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What Is the Difference Between a White Label VPN Software Solution and Build from Scratch VPN App?


Are you planning to invest in a VPN reselling business but unsure what to pick between a white-label VPN solution and building from scratch VPN app? The truth is – these two differ in multiple ways and can often make the decision difficult. But you need not worry because we’ve made it easier for you to pick one by explaining all the differences in detail below.



Top Differences Between a White-Label VPN Software and Building a VPN from Scratch

Development Process

While a white-label program comes with an already-built VPN application developed and maintained by the provider, building one from scratch would require extensive effort.

Development Process

The former only requires selling an existing VPN application under your brand name. The provider would be responsible for everything from coding and execution to integrating rightful features and ensuring they perform well. However, the latter would require you to work on every phase, from coding and designing to implementing security codes and integrating premium features.

Though working with a white-label VPN reselling program seems much easier, you can also build your own VPN application. Ivacy VPN’s Reseller program understands your needs really well and offers both options. You can either sell the existing Ivacy VPN under your brand name via the White Label VPN Reselling program or sign up for the Custom Exclusive VPN program that will allow you to get a top-notch application developed under professional assistance from Ivacy VPN experts.

Time and Effort Required

time and effort

If you’re wondering how much time and effort each of these VPN programs might consume, the answer is straight – a white-label program would save you a lot of time and effort over one that requires building your application from scratch.

A third party has already handled the major development task with a white-label VPN program. Now you can focus on making further customizations in alignment with what your customers might require. However, building a VPN from scratch would require major time, effort, and budget. You’ll need an entire team of developers, extensive experience in the cybersecurity industry, and the knowledge of implementing security protocols.

If you build an application from scratch, you are not out of the count. Ivacy VPN also offers a custom exclusive VPN program under the reseller umbrella. Using said program, you can get a brand-new VPN application built from scratch perfectly aligned with your needs and requirements. Our experts offer 100% assistance throughout the process and will ensure you get the desired outcomes hassle-free.

Customization and Control

customization and control

When it comes to customizations and control, the white label program might allow these to some extent; it won’t offer you the freedom that building from scratch would bring. Using a white-label VPN reseller program, you can only add your branding, modify the user interface and configure settings. Also, your control over the application would be limited.

However, building a VPN application from scratch can bring major flexibility for customizations and controls. It lets you tailor the application in exact alignment with your desired requirements, integrate unique features, pick your choice of security protocols, and have comprehensive control over the development process.

The white label and building-from-scratch options offered under the Ivacy VPN Reseller program allow maximum customization and flexibility. We let you tailor the application perfectly to your needs and requirements, regardless of your choice.

Expertise and Resources

Expertise and Resources

If you’re using a white-label VPN seller program, you don’t need much expertise and resources. It allows you to scale your business even without having any experience in the cybersecurity industry. You can partner with a top-notch VPN company and create your own brand using their existing VPN application. The provider will manage the development and maintenance of your application while you can focus on marketing and customer support.

Unfortunately, you cannot build a VPN application without professional expertise and resources. It requires an entire team of professional developers, engineers, cybersecurity experts, designers, and more to actually built a successful VPN product. In addition, you’ll have to employ a 24/7 support team to ensure the smooth functioning of your services.

Building a VPN application from scratch could be great if you’ve got the right resources and expertise. But if that is not the case, you should opt for a white-label VPN reseller program.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the differences between a white-label VPN software solution and build from scratch VPN app, it will be easier to make an informed decision. Though the choice depends on your requirements and the expertise and resources you have, it’s is recommended to opt for the White Label VPN program if the primary goal is to generate massive revenue streams.

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