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How To Watch TF1 Online Outside France

You can watch TF1 Channel from anywhere in the world by following 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign Up For Ivacy VPN Account & Get Your Credentials.

Step 2


Open the Ivacy app and connect to a France server.

Step 3


Watch TF1 Channel live online from anywhere in the world.

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TF1 is an online streaming service that enables you to watch your favorite French TF1 programs at your convenience or stream them live without a TV. TF1 offers programing from its own channel as well as its sister channels – TMC, TFX AND TF1 Séries Films. With this vast directory of entertainment, it’s not hard to see why so many people want to unblock TF1.

Why Can’t I watch TF1 Online Outside of France?

When you try to access TF1 online outside France, you are greeted with this message:


This happens because TF1 is geo-restricted; available only in certain geographical locations.

What kind of content can I stream with TF1 Online?

The user interface is incredibly intuitive, with the entertainment being divided into various different categories to help you navigate your way around.

  • Séries & Fiction
  • Divertissements
  • Infos, Mags & Sport
  • Jeunesse

Séries & Fiction – Even if you don’t speak French, it’s pretty obvious what this category is going to contain. French fictional drama is renowned for its artistry, and TF1 has no shortage of this kind of content.

Les Feux D’amour- with a literal translation of ‘The Fires Of Love’, it’s not hard to guess why so many people are drawn to this quintessentially French soap. Exploring the lives of the people residing in Genoa city (with a large focus on their love life), the soap weaves a complicated web of connections.

You can stream every episode of Les Feux D’amour LIVE on TF1.

  • La vengeance aux yeux clairs 

Onto something with a little more grit: our tough as nails protagonist will let nothing stand in her way as she seeks revenge for the murder of her brother. As she infiltrates a crime ring, we wonder whether there’s anything that she’s not willing to do… wow TF1. You really are spoiling us with the sheer choice of programs that you’ve got going on.

Stream this gripping crime thriller live with Ivacy VPN.

Of course, these programs are highly entertaining, but TF1 has its own category for entertainment – ‘Divertissements’. In this category, you’ll slightly different content.

Danse avec Les Stars. Everyone loves a jazzy dancing program – with the flamboyance of the French, this experience becomes all the more enjoyable. Every episode is highly anticipated as you gain a unique insight into the celebrities’ lives as they work hard, boogie away and strut their way into further stardom.

  • Vendredi, Tout est permit avec Arthur 

This is a chat show like no other. Arthur brings together 6 celebrities from different areas of fame and makes them partake in a series of whacky tasks. This results in a combination of celebrities that you would have never expected, as well as rob tickling laughter as you watch them engage in undignified acts.

Of course, entertainment must cater to all demographics. For those of you who are sports lovers, fear not, as you can stream sports on TF1 online, under the official category of Infos Mags and Sport.

We can’t start writing about sports without mentioning the most popular sport on TV at the moment. TF1 is broadcasting the FIFA women’s world cup online – so you can stream it live.

This year has proved wonderful for piquing interest in what was previously not given as much interest as it deserved.

Now you can watch every match with TF1 Live Stream online free.

It seems fair to also write about a sport that is currently not as popular as it could be in a few years’ time.

You can stream live handball with TF1.  Though you may not have heard of it before, there are international teams like Slovenia and Norway vying for the trophy.

After watching all of these sports you’re going to be itching to share your opinion about how a particular team performed. You’re also going to want to hear expert’s opinions and predictions.

You can watch sports analysis galore online on TF1.

One shining example is the Rendez Vous Sport, a general sports discussion programme that’ll keep you up to date with all the latest sports news.

So far, TF1 online has catered to an awful lot of audiences. It has churned out soaps and dramas for those of you who fancy a bit of spice in your life, dance shows for those among you who don’t have two left feet ( or watch people dancing to compensate for the fact that they have) and live sports and sports analysis for the sports fiends.

There is one big demographic that’s missing.

The Kiddiwinkles

But TF1 has all the content you could wish for – enough to keep all the members of your family entertained.

Their jeunesse section is one that deserves a whole lot of attention.

Loup – an animated show about a curious wolf, this is bound to keep the little ones entertained. The loveable wolf also grows on you as an adult…even if you have to watch it on repeat.

  • La Tribu des Monnichi 

Follow this adorable little tribe of monkeys on the many adventures they go on.

Can I watch TF1 free online on my phone or tablet?

The answer is yes! This is due to a combination of factors. TF1 has its own app that you can download on both iOS and Android devices.

Of course, downloading the app is simply no good if you do not have Ivacy VPN downloaded on your device.

The good news is that once you download Ivacy VPN on your desktop, you are able to protect up to 5 different devices simultaneously. Of course, this also means that you can have 5 different portals of entertainment with Ivacy VPN.

If you’re out and about and looking to make your commute hours more productive, you can download the TF1 app on your mobile. As you’ll already have Ivacy VPN, you’ll be able to bypass the geo-restriction and use the app to watch all the TF1 French content that you can get your hands on.

Do I have to pay for my TF1 online membership?

Absolutely not. All you have to do is create a FREE log-in on the TF1 website. This will give you access to a service called MY TF1.

With MyTF1, you can keep a record of all of your favorite shows – you’ll be notified when there’s a new episode, and you won’t have to go through the different categories in order to get to what you love the most.

Think about it this way – you’ll be watching the best of TF1 online entertainment without spending money on its membership.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve talked a fair bit about TM1 and the range of programming it has to offer. No wonder it is such a popular service in France. It is simply a shame that you cannot access it from anywhere in the world … though as we have discovered that is made possible with Ivacy’s French VPN.

Because you can take TF1 with you on your portable devices you will be entertained wherever you go.

All you need to do is follow the 3 easy steps we described above and voila. Brilliant French entertainment at your fingertips.