Essential Need For Advertising & Media Agencies – Business VPN!

Essential Need For Advertising & Media Agencies – Business VPN!

Is your advertising agency benefiting from the protection of a VPN or are you just leaving it out in the open?

A VPN otherwise is popularly known as a Virtual Private Network is a system that enables you to create a secure network connection when transmitting data. In the modern age, VPNs for businesses have become as important a tool as antivirus programs. Therefore, it may not be a wise decision for you or your company if you have decided not to use a VPN!

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How does a VPN work?

VPNs operate more or less the same way as the firewalls running in the background by establishing a secure tunnel that encrypts the data, thus making sure that the information is secure while establishing virtual P2P connections. Therefore, when a cybercriminal attempts to access the data in transmission, he is unable to do anything.

Why is it important to have a Business VPN?

How often do you or your employees work from a coffee shop while also chatting with the coworkers and discussing ongoing projects with them? Employing airport’s Wi-Fi or another unsecured network when uploading files such as when meeting one of the clients during the flight and so on. Working remotely or from café’s or deli’s has become a part of the modern day work culture and the regular grind, but it may end up proving to be costly for the business!

Most businesses whether small or large scale, face the same issues when it comes to cybersecurity. Some of them include Wi-Fi spoofing, data leakage, and other online issues. However, these problems become even more complex when a business is operating in more than one region. Therefore, if your employees operate from more than one offices or you plan on expanding to other regions or areas, a VPN is something you should be investing in, so that the employees can take care of business from any part of the world, without having to rely on unsecured public networks.

Here are the three major reasons why it is crucial for you to have a VPN:

  • Maintaining Client Confidence:

VPNs make your clients feel secure to a great extent. You can ensure that they have a peace of mind pertaining to their data’s security and that it will remain confidential throughout. This way they will have no qualms and will easily share their information with you. Moreover, sometimes the clients could be suspicious of any e-mail that they receive from overseas, which is why having a US-based IP (courtesy of a VPN) might be a good idea.

  • Letting you stay in the US:

If you and the employees working under you travel outside of the US a lot, replacing your original IP address with that of an American one can prove to be a real necessity, since many countries put considerable restrictions over what can be accessed by the internet users in there. For instance, many apps crucial to business such as Trello, Telegram, Slack and Google Drive are inaccessible in China due to the great Chinese Firewall, therefore in order to stay connected to your office and carry out business operations, you definitely need a VPN!

  • Restricting Unauthorized Access:

A major concern for most advertising businesses is to prevent their credentials, access to social media accounts and other sales related data from being accessed or even viewed by unauthorized users that aren’t employees. This is where a VPN comes in since it doesn’t allow a user to access the system if a person doesn’t have the right credentials related to the VPN!

The Best VPN for Business:

You may want to know which VPN works best for advertising agencies, which you must opt for. Well, Ivacy has all the features best suited for a Business VPN.

Here is why:

  • Dedicated IPs:

Ivacy’s corporate VPN solutions securely encrypt your whole official network by giving you dedicated IPs, with no sharing with other users around the world.

  • Military Grade Encryption:

As a business VPN, Ivacy maintains the best possible security features by offering the highest military grade 256- bit encryption that works with the OpenVPN protocols, making sure that the confidential company data remains secure.

  • No Logs Policy:

Ivacy in an effort to uphold the best possible privacy has always maintained a strong No Logs policy which means that it does not log any data pertaining to users, unlike other VPNs which maintain such records pertaining to sensitive data of your company. Ivacy is based on overseas territory i.e. Hong Kong which means that it is particularly not liable for following the relevant data laws such as recording or sharing any of its data.

  • Simplicity redefined:

Ivacy has a one-tap sign in, native apps that have in-built compatibility with a number of platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Chrome, therefore whether the employees are traveling worldwide or using it remotely, they will have access to easy-to-use and simple interface apps of Ivacy.

  • Global Network of Servers:

Ivacy has more than 1000 servers strategically positioned around the globe, in over 50 countries. This provides greater mobility for your employees since they are able to securely access the network from around the world.

  • Both economical and a safer option:

Ivacy is incredibly affordable and is below average in the VPN industry, making it extremely economical as a Business VPN. Ivacy can prove to be an option that is, budget-friendly, instantly effective and truly provides value for money. Ivacy also happens to be one of the few VPNs on the market that are offering a 30-day money back guarantee for the business users meaning that, you can always go for a refund in case you don’t find it to be up to the mark or according to your standards.

Since VPNs greatly reduce the risk of security breaches and cyber attacks, not having a business VPN such as Ivacy can be seen as inviting trouble to your doorstep – something that happens to people and companies all the time. You might also consider the fact that with the passage of time, such threats have only increased and with the use of a VPN you can ensure that you are drastically reducing the risk of your company being targeted.

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Published on March 5, 2019



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