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How To Install Ultra Instinct Addon On Kodi 18 and 17


The Ultra Instinct Addon is one of the best Anime Kodi addons available, with a range of old and new anime available, the most prominent ones being Dragon Ball Z, Rick and Morty, and The Last Airbender. Ultra Instinct is not only fast but offers a seamless experience. The content offered by Ultra Instinct is bifurcated into two categories including, Cartoons and Animated Movies.

The Ultra Instinct Addon hosts a large catalog of new and old releases from all years, with the list comprising of more than 200 anime movies. If you are into anime, Ultra Instinct is one addon, you must have and the best part is, it’s FREE, which means all you need is a reliable and fast Internet connection coupled with the Kodi app to stream content through it and you are good to go!

Ultra Instinct Addon Alternatives

As with the other Kodi addons, Ultra Instinct addon also risks going down due to many reasons. In such a case, or if you cannot find your desired title on it, you can go for the top Ultra Instinct addon alternatives including, Ares Anime, 9Anime and Funimation. All of these addons are currently working and if you want to find some other Kodi addons, here is a list of some of the best ones.

Warning: Use A VPN To Protect Yourself If You Are Using Ultra Instinct Addon To Stream Content!

Love it or hate it, your Internet Service Provider, the Government and several other websites you visit, have complete knowledge of things you do online, including your Kodi activities.

You may have also come to know about how ISPs slow connection speeds of any users they find streaming copyrighted content – a process referred to, as Throttling. Moreover, heavy fines were enforced on many Kodi users once they were caught.

However, you can avoid all this by protecting your privacy and encrypting your Kodi related activity with a VPN, which means no one is able to find out your online activities, thus granting you a peace of mind. Ivacy is one such VPN which is trusted by millions and frequently tops the best VPN lists. Learn more about Ivacy VPN and the features it offers here.

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How To Install Ultra Instinct Addon on Kodi 18

Here is the step-by-step you need to follow, to install Ultra Instinct on Kodi 18:

1- Go to ‘Settings’ from the main menu

2- Select ‘File Manager’ from the main menu

3- Select ‘Add Source’ from the list on the right side

4- Double Click on <None> appearing in the screen that opens

5- Input ‘’ in the new window and click OK

6- Enter a name for the media source, for instance ‘luxray’

7- Double Check if everything is alright and then OK

8- Go back to the main menu and select ‘Addons’

9- Select ‘Install from zip file’ from the appearing menu

10- Select ‘luxray’ or the name you chose earlier from the list


11- Click on the repository in the new screen, click OK and wait for the ‘Add-on installed’ message to appear on the screen

12- Go back to ‘Addons’ on the main screen and click on ‘Install from repository’

13- Click on ‘Luxray Repository’

14- Click on ‘Video add-ons’ in the new list appearing on the screen

15- Click on ‘Ultra Instinct’

16-  Click on ‘Install’

17- A box will appear on the screen, showcasing all the dependencies and add-ons that are going to be installed. Click OK to begin the installation process

How To Install Ultra Instinct Addon on Kodi 17

Here is the simple process you need to follow, to install Ultra instinct Kodi Addon on Kodi 17:

1- Open the Kodi app

2- Go to ‘Settings’

3- Go to ‘File Manager’

4- Go to ‘Add Source’

5- Select ‘None’

6- Input the following: ‘’ and click on OK to proceed further

7- Go to the box asking you to enter a name for the media source

8- Input a name for the source and click OK

9- Return to the home screen and select ‘Addons’ from the left menu

10- Select the ‘browser’ icon

11- Select ‘Install from zip file’

12- Select the file you named earlier

13-  Select

14- Wait for the ‘Add-on enabled’ notification to appear

15- Select ‘Install from Repository’

16- Select ‘Luxray Repository and then ‘Video Add-ons’

17- Select ULTRA INSTINCT and then click on ‘Install’

18- Wait for the ‘Add-on installed’ notification to appear on the screen

In the end, let us reiterate that the ULTRA INSTINCT addon was working and functional when tested, while this blog was being penned. However, this blog is frequently updated to ensure that the steps mentioned here are working.

But, if the ULTRA INSTINCT addon isn’t working, you need to reset the Kodi addon or even reinstall it. Using a VPN might also make it work.

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