How To Watch RTVE Online From Outside Spain

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When you visit the RTVE site outside of Spain, an error message tells you that you cannot view the content because it’s not available in your region. 

This blocking occurs because of the unique IP address assigned to you by your ISP which allows RTVE to trace your original location and when it finds out that you are not located in Spain, it blocks you from viewing its content. 

How does a VPN let you access RTVE online through RTVE Alacarta App?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN hides your real IP address and gives you another IP address to use. For instance, if you live in Italy and want to watch Spanish rtve online latest of Isabel, you need to simply connect to a Spanish server and you can do so once the connection becomes successful. 

When you connect, a VPN changes your location and then RTVE is unable to confirm your real location, allowing you to connect freely. 

You can download RTVE Alacarta App from here.

How can Ivacy VPN help you watch RTVE online?

  1. Ivacy redirects your IP address and changes your location – a technique that can fool any website in the world. 
  2. Ivacy makes sure that you are having a seamless streaming experience with its extraordinary speeds. Ivacy has been voted the fastest VPN in the world by
  3. Ivacy happens to be one of the most secure VPNs you can come across and offers a 256 – bit encryption, which is considered to be the highest standard, thus making sure you are secure online at all times. 

 Ivacy’s 1000+ servers are an added benefit to the above features and ensure connectivity around the globe. 

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RTVE Alacarta App

The RTVE alacarta app on the iOs platform, allows you to follow RTVE’s programs live, series and news presented by the flagship channel La1 for absolutely free. 

  • The app includes many sections of the original RTVE programming enabling you to enjoy your series, documentaries, news and all favorite programs on your iPad. 
  • The app offers the following:
  • Live broadcasts including football, basketball, tennis, many other sports, debates, and news, etc.
  • Videos and audios related to famous series, contests, news, documentaries, and entertainment programs. 
  • Live radio broadcasting 

What makes the app even better is a search engine allowing you to navigate through the contents of the app. 

Where is RTVE Available?

RTVE is available worldwide in more than 200 countries, making it the first of its kind. 

What devices can you watch RTVE Online?

RTVE is available to watch on any Android and iOS supported device

How Can You Watch RTVE Without the Geo-Block?

The only secure and reliable way to watch RTVE without the geo block is to use a reliable VPN.

Programming offered by RTVE Channels:

The following programming is offered by the RTVE Channels:

  • La1

La1 broadcasts news reports, news programs, documentaries, TV series and films along with popular sports competitions. 

  • La 2

Ls 2 basically broadcasts cultural programs, TV series from Canada and America, docu-series, news reports, debates and musicals. 

  • Clan

The Clan is a children’s channel but also offers programming aimed at teenagers.

  • Teledeporte

Teledeporte is especially dedicated to the broadcasts of sporting competitions happening all around the world. 

  • 24h

24 is a 24/7 news channel broadcasting news reports, debates, political analysis, interviews etc. 

Can a VPN unblock RTVE 1 Online all over the world?

Whether or not, a VPN will enable you to unblock RTVE depends on a great extent on where you are connecting from. For instance, if you plan on unblocking RTVE online from a country such as China or North Korea you may be disappointed since both of these countries have cracked down on VPNs, rendering the VPN services unable to smooth seamlessly. 

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The 3 best shows to watch on RTVE online

Here are the three most highly rated and watched TV shows on CW live stream that you may be missing out on

  • Si fueras tú

The show focuses on a 17-year-old girl, who relocates to a new city with her uncle in search of a new life. However, when she begins attending her new school, she realizes that her new life won’t be too easy because she resembles another girl, who disappeared some time ago. When Alba discovers this tragedy, she decides to seek out the whole truth. 


  • Isabel

This series is based on the queen of Castile, Isabella and shows the period between 1461 and 1474, showcasing her transition from childhood to marriage and her difficult ascension on the crown. As the series moves forward, it explores the history from the perspective of Isabel’s descendants.


  • Operación Triunfo

Operacion Triunfo is a reality TV series that first aired in 2001. The series is a music talent contest based on viewer voting and aims to discover Spain’s next singing star. The series has had 10 seasons so far.


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