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Why Should You Hide Your Browsing Activities?

  • What you do online is your concern alone, it should not be monitored or logged without your consent.
  • In countries where there is no such thing as freedom as speech, you will need to hide your identity online to say what you have to say to avoid getting caught or ending up in prison.
  • To be whoever you want to be online, you will need to be anonymous online. You can create as many online personas as you like, without fearing about them colliding.
  • When it comes to data safety, online anonymity is an important aspect. Your data may not seem that valuable to you, but it can be misused, thus getting you in a lot of trouble.
  • With complete anonymity, you can access any and all content online. You will not have to worry about being criticized or threatened with legal action for visiting a store to purchase adult toys and whatnot.
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Not Sure How A VPN Works?

Ivacy VPN, just like any other reliable VPN, allows you to connect to different VPN servers. With each VPN server, you are assigned a new IP address with advanced security features to keep you off the grid.

Anonymize Your Internet Browsing With Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN makes it a breeze for you to anonymize your browsing. It has several features that ensure you are not compromised.

No Logs Policy

Ivacy VPN has a strict no logs policy. Anything you do online while connected to a VPN server is not monitored, stored or processed anywhere.

Hide Your Identity Online

You will be assigned a new IP address for every VPN server you connect to. Hackers, cybercriminals, third parties, and even your own ISP will not be able to identify you.

Encrypt Your Web Traffic

With up to 256-bit military grade encryption, there is absolutely no way your web traffic can be viewed, let alone compromised. All it takes is a push of a button, it is that simple!

Internet Kill Switch

In case a VPN server connection is lost, Ivacy’s Internet Kill Switch feature is designed to terminate your internet connection right away to avoid exposing your identity online.

Split Tunneling

Ivacy pioneered the Split Tunneling feature, which is now a standard feature offered by almost all VPN providers. With this feature you can route certain traffic under the protection of a VPN, while the rest flows as it normally would.

WebRTC Leak Protection

WebRTC is a technology that enables real time communication with the help of APIs to a web browser. It offers many benefits, but it can be exploited, which is where Ivacy VPN comes in the picture to save the day.

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Anonymous Browsing in 3 Simple Steps

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Easy-to-use application.
Connect to the server
that you desire to use.
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Ivacy VPN's Browser Extensions

Chrome VPN Extension

Chrome VPN Extension

To get the best of Ivacy VPN directly on your Chrome browser, you can count on the browser extension to grant access to all essential features.


Firefox VPN Extension

Ivacy has proven itself a dependable VPN since its inception more than a decade ago. This dependability reflects in its Firefox browser extension which will meet and exceed your expectations.

An Award-Winning VPN For 2019

Ivacy has remained a leading VPN provider in the industry for over a decade now, and has pioneered several widely accepted features like Split Tunneling. The company was also awarded the Fastest VPN Award in 2019 for its exceptional speed.

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