Ivacy Business VPN – First Line of Defense for Law & Consulting Companies

Ivacy Business VPN – First Line of Defense for Law & Consulting Companies

In 2019, preventing data leaks is way more important than it ever was! If you are not using a VPN, your privileged data stands to be vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals.

The law and consulting business is complicated as such and requires the fulfilment of commitments made to customers on a timely basis. However, this can become a huge issue when your systems are not protected with a strong VPN encryption system.

Online data breaches are an ever existent and incredibly potent threat to your business, while a leak of critical data pertaining to clients whether done intentionally or a result of a cyber-attack may have disastrous repercussions.

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How VPNs operate?

A VPN encrypts all of your outgoing and incoming data, and makes it absolutely impossible for infiltrators or hackers to get hands on your data.

Why use a Business VPN?

A business VPN is a software that can provide end-to-end encryption for your business device’s internet connection. The VPN encryption ensures a secure web connection for companywide devices, regardless of where employees are logging in from.

Once the company data gets encrypted, it is absolutely private and rendered secure from the threat of not only ‘honeypots’ but hackers, government, and advertisers.

A VPN for personal use and Business use, what’s the difference?

Although they have the same interface, due to account limitations, server reliability or general settings, most personal VPNs are unable to cope with the demands of the business world.

Here is how a Business VPN is different from a personal one.

Dedicated Server:

Although personal VPNs can invariably slow down the connection speeds and may even result in server overloads, business VPNs have dedicated servers with higher speeds and far better reliability than what personal VPNs can offer.

Dedicated IP:

When you use a Business VPN, you also receive a dedicated IP address, enabling your employees to access the server from any part of the world, which works great for companies or groups maintaining multiple offices or with employees working remotely!

Streamlined Administration:

A business VPN offers a streamlined administration with complete software suite letting you control the user connections and settings on large scale rather than having to change them on an individual basis on each device as is the case with personal VPNs.


Business VPNs can scale high and low as per the business needs and most providers give either 24/7 dedicated online support or a dedicated network administrator for full functionality.

Best VPN for Business:

There are three main features to look out for in a Business VPN i.e. military-grade encryption, faster connections and no limit to bandwidth. Ivacy offers all three. Apart from these, here are some of the factors that make Ivacy the best for business.

  • Quick Server Deployment:

If you maintain business interests in more regions than one, then you need VPN security for multiple places. Ivacy gives great options for scalability in case you need your servers deployed in any particular region or to attain your targets!

  • Multiple Dedicated IPs:

Ivacy has corporate VPN solutions that encrypt your official network by assigning dedicated IPs, which then ensure that outsiders are actively being restricted.

  • Team Oriented VPN:

Ivacy is a team-oriented VPN that works great with not only separate business units but whole teams.

  • Military Grade Encryption:

You will need the best security features for a VPN when you intend on using it for business. Ivacy offers the utmost military grade encryption otherwise also known as the 256-bit encryption that works with the OpenVPN protocols. This encryption is the best Business VPN can offer when it comes to protecting confidential company data.

  • No Logs Policy:

Ivacy maintains a strict No Logs Policy which means that it does not log any data pertaining to the users, unlike other VPNs which maintain records containing sensitive data which you cannot risk falling into the wrong hands.

Ivacy is located in Hong Kong which means that it is based out of the Europe and US region which is something that grants authenticity to its No Logs Claims, thus making it unaccountable to the relevant data laws. Ivacy is particularly not liable to record or share any of its data.

  • Ease of Access:

Ivacy’s one tap sign in, native applications are compatible with a number of platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Chrome, so whether your employees are traveling abroad or working remotely on their devices, they are always merely a tap away from secured access and online privacy.

  • High Speeds & Unlimited Bandwidth:

Ivacy’s robust systems combine ultra-high speeds and unlimited bandwidth with an enhanced focus on customer service as well as ease of use. The high speeds enable you to garner greater efficiency across all your business functions.

  • Server Network:

With over 1000 servers spread across more than 50 countries, Ivacy happens to be one of the most resourceful VPN providers available, meaning that your employees would be able to access it from any part of the world.

  • 30-day Money Back:

Ivacy is one of the few VPNs currently offering a 30-day money back guarantee for all of the business users which means that you can use it and test it for your systems and if it doesn’t work out, you can claim a refund.

  • Dedicated IP Address:

Ivacy offers dedicated IP addresses which means that when you sign up for Ivacy, your company is assigned dedicated IPs assigned which are not being used by any users other than your employees – a feature that is not available for personal VPNs.

With a combination of state of the art security protocols and much-dedicated servers, Ivacy ensures that your business is protected from the ever existent threat of data leaks as well as cyber attacks.

These features are critical for the maintenance of good business reputation and the countering of legal repercussions. Moreover, Ivacy also enables you to use its virtual IP locations for unblocking regional features of online business tools around the world. No other VPNs currently offer their services customized for business needs like Ivacy do.

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Published on October 1, 2019



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