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Why Should Frequent Travelers Use a VPN?


Traveling, for most people, is an addiction rather than a hobby. Travelling enables us to discover distant places and our inner selves as you find yourself in a new environment altogether.

While traveling can be all fun and games, it can create new problems. You do not have the home-ground advantage, and an otherwise simple matter may prove to be a troubling task while on the go. And probably the most significant threat for people on the move is the cyber threat. Let us tell you how.

How Does Traveling Offer a Cyber-Threat?

Previously, traveling offered the threat of pick-pockets and thieves as they could steal your valuable possessions. Now this threat has somewhat evolved, but the threat’s essence remains the same. Now, crooks are in the hope of stealing your information digitally. Since wallets have also gone digital, the risk of losing wealth also still stands.

In this digital age, information is everything. People’s personal information, such as bank account information, social security numbers, and other private details, is what criminals have their eyes set on.

Similarly, if you happen to be traveling to a new country where the people speak a different language that you do not know, you are again open to threats. As such, you might risk compromising your valuable information and possessions.

When you are on the move, you do not always rely on your cellular data as it can be expensive, or you might not have access to signals at the time. People often turn to public Wi-Fi networks at cafes and gas stations in such scenarios. However, that is probably the worst thing you could do yourself. These public Wi-Fi networks offer the perfect advantage to crooks as you voluntarily give access to your device to the network. And since the networks are usually not protected by any password, any and all persons can hop on to it.

How to Counter It?

Fortunately, there is a way for people to stay safe and secure from the digital threats. The answer to your digital concerns is a VPN. For those who do not know what a VPN is, the term stands for Virtual Private Network. It masks your actual IP address and changes it to one in a different geo-location of your choice.

Your actual location stays hidden, and your personal data remains safe from people wanting to acquire it. Moreover, when you browse with the help of a VPN, tricking your location using a VPN helps to encrypt your online activity and hence improves privacy. They are sometimes also advertised as watertight protection for your online privacy and anonymity. It’s a solution for you that keeps your data encrypted and safe from anyone’s reach. It allows you to connect yourself to the world from wherever you want.

A Few Benefits of Using a VPN while Traveling

Here are some reasons why you should use a VPN if you are a frequent traveler:

Access Content without Restriction

If you are an avid streamer, you would not want to miss out on your favorite TV shows or movies while on the move. Most streaming networks like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video limit their content to certain countries or regions.

A VPN can help you get past these restrictions by enabling you to change your region. As a result, you can gain complete access to different content that is only available in select regions. For example, you can watch Netflix UK while sitting in the US just with the help of a VPN.

Safe Surfing over Public Wi-Fi Networks

While you surf the internet mindlessly, answer your video calls, or reply to an email, it is possible that your activities are being tracked. With places like airports and bus stands where people swarm, you cannot make sure the use of public data is secure. Using a VPN like Ivacy VPN protects your data by offering features like military-grade encryption, IP masking, and split-tunneling

Smart Usage of Money

There are a lot of air ticketing and hotel reservation websites that deal with a specific type of currency. Mainly because the rate of conversion over pounds or euros can be much heftier compared to a local currency. Using a VPN tricks the websites into making them believe that you are a native by spoofing your location into the regions with cheaper rates and comparatively low conversion rates.

Easily Adaptable over a Wide Range of Devices

A VPN can be installed and used on any device of your choice. Many VPNs allow their users to utilize the same ID over multiple devices, thus making it highly convenient to benefit from the service without subscribing separately for every device. Moreover, the data also stays synchronized across multiple devices.

Online Banking Security

People who travel often know the importance of keeping less cash on their person, as it is safer and more convenient. People often use online banking to access money, but that is not completely safe either considering the growing number of cyber-attacks every year. Fortunately, a VPN protects your online transactions with the help of its encryption features.

On a Final Note!

If you are a traveler, you must have heard the term VPN due to its vast services and easy access. Using a VPN makes your traveling easy and puts you at comfort and ease regarding most high-risk dangers. A VPN is a solid must-have while you leave your country to explore any other. This would be a very rational decision to make while you enjoy discovering new destinations.

If you are looking for a reliable VPN to benefit from the use cases mentioned above, you will find Ivacy’s travel VPN to be right up your alley. You will be able to do everything from unblocking content to bolstering your security online, and so much more!



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