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Ivacy Welcomes IMBA on Board for Tighter Online Security


Ivacy comes bearing glad tidings for its users. The new year is around the corner and Ivacy has secured yet another partnership. This time its IMBA (A division of Suga Group)

What is IMBA?

It is an indie game developer from Ho Chi Minh City in South-East Asia. The team is made of seasoned game developers and designers. The company was previously called Suga Studio which is a subsidiary of Sugo Co, Ltd.

How does IMBA benefit from Ivacy? Ivacy has decided to share its VPN technology with IMBA which will enable IMBA and many new entrants like them to benefit from Ivacy’s decade long tech.

The cybersecurity industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. This partnership is sure to fuel the cybersecurity industry in the long run. 

According to studies, a VPN is the most bankable investment that you could possibly ask for. Thus, Ivacy welcomes any and all entities that aim to leverage growth opportunities by way of the use of technology, its distribution, and promotion, to come together.

So the year may be drawing to a close, Ivacy has remained the recipient of the Fastest VPN award of 2019 and since then has gone on to become the official VPN partner of Westham United Football Club & French leading e-sports club GamersOrigin.

Mutually, Ivacy VPN and IMBA will strengthen the global reach of internet security software by leveraging both of their unique as well as respective experiences and strengths.

Happy Holidays!

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