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Types of VPN Protocols Explained

Here are the most common types of VPN protocols being used



OpenVPN-TCP (transmission control protocol) is a network protocol that transfers your data over the internet from your device to a web server. You use the TCP protocol whenever you chat to your friends on Skype, send emails, or simply browse the web.



OpenVPN-UDP (User datagram protocol) is a network protocol which is faster than TCP. It’s often used for uninterrupted streaming or gaming.



IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange version 2) handles request and response actions by ensuring that the traffic is secure through the establishment of Security Association attribute.



The IP security (IPSec) is a standard suite of protocols existing between two different communication points across the IP network.



The VPN protocol, WireGuard is known for its exceptional speed and security. It's widely acknowledged as the fastest VPN protocol, offering superior performance compared to IPsec/IKEv2 and OpenVPN.



OpenVPN is a most secure VPN protocol which relies on SSL/TLS for establishing highly encrypted connections.

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VPN Protocols Comparison

In this chart, you will find a thorough comparison of different VPN protocols.

VPN Protocols Connection Speed Level of Encryption Connection Stability Media Streaming Torrent Downloading Compatiable With Available in
Ivacy VPN Client
L2TP/IPSec Medium Medium Stable Good Medium Most OS and Devices On Windows
IKEv2/IPSec Very Fast Good Very Stable Good Good Most OS and Devices On Windows
IPSec Medium Good Stable Good Good Most OS and Devices On Windows
OpeVPN TCP Medium Very Good Stable Medium Good Most OS and Devices On Windows
OpenVPN UDP Fast Very Good Stable Medium Good Most OS and Devices On Windows

Which VPN protocols should I be using?

It is difficult to say which VPN protocol should be used on a general basis since it depends on your purpose. Here are the use cases of some of the top internet protocols:


L2TP is an improved version of PPTP, which is why it can be used for downloading torrents, accessing blocked content around the globe and surfing the internet safely too. Perhaps, it is one of the best VPN protocol for gaming.


IKEv2 is best used for mobile device, since it ensures that the VPN connection remains stable, when switching back and forth from Wi-Fi to mobile data plan.


TCP is a general protocol which can be used for anything you do on the Internet.


OpenVPN should be your preferred option if you want to establish a secure and stable connection.

Ivacy VPN and Security Protocols

Of the hundreds of VPN services available online, some offer better security features while others offer a better number of IP addresses from which you can choose, but none offer a better combination of protocols and encryption systems than Ivacy VPN.

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Ivacy has remained a leading VPN provider in the industry for over a decade now, and has pioneered several widely accepted features like Split Tunneling. The company was also awarded the Fastest VPN Award in 2019 for its exceptional speed.

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