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Ivacy Accepts Payments in Tron (TRX) for those Conscious about their Anonymity


Ivacy has time and time gone on record to state it believes that internet security and freedom is the right of every internet user. This can be seen by how it was one of the very first VPN providers to abide by GDPR while educating its audience regarding the regulation at the same time.


For those users that want to keep a low profile about their payments, Ivacy was already accepting purchases made using some popular cryptocurrencies. In fact, Ivacy is one of the very few VPN providers out there that accept cryptocurrencies, establishing its perseverance to give its customers’ personal identity high priority.

The good news is Ivacy is now adding another cryptocurrency to that list, Tron (TRX).

A Bit More about Tron (TRX)

Tron (TRX) is a big name in the cryptocurrency industry and was recently in the news for its deal involving taking over BitTorrent, which is no small feat at all. If that is not enough, Tron (TRX) is the only top crypto that is in green by over 10%.


Being the 9th largest cryptocurrency, it is currently trading at $0.0244. With the cryptocurrency market cap locked at $1.6 billion, Tron is handling trading volumes of an excess of $300 million. Tron’s pricing is witnessing positive action due to its rock solid performance in the Dapp department. Tronbet, a Dapp on Tron network, has already established itself as a market leader by registering trades of over $25 million in the last 7 days.

Rest assured, if you are a Tron enthusiast, you are in for a treat considering how Tron is putting in a considerable amount of effort to develop a strong Dapp network, which is already growing exponentially.

So if you had been wondering how to put the cryptocurrency you own to good use, now is the time to do so. Not only will you further anonymize yourself, but there is absolutely no way for anyone to track your online activities.

If security, internet freedom and anonymity are what you desire, Ivacy is your one-stop-solution for all your daily activities online.

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