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How to Watch Zee5 in USA via Ivacy VPN

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Zee5, an Indian streaming platform, has been making its place in some of the best streaming platforms on the internet. It has some exciting content for its users and not just the type that will cater to users in India.

Of course, it predominantly features Indian content, but it has a couple of gems that will be perfect for people that want to watch something new and unique. Zee5 has almost every type of content for its users, whether you are looking for the latest Bollywood or Hollywood movies, TV shows, latest news, and new music. That is how it manages to attract a broad audience, not only from India but throughout the world.

Zee5 is available to watch in many countries but not in the USA till now. Now, you need to ask yourself how to watch Zee5 in USA? Due to geo-restrictions and protection of copyrights,  accessing the streaming platform will be a challenge. Fear not, as there is a solution available to overcome this problem. To learn more about it, read on.

Unblock Zee5 USA in 3 Steps

Zee5 streaming service is accessible in 190 countries worldwide; the US is not on the list yet. This is why users from the US cannot access the platform directly and have to face the geo-block. But Ivacy VPN is the solution to this problem, not only for users in the US but for users in every blocked region.

You need to follow these three simple steps, and you will be able to watch Zee5 in USA and other blocked regions.

  1. Visit the online website of Ivacy VPN through your internet browser and buy a plan according to your needs. There are plans available for users with different needs and budgets.
  2. Go to your device’s app store and download the Ivacy VPN application. Enter the login details received via email and start accessing your new VPN account.
  3.  Choose any Indian VPN server from the servers available to connect. Within a few seconds, you will be connected and ready to unblock any blocked website in your region. You can now access the Zee5 online website or application and enjoy watching your favorite Indian drama or movie.

Everything you need to know about Zee5

Zee5 has proven to be one of the most popular streaming platforms in India and throughout the world. As per the recent announcements, Zee5 has an astonishing 76.4 million subscribers around the globe!

India is a country with a vast population and lots of regional languages. To capture a large audience and provide a majority with content in their language, Zee5 boasts a variety of content in Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, and English.

This diversified portfolio of content manages to cater to audiences of different regions, languages, and tastes. One of the best things about Zee5 is that it offers a limited library of free content, but to access its premium content, you will need to subscribe to the famous Indian streaming platform

How to Watch Zee5 in USA – Indian Library

Even though Zee5 is available in numerous countries, it cannot be accessed directly in the US. As mentioned earlier, the reason why this happens is due to geo-restrictions. Geo-restrictions are imposed on streaming platforms to protect the copyrights of the content available on the platform and allow limited users to access it.

The Zee5 streaming platform only pays for the broadcasting rights of the content in the unblocked countries, and therefore to block the access of users from the USA or any other blocked region, geo-restrictions are imposed.

As soon as you access Zee5 from the US, you will get the following error:

“Entertainment will soon have a new destination. Coming soon to your country.”

There is no denying the fact this can be frustrating, to say the least, as Zee5 has a vast audience in the US. All is not lost, though, as there is a way to watch Zee5 in USA. To defeat geo-restrictions to watch Zee5 in USA, you will need to use a VPN. Not just any VPN will do; you will need to stick to a reliable one that offers true internet freedom while guaranteeing complete online security and anonymity, like Ivacy VPN.

Now that you have found the best streaming VPN out there, follow the simple three steps to access Zee5 (Indian library) mentioned above.

What else can I do with a VPN?

Is it worth the hassle and investment to get a VPN to access Zee5? You will be pleased to know a VPN offers countless other benefits. Please note that you will only get these benefits if you find a reliable VPN, as already mentioned earlier.

First and foremost, you can take advantage of a VPN to pay less for a Zee5 subscription. You will end up paying more if you are from Australia compared to India. In this case, connect to an Indian VPN server to benefit from a lower subscription cost. This applies to other streaming platforms that have regional pricing.

Secondly, many internet users are not aware that they are dealing with ISP throttling. Although a speed test might show they are getting full bandwidth, that is not the case. ISP throttling is common, as ISPs want users to opt for specific services instead of others. The reasons for doing so can vary, but it mostly has to do with money.

To defeat ISP throttling, connect to a VPN server, and you will get blazing fast upload and download speeds, which will positively impact your browsing and streaming experience.

Lastly, seeing how cybercrime is rising, internet users must secure and anonymize themselves online. They can make this happen quite easily with a VPN.

Zee5 App Compatibility

Zee5 online streaming platform comes with broad device compatibility, allowing users to watch the stream on the device of their choice and what suits their needs. If you want to enjoy your favorite movie or drama series with friends or family on the weekend, Zee5 can be downloaded to your Smart TVs, including Android TV and FireOS.

If you are looking for new content, you can download the Zee5 application on your desktop or laptop, including Mac and Windows, and enjoy streaming your favorite content. And, if you are traveling or cannot use a larger device and want to stream using your phone, the Zee5 application can easily be downloaded on both iPhones and Android devices from their respective app stores.

Wider device compatibility is one of the reasons why Zee5 has managed to capture a larger audience, so whether you have a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or smart TV, Zee5 has got you.

How to Watch Zee5 on Android Devices

You have to download the application first to stream your favorite TV shows or movies on your Android device using Zee5. The Zee5 application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store easily. Now open the application, log in with your Zee5 account, and start streaming.

Though downloading the application might be a problem for users based in the blocked region of Zee5. If you are in the USA, you will not find Zee5 if you search for it on the Playstore. This is because of the location your account is made for. You need to go to your Play Store setting, go to preferences, and change the default country location to India or any other unblocked region.

Now that your default location is changed, you will find the Zee5 application irrespective of your location and can easily download it. Log in with your Zee5 account and watch zee5 in USA or any other blocked region

How to Watch Zee5 on IOS

If you are based in the unblocked region of Zee5, downloading and accessing Zee5 on your iOS phones is similar to Android devices. Just open your App Store and search for Zee5. Download the application and use your Zee5 account credentials to log in. That’s it. Now you have access to all the content available on Zee5.

But if you are based in the US or any other region where the Zee5 service is blocked, you will need a different strategy for downloading the application. You need to create a new iCloud account and choose its default location to be India.

Sign out of your previous and use this account in your App Store. Then you will be able to find and download the application. Altering the default location on an iPhone is complex but doable, which is the only way to get blocked applications. Now that you have the application use your Zee5 to log in and begin streaming.

Popular Movies and Shows on Zee5

If you are wondering what the fuss is all about, you have missed out on some amazing content that Zee5 offers. These popular movies and shows will give you more than enough reason to watch Zee5 in USA:

Popular Movies to Watch on Zee5 in USA

  • Parmanu

Parmanu is an Indian movie based on a real-life event in India in 1998. In the story, an IAS officer is given the task of assisting in developing and testing a nuclear bomb named Pokhran II. As a part of a secret mission, he has to ensure no information exits the country and the American intelligence has no clue. To watch the movie and learn more about the characters and story, access the Zee5 application or online website.

  • Barot House

Barot House is a suspense thriller and is also based on the real-life story of a Barot family. The story revolves around the family, including a father and a mother and their four children. The twist comes when one of the three daughters is missing and later found dead. Later more killings and tragic events cause the family to implode. Amit Sadh and Manjari Fadnis performed the leading roles of father and mother. The story becomes intense when the father finds out who the real killer is. If you want to find out, start watching Zee5.

  • Dhadak

Dhadak is a remake of a Marathi film, Sairat, and stars Ishan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor. The story focuses on a girl and a boy from two completely different cultures who fall in love and want to spend their lives together. Their love is strong enough to accept and deal with all the differences, but their parents disagree with their relationship and mess up everything. The film has a relatively sad ending. To watch the movie, visit the Zee 5 application or online website.

Apart from these movies, Naam Shabana, Posham Pa, Tigers, Kedarnath, Badnaam Gali, and many other popular movies are exclusively available on Zee 5. If you are in the US or any other blocked region of Zee 5, use Ivacy VPN for an effortless streaming experience.

Popular TV Shows to Watch on Zee5 in USA

Zee5 has some amazing TV available to watch online. A few of the most popular ones are given below for you to start streaming.

  • Kaafir

It is the most popular TV series to stream on Zee5. The story of the drama series Kaafir is about a Pakistani woman who lives in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and mistakenly crosses the border and gets into the area of the Indian Line of Control. She is held prisoner by the Indian army for this act and is suspected to be a Pakistani spy or military agent. This is a popular topic in the Indian film industry due to the uneven political relationships between India and Pakistan. The masses stream content on this topic in India, making it incredibly popular. If you want to watch Kaafir, feel free to stream it on Zee5.

  • Rangbaaz

The TV show Rangbaaz features the charming Saqib Saleem, playing the role of a real-life gangster Shri Prakash Shukla. The TV show is about a gangster from his time as a student in Gorakhpur, the challenges he faced, the impacts of the criminal environment on him, and how he became the second-biggest criminal in India. The TV show gained quick popularity with the first season, so it was renewed for a second season. The second season was also based on the real-life story of a criminal. Both seasons gained immense popularity in India and abroad. You can visit the Zee5 website or application to start watching Rangbaaz right now.

  • Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya is a typical Indian TV show with thousands of episodes and a complex story. The TV show revolves around Karan and Preeta and their love story. The couple deal with multiple obstacles as Preeta tries to stop the Luthra family from Sherlyn and her games, but she manages to enter the family. Later on, when Preeta is about to marry Prithvi, Karan disguises himself as the groom and marries her. These and many other complexes turn into the story. You can visit Zee5 to watch the show.

Several other popular shows can be exclusively on Zee5, including Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Sembarathi, The Final Call, Lagira Zhala Jee, and many others.

Over 100,000 hours of content on the platform should be reason enough to watch Zee5 in USA. You can watch Zee5 in USA on all popular platforms, like:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to watch Zee5 in USA, let’s look at some frequently asked questions.

Is Zee5 available in the US?

Unfortunately, Zee5 is not available in the US due to geo-restrictions. To watch Zee5 in the USA, you will need a VPN to connect to an Indian VPN server.

How can I watch Zee5 in USA for free?

Although the Zee5 platform requires a subscription to be accessed entirely, there is a limited amount of content that can be streamed for free. But to stream it in the USA, you will need Ivacy VPN. Connect to an Indian VPN server using Ivacy VPN, and then you can watch Zee5 in USA for free

How to Watch Zee5 on Windows

If you find your windows laptop or desktop to be more suitable for streaming, Zee5 has got you here. You can download the Zee5 application on your windows device or directly visit the Zee5 online website to enjoy streaming. Though the application can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft store irrespective of your location, to use it, you will be required to connect to an Indian VPN.

You may find your Windows laptop or desktop more suitable for streaming Zee5. In that case, Zee5 has got covered as you can easily download the application and visit the online Zee5 website for streaming.

Is Zee5 available in the US?

Unfortunately, Zee5 is not available in the US due to geo-restrictions. To watch Zee5 in USA, you will need a VPN in order to connect to an Indian VPN server.

How much does Zee5 cost? Is it available for free?

Once you have connected to an Indian VPN server, you will get the most affordable subscription plans, which are as follows:

PlanCost Monthly SubscriptionCost of Annual Subscription
Zee5 Premium SubscriptionINR  99 – 5 ScreensINR 999 – 5 Screens
Zee5 ClubN/AINR 365 – 2 Screens

Note: INR denotes the Indian Rupee.

You may be wondering how to watch Zee5 in USA for free, and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, there is content that you can watch for free on Zee5, but not all of it. But if you are in a region where Zee5 is not available, then you will not be able to access said free content. To access it, you will need a streaming VPN.

What other Indian channels can I unblock with a VPN?

There are a ton of other Indian streaming platforms you can access with a VPN, such as:

  • Sony Liv
  • Hotstar
  • VootIN
  • MX Player.in

Since you have everything you need to know regarding Zee5, and how you can actually watch Zee5 in USA using a VPN, make the most of this information. Once you gain access to Zee5 via a reliable VPN, you will find a plethora of amazing and unique content that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Speaking of reliable VPN, if you need a one-stop solution for all your online needs and requirements, you will find Ivacy VPN to be right up your alley. With it, you will enjoy true internet freedom without having to worry about your online security and anonymity ever again!