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Cyber Monday Deals Canada To Marvel At In 2022!


Cyber Monday deals Canada follows immediately after Black Friday. In other words, it is a Monday after Thanksgiving. On this day retailers shift their focus from in-store items to online sales. This year, Cyber Monday in Canada will be celebrated on 29th November everywhere. Per the usual, there will be discounts on your favorite items.

It is easily the biggest day for online sales. You can ready your wishlists, come Cyber Monday because the items go out of stock in a matter of minutes once the sales go live. So to browse items and decide at the 11th hour can become a daunting task. Inadvertently, you will miss out on Cyber Monday deals Canada 2022, by a LOT!

Either you will end up buying the wrong item and suffer from cognitive dissonance or you will spend more on an item that you desperately desired. Hence, we ask our readers, to prepare a list, priority-wise.

A Word Of Caution

You can never be too safe when making purchases online. Your financial information or credit card data can be compromised since while the shopping spree is at large during this time of the year, so are hackers (in all their glory).

The best way to make purchases online is through a VPN. A VPN will encrypt your internet connection by masking your IP address and in turn, will safeguard your privacy by rendering your presence online anonymous.

You can stay secure by employing Ivacy VPN while shopping online at a discounted price. Buy the 5-year plan for 90% off this Cyber Monday.

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Which Brands Are Up For Grabs On Cyber Monday Deals Canada?

It is recommended that during this shopping fiesta, always try to buy from official online stores or retailers that are credible. Deals on outlets such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target, etc. will be up for grabs on Cyber Monday deals Canada. In this way, not only your shopping stays safe but you will naturally have the best deals to choose from.


Beware of any phishing emails or URLs, especially during the sales season. Best practices include buying items from the brand’s official website store instead of accessing links in emails. There may be legit emails too but play safe. Why risk it in the first place? Right?

How Is Cyber Monday Different Than Black Friday?

You will find a multitude of websites that offer a comparison on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday but you will notice that Black Friday deals are more popular than Cyber Monday, partially because on a Black Friday there are in-store sales as well which the latter lacks.

However, in terms of the authenticity of deals, Cyber Monday is to be trusted. Why? Didn’t we just say that Black Friday rules the shopping scene? We did but there are things such as popularity and then there are actual sales/numbers.

Hence why Cyber Monday deals Canada is ahead of Black Friday due to sales. Also, because there is no heavy advertising involved plus, there is less time when shopping since all sales take place online. Consumer reviews are generally in favor of the best Cyber Monday deals as opposed to Black Friday.

Let’s learn about some top Cyber Monday deals Canada.

Top Cyber Monday Deals In Canada

This Cyber Monday you can avail discounts on a variety of products. Below is the list of those items and respective stores.

  • Carter’s Canada

Looking for nice, warm clothes for winter?. You can expect Carter’s Canada to drop the prices by 15 – 20% this Cyber Monday. Now, that’s a door-crashing deal for certain! Oh, and you might even unlock free shipping, folks.


Need to stock up on home, bed, and bath items? Looking to upgrade your electronics? Fancy toys for your young ones? Stay tuned to the Cyber Monday sale on Amazon!


Cyber Monday prices are soon to going to be live, and it is better you get that list of yours out because once the prices are up, you don’t want to waste any minute instead you go straight to Walmart’s website, and make purchases right away! Good things come to those who wait. Well, the saying can’t be any more wrong.

  • Wayfair

If you are interested in shopping for furniture or mattresses or home decor items, for that matter – Wayfair should be your one-stop-shop in this respect. According to our prediction, you can expect to get up to 70% off on your favorite items this Cyber Monday.

  • Mastermind

Do you know what Etch-A-Sketch is? Kids love to doodle and draw and then doodle and draw some more. They practice with all forms of games, letters, and numbers. So what are you waiting on? Keep your wallets close for the grand Cyber Monday sale on Mastermind toys!

  • Columbia

Columbia is known for its generous Cyber Monday discounts. We predict that you will be able to avail  up to 50% off on everything at Columbia this Cyber Monday!

  • Herschel

If you are seeking to buy new backpacks or want to buy Christmas presents early on, you should not let Cyber Monday deals Canada on Herschel pass you by. If you’re lucky, Herschel might offer an up to 60% discount on bags and accessories at Herschel.

  • The Source

Shop at The Source and get the best deals on TVs, computers, games, and whatnot and enjoy major discounts! The Source Cyber Monday sales are about to go live!

  • The Bay

The Bay is particularly focused on the shoppers from Hudson Bay. This Cyber Monday, get ready to avail some incredible discounts on a variety of items. It will easily be the biggest sale on display by The Bay. Thus, be ready to cash in when Cyber Monday hits!

  • Chapters-Indigo

If there is anything that gets Canadians all excited, it’s discounts on Chapters Indigo outlet. You can shop for a ton of products and avail some of the finest deals this Cyber Monday. Since the sales will only be online, so be prepared to add them to your cart for quick checkout before it runs out of stock.

  • Beauty Boutique

For all the makeup addicts, this is a great opportunity for you to gather optimum points for up to 40,000 that you can spend any way you like. Get ready to be amazed this Cyber Monday with Beauty Boutique.

  •  La Senza

There might be up to 50% off on all the regular items and on clearance and select items. As if this wasn’t enough, to get you in the shopping mood there also might not be any shipping fee – that’s icing on the cake. Visit the La Senza website and avail said discount.

  • Body Shop

This Cyber Monday, you might be able to browse from your favorite essentials at Body Shop with up to 50% off!

  • David’s Tea

David’s Tea might be providing 25% off on tea items with free shipping.

  • Sport Chek

You might be able to avail up to a 70% discount on shoes, activewear, and other sports equipment at ‘Sport’ Chek.

  • Costco

Costco is a wildly popular retail outlet and you can get anything for awesome prices on Cyber Monday: be it for Christmas or any other occasion just stay alert when the sales go live, online.

  • The Home Depot

The Home Depot is dropping prices by a huge margin. You might be able to avail items from Home Depot at 84% less than their original prices. What are you waiting for!?

  • Frank And Oak

The sale you have been anticipating all year! On Cyber Monday, you might get to purchase everything online at Frank and Oak for 30% off.

  • Lowe’s 

Lowe’s is all about redesigning your kitchen or getting that bathroom of yours renovated and even spicing up your living room with home decor items. So for all the deals on Cyber Monday, head over to Lowe’s website and grab your picks at incredible discounts.

  • Toys R Us

Toys R Us isn’t behind either. During this shopping fiesta, get ready to save big on different toys. Be proactive as items won’t last for very long.

If you thought that’s it? Think again because we have tons of exciting deals and offers in the text to follow.

So brace yourselves, here comes…

Best Electronics Cyber Monday Deals Canada

Cyber Monday treats fans of gadgets and tech to the fullest. Check out some of the best electronic deals that are on sale at Walmart.

  • 4K TVs

Best Cyber Monday TV deals are here. 4K TVs are the future and you can find discounts on 4K TVs at Walmart this Cyber Monday.

  • HDTV

High definition Cyber Monday TV deals in Canada are full of smart features such as for the purpose of streaming TV and movies, web browsing, and connectivity of TV speakers to Home Theatre etc.

  • Macbooks

Apple’s Macbook Pro or Microsoft’s Surface Pro is the way to go! So get ready to treat yourself with Cyber Monday computer deals/laptops in terms of hardware, software, design and build.

  • Gaming Laptops

Nothing beats a well-suited gaming laptop for those who enjoy games on PC. Browse from a variety of specifications on Cyber Monday that are not ONLY budget-friendly but also feel good.

  • Headsets and Controllers

Remember to shop for headsets and controllers this Cyber Monday Canada and never miss out on a cue from your comrades, EVER, and take action so that you can rank higher up the order in Fortnite! Well, that was just Fortnite but we mean for any co-op/multiplayer game, (or not).

Headsets and controllers can be your most trusted companion since you get to extract complete experience out of the game.

  • Tablets

This a tricky decision that whether to settle for a laptop or will a tablet do. When it comes to shopping for either of the two, it’s either portability and size or performance. Other aspects include battery life, storage, and connectivity the device offers.

So there’s no definite answer if tablets are better than laptops, it just depends on what you need. We bring you Cyber Monday deals Canada to help you decide.

Top Cyber Monday Deals Canada On Best Buy

See, we told you that Best Buy will have items for sales as well. Indeed their sales are up! Here are some top deals which you can avail on Cyber Monday.

  • Watches

On selected watches, this Cyber Monday could be a chance for you to save up to 30% Cyber Monday.

  • Gaming Chairs

On selected gaming chairs, we’re hearing that you might be able able to avail up to 30% discount. So hurry!

  • Luggage Sets

On selected luggage sets, you might be able to save up to 75% this Cyber Monday.

  • Cookware

Selected cookware items might be available for an 80% discount this Cyber Monday.

  • Toys

Kids and toys go hand-in-hand. Avail a variety of deals this Cyber Monday and let your children bask in the festivities of the upcoming holiday season with some great toys at their disposal.

Cyber Monday Deals Canada On Canadian Tire

We have already touched a bit upon Canadian Tire but it’s time to go into further detail about the items which are on sale.

  • Tires And Wheels

Naturally, Canadian Tire is about tires. You can upgrade your vehicle with the best brands in the business by availing discounts on Goodyear, Michelin, and Cooper, etc. this Cyber Monday.

  • Power Tools

Get deals on saws, drills, and drivers, and combo kits at Canadian Tire come Cyber Monday online deals.

  • Outdoor Power Equipment

Shop for best deals on shredders, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and other accessories at Canadian Tire on Cyber Monday.

  •  Auto Parts

Care for batteries, chargers, wiper blades, and accessories? Well, you are in luck with Cyber Monday deals Canada.

  • Christmas Items

We know that Christmas is almost a month away (at the time of writing this piece) yet you can shop for Christmas items at Canadian Tire. Items such as trees, tree decor, ornaments, lights, gift baskets, apparel, and candy gifts are all available at Cyber Monday sales online. Need anything else?

To Wrap It Up

The sales are around the corner and once they go live there is no stopping them. It will be a race against the clock so be sure to prioritize your list of items that you want to purchase on Cyber Monday sales Canada and shop away all you want! Oh, and while you do, be smart and proactive.

Use a VPN such as Ivacy to stop from being hacked or from your data becoming compromised.

Stay vigilant. Stay smart.

Don’t miss the change to protect your online presence with Ivacy VPN for 90% off this year.

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