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Top Reasons Why Ivacy VPN Scores Higher In Customer Service Department


Ivacy VPN does not leave its customers high and dry in their hour of need such as when it comes to troubleshooting issues. More than anything, customers enjoy that they are treated right when they run into problems with the service, regardless of how simple or intricate the issue is. Customer query handling is the way forward for any business and not just VPN.

In the text that follows we will elaborate how exactly Ivacy scores higher in the customer service area which is why primarily, we are selected as one of the finalists for the upcoming Awards 2019 in Las Vegas. There Ivacy VPN has been not only praised for its outstanding customer service but has also scored full marks for being the fastest VPN service, there is!

Without further ado, let us dive into how Ivacy’s Customer Support saves the day, every time!

Ivacy Support Center

Ivacy Support Center is a database of articles which details how you can navigate Ivacy app for your daily needs. Our search box therein will provide you with answers to some of your most common queries which you may face while using Ivacy VPN.

The following broad categories are covered, from where you can seek desired solutions. These include:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Setup Guides
  3. Technical Issues
  4. FAQs

Under each heading, you can find answers, conveniently. We promise.

Round the Clock Live Chat Assistance

Okay so maybe digging into the article database is not your thing. You can always resort to our friendlier live chat option, no matter what part of the day it is. Simply click on our chat icon and a window will open where you can enter your desired query or question. You will be provided with a resolution in no time!

In-App Support

Our in-app support is not merely equipped with raising a support ticket but in addition, you can find FAQs and a feedback form. The facility is available on both desktop and smartphone apps. Just head on over to our Help and Support section and you can have access to the wealth of support content therein to ease your app related concerns.

Top-notch Email Support

Our users can also drop us an email at [email protected] and get a response to their query ASAP. To be able to quickly get back to you, we urge our customers to provide us with the following information:

  1. The country you are accessing our service from
  2. The server that you are trying to connect
  3. The device which you are using (Windows, Android, Mac etc.)
  4. Any website or streaming platforms you are accessing

Equipped with complete information at hand, our CSRs will be better able to address your query and that too in a timely manner.

Oh and top that, enjoy our innovative features which include but are not limited to,

  • Sleek UI Design

App navigation can get a bit tricky if the UI is not user-friendly. It is thus imperative that navigating an app should be made simpler. Hence why Ivacy packs a clean and sleek design.

  • Unparalleled Service

Like you, we believe in the secure internet and most of all, internet freedom. Therefore, with Ivacy VPN, you can expect unlimited bandwidth, server/location switching, and speed. Enough said.

  • Faster Connectivity

We spoke of speed. Well, what did you expect? With Ivacy, speed constraints are a thing of the past. Our app’s seamless functionality will not, in any way, hamper your speed while you surf, stream or shop online.

  • Military Grade Encryption

Get ready to experience 256 military-grade encryption with Ivacy VPN. Your identity and activities online are visible to anyone who might be trying to keep tabs on you. Military-grade encryption adds an improved layer of security to your online presence.

Share Your Feedback

So there you go! Top reasons, why Ivacy VPN offers the best customer service and is the fastest VPN to date. We would welcome any feedback or suggestions that you might be interested in and would like to see them in our app. Follow us on social media or you can always subscribe to Ivacy to bask in service that exceeds expectations.