a simple setup, pre-loaded filter lists that allow users to rapidly block most advertising, and the option to filter social media links and malware.

To keep their ad revenue in the black, savvy consumers may choose additional ban lists, configure custom filters, or whitelist their favorite sites. AdBlock Plus offers “non-intrusive advertising” through filters, which may irritate some users; however, this option may be removed in settings.

2. AdLock


AdLock will completely improve your Safari surfing experience with its excellent screening and personalization. It’s also reasonably priced and provides a variety of subscription options.

AdLock is one of the more expensive ad-blockers available, but it’s still a deal for what you receive. For a little more than $22 each year, you’ll have an ultra-reliable piece of equipment that works flawlessly with Safari. It’s accessible as both an iPhone and a Mac program and blocks advertisements and website monitoring.

AdLock does not conform to the allowed ads guideline, which prohibits all advertisements without exception. This ad-blocker appears to work with almost every site we visit, from streaming services to social media, but you may also whitelist sites you want to support financially.

AdLock may be installed on up to five devices at once, which means you can use it on any device with Safari as its default browser. It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to road-test its product and determine for yourself whether it accomplishes what it claims. Overall, it’s simple to use and one of the nicest improvements to your daily browsing experience you can make.

3. Total AdBlock

Total AdBlock

Total AdBlock is an amazing adblocking solution for iOS Safari. Unfortunately, this ad-blocker Safari extension is not currently available for Mac devices; nonetheless, it effectively eliminates all forms of bothersome adverts on iPhones and iPads. But don’t be concerned! If you’re a Mac user, you may still use this ad-blocker with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

Total Adblock protects your online privacy by preventing trackers and third-party cookies from being used. So you may use Safari (and other browsers) without fear of marketers or third-party corporations spying on your activity or collecting your data. Furthermore, with its unique features, like a YouTube ad-blocker, your total internet experience becomes much more enjoyable, quicker, and secure.

If you want to improve surfing throughout your home, consider upgrading to premium, allowing you to block limitless advertising throughout the year. You’ll also get free anti-malware and anti-virus protection and a generous 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out confidently.

4. Wipr


Wipr is a simple ad-blocking app for iOS and macOS. It’s an ad-blocker designed specifically for iOS and macOS.

Wipr is only available on macOS and iOS. It is intended to be set up once and left alone to operate in the background on Safari, with its blocklist automatically updated twice a week. Although it isn’t a very customized program, it disables advertisements and trackers appearing when you browse websites and bitcoin miners and EU/GDPR warnings that may cause trouble.

5. 1Blocker


1Blocker has a simple toggle-based interface that makes it easy to use. It contains a variety of blocking tools that may be customized. Using iCloud, you may establish rules to restrict particular URLs and sync your preferences across several devices. The downside is that the variety of options might overwhelm new users.

Because the software connects with Safari, you may use it without exhausting your phone’s battery. It is not intended to access your surfing data; therefore, you will not face any privacy concerns.

6. AdGuard


AdGuard is another iPhone ad blocker that allows you to simply customize your blocking preferences by picking from a list. This means you can avoid having your favorite websites blacklisted.

The software has comprehensive tracking protection, ensuring that trackers and online analytics do not intrude on your privacy. It speeds up Safari by four times, resulting in longer battery life for your iPhone.

7. KaBlock!


Some security applications are renowned for inflicting more harm than benefit to a smartphone. When you use KaBlock, you won’t have to worry about this! The program allows you to inspect its code to ensure that it is not hiding anything dangerous. It also offers a selected list of known advertising and trackers that are removed.

8. Block Bear


If you’re weary of website clutter and advertising taking up valuable screen real estate, BlockBear is the software for you. Using its toggles, you may eliminate advertisements, trackers, and social buttons.

Using its Safari plugin, BlockBear allows you to whitelist websites. It protects your privacy by preventing cookies, scripts, and beacons from being used. The app’s attractive UI will appeal to you. It’s light and efficient, allowing webpages to load up to five times more quickly.

9. Clario


Clario’s one-stop app, dubbed the “Uber of cybersecurity,” is at the top of the list for internet security. It’s the best ad blocker software for iPhone since it does more than simply block browser advertising. It also protects your Wi-Fi data with an integrated VPN, watches for password breaches, and assists you in protecting your Instagram account with additional security options.

The best aspect is that you don’t need to be a computer genius to understand how Clario works. The software has a user-friendly, human-centric design. In addition, 600 actual people are accessible to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may test it out for free for 7 days.

10. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

The majority of the applications on this list are iPhone Safari ad blockers. However, Firefox Focus is not an app that works with Safari; it is a browser with built-in ad blocking and privacy protection capabilities. It deletes your browsing history, preventing trackers from tracking you. With less clutter in your browser, you get quicker page loading. You may make Firefox Focus the default browser on your iPhone for convenience.

11. Better Blocker

Better Blocker

Better Blocker is a great privacy solution that protects you against privacy-eroding advertising and trackers on the web. It disables tracking pixels and scripts to provide a quicker and safer online experience while using Safari on macOS or iOS.

12. Ghostery


Ghostery is more than just an ad blocker. It has several privacy protections that disable annoying trackers on websites that collect information about your surfing activities. To increase your privacy, use Ghostery’s Enhanced Anti Tracking to anonymize your data.

At the same time, it blocks adverts and pop-ups, allowing you a distraction-free surfing experience. Basic web protection is free to download, but additional capabilities cost a membership. The membership also provides an integrated VPN for online anonymity and access to geo-restricted content.

How to install Ad-blocker on Safari?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing an ad-blocker on Safari:

  • Start your Safari browser, then choose Safari Extensions from the Safari menu.
  • Look for the ad blocker extension that you desire.
  • Select the Get or pricing option.

When it comes to apps, all you have to do is:

  • Navigate to the App Store or the Mac App Store.
  • Look for the ad blocker app that you desire.
  • Select the Get or Price

What Other Browsers Support Ad Blockers?

While some ad blockers are specifically designed for Safari, ad blockers, in general, do not function with Safari alone.

The top browsers that are compatible with ad blocks are mentioned below:

  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox

How Can You Choose the Best Ad Blocker for Safari?

Users should consider ad blockers that give the highest security and privacy protection while selecting the best ad blocker for Safari. To do this, users should utilize ad blockers that disable tracking by default or configuration.

What things do you need to consider before getting an Ad Blocker?

Users should also look for ad blockers that filter content and block adverts, pop-ups, cookie requests, banners, malicious redirection, and phone close buttons. These features efficiently guarantee that users can enjoy seamless surfing without unwanted adverts and that they may browse quietly without being watched or monitored.

Is it possible to use a VPN to Block Ads on Safari?

VPN services do not, by default, block ads, although some VPNs contain ad blockers meant to prevent intrusive ads and trackers. However, VPNs protect you from other cyber threats on the web. It helps defeat censorship, bypass geo-restrictions, and stay protected from malware and data theft.

Now that you’ve found the best ad blockers for Safari, it’s time to equip yourself with the best VPN service available in town, Ivacy VPN.

Have a Safer Experience by Combining Ad Blocker With Ivacy VPN

We recommend you use a VPN with an ad blocker to have a much safer and hassle-free experience while browsing the web. While an ad blocker will prevent unnecessary online ads, a VPN will help you stay safe and secure from falling prey to cybercriminals and getting your confidential information leaked on the web. Moreover, it also enables you to access the internet more freely as it helps in bypassing geo-restrictions and defeating censorship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need an Ad Blocker when Safari blocks ads on its own?

It’s a widespread misperception that Safari blocks ads. Safari does not prevent advertisements on its own. Apple’s browser offers several privacy options, including blocking cross-site tracking and hiding your IP address from known trackers, but it does not prevent or block ads.

Which Ad Blocker Apple recommends?

iOS includes a pop-up blocker. Navigate to Safari in Settings, then press the toggle next to Block Pop-ups. This is a solid start, but we’ll need to install a third-party ad blocker to get the complete ad-blocking experience.

Are iOS ad blockers safe?

Unfortunately, not all ad blockers are safe and can be trusted. Some ad blockers are known to track your confidential data and browsing history and can infect your device with malware.

Are ad blockers illegal?

No, using ad blocker is not illegal. Users who install applications or extensions like this on their devices do not risk getting into legal issues or being banned by YouTube or Google.

Are VPN services legal?

VPN services are legal in most regions of the world. That being said, there are still some regions where using a VPN service is illegal. To be on the safe side, one should contact a lawyer who knows local law. If the lawyer says it is okay, then it is safe to proceed to subscribe to a VPN service and use it for ad-blockers.

Can I use a free VPN service?

It is not a good idea to use a free VPN service, ever. Free VPN services often aim to gather user information that can be sold ahead. And this grossly violates a user’s right to privacy. In contrast, paid VPN services like Ivacy VPN are safer since they are backed by strict VPN protocols and policies.

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