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Trouble in ‘Cyber’ paradise for Australian Netizens!

Oh, the cyber citizens of Australia! The inevitable has happened. The Australian Government has passed the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill which has been effective from Monday, June 23rd 2015. Despite of great opposition against the issuance of this bill, it was passed with the mutual efforts and consensus of the Labor and Liberal Parties.

It is really a bad news for the internet users in Australia that they will now be deprived of accessing a lot of websites which were accused of copyright infringements; for instance; The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents and other websites based on the concept of P2P-file sharing. These websites were used to illicitly download content such as Movies, TV shows, Music Albums without paying a single penny.

The right kind of wrong!

Since this news came out, there is uproar among the netizens of Australia. Different people are saying different things regarding this news, both positive and negative. Let’s see what some of the officials have to say about this:
• “This is a watershed moment,” said Simon Bush, head of the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association
• Foxtel chief executive Richard Freudenstein said, “They recognise that, not only is piracy theft and therefore morally wrong, it is harmful to Australia’s creative communities and to businesses that employ hundreds of thousands of Australians,”
• Dr Matthew Rimmer, an associate professor at the ANU College of Law said, “It’s a very dark day for the internet in Australia because there’s been bipartisan support for this Luddite censorship bill,”

The major concern?

Although it is a forever debate whether this bill is favorable or not, but one aspect is of major concern that Australian Government can also block a lot of other websites too under this law, as Dr Rimmer posed a question; “Will rights holders be focused on the sites they want to target or will there be collateral damage?”

Now these kinds of restrictions are not something new and had been imposed by different countries, but it weren’t as effective as initially it were thought to be.

So, what’s the solution? 

Fortunately, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have not been directly targeted under this bill, so you have VPN in Australia to circumvent geo-restriction, and surf the web as you use to surf before this bill was passed.

Which VPN is the best? 

There are a lot of VPN providers out there and most of them are blacklisted and cannot be trusted. So, when it comes to your online security, anonymity and privacy, you seek for the best one that’s trusted by millions and have been embraced by Netizens as their Privacy Partner. And guess what? You have just found that VPN!

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