Ivacy – the best VPN for Journalists and reporters beyond borders!

Ivacy – the best VPN for Journalists and reporters beyond borders!

In this day and age, journalism stands to be one of the most dangerous professions around, if not the most dangerous! Journalists are often left hanging by a thread in the midst of a military dictatorship here and a dishonest democracy there, risking being imprisoned or even losing their lives upon a failure to do so. However, getting the necessary news out of war zones and disputed territories or even hostile countries such as North Korea is quite essential to ensure the free flow of information.

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Although, with more and more countries striking down the freedom of speech in order to further their agendas, journalists critically need some way to maintain security and confidentiality while writing or reporting from such a place where they could be in danger.

What is a VPN and how it operates?

Abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, a VPN primarily serves as an essential cyber-security tool, when you consider the fact that all data runs through a virtual tunnel that can be subject to surveillance. However, a VPN essentially creates your own private tunnel inside the larger tunnel, providing you a server in a country of the desired country, enabling you to securely browse the internet.

VPNs have two basic functions:

1 – Encryption of data

2 – Rerouting of traffic through secure routers

This enables you to secure all of your data and establish a private internet connection. Once your traffic is rerouted, your IP address is masked, which does not only allow you to access the internet anonymously but enables you to unblock the geo-restricted websites or channels. When your public IP isn’t visible, there is no way for anyone to track your location making you secure.

Functions of a VPN:

A VPN does the following:

1 – Mitigates the risk of your data being stolen or illegally accessed

2 – Secures your online connection

3 – Blocks the third party surveillance sites from seeing what you do online

4 – Gives you access to websites that you can’t access due to the geographical restrictions

Why do you need to use a VPN if you are a journalist?

Journalists today rely more than ever on digital communications, but often do not take considerable measures for cybersecurity despite being one of the most targeted professionals as far as online surveillance and monitoring are concerned. You may have had to travel to regions where heavy restrictions are in place and reporters are arrested for reporting on facts that go against the regime in the rule. Moreover, using local Wi-Fi hotspots in international arenas can also expose you to government surveillance as well as hackers.

Like any other international journalist, you may have faced such difficult situations too; to report the truth or hide the facts and keep out of trouble! Well, the wise thing to do is to use a VPN to stay safe when you are risking your life and freedom to stay true to your duty of ensuring proper coverage, despite the censorship.

Which is the best Business VPN for journalists?

Now that you have come to know how critical it is for those in journalism to you use a VPN, let’s see which VPN you should be considering to subscribe for.

Make it a rule of thumb to look for a VPN that has a combination of these features:

1 – The latest and most secure protocols

2 – Transparent privacy policies

3 – Strictest possible zero-logs policy

4 – A Kill Switch

5 – Strategically positioned server around the globe and across all continents

6 – Reliable refund policy

7 – Reliable live chat for customer support

Ivacy fulfilling all of this criteria holds all these features and therefore can be easily termed as the best business VPN for journalists.

Never Compromise on your Online Security!

The need for a VPN service never ceases to exist. It doesn’t matter whether you are covering a junior level sports competition in USA or civil unrest in Venezuela. You will always be working with a peace of mind, upon knowing that the information you are sending to your editors and readers back home remains protected.  To this end, it is imperative that you choose a robust and trustworthy VPN since it could easily prove to be a matter of staying out of jail or even life or death.

What makes Ivacy the best?

Based in Singapore, Ivacy currently ranks as the fastest VPN provider. With a transparent privacy policy and the guarantee of best standards pertaining to zero logs, Ivacy ensures the best protection through the following:

  1. Best Security Protocols:

Ivacy VPN has a number of protocols with the milita256-bite 256 bit encryption such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN TCP, and OpenVPN UDP. This encryption means that there is no chance, your data risks getting compromised since this encryption is considered the best in the world.

  1. Dedicated IPs:

If you have are not restrained by your budget, you can go for a dedicated IP offered as part of the Ivacy business VPN. This means that the IP is assigned to you won’t be in use nor shared with any other users, guaranteeing you the best speeds.

  1. A network of Servers:

Ivacy has a whole network of servers that comprise 1000 servers around the globe, making sure that you are always connected no matter which part of the world your job brings you.

  1. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

Ivacy offers a 30-day money back guarantee in strong contrast to the many other VPN providers, making it an attractive option for you.

Beyond Security Concerns:

Beyond what you are doing or creating as a journalist, the use of a VPN also gives you access to relevant sites and other important content that the region you are reporting from, could be blocking. For instance, nearly all of the popular websites in the world are blocked by China’s Great Firewall. Using a VPN can enable you to bypass any such restrictions placed by the local networks on incoming traffic from various sources.

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Published on September 26, 2019



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