How To Stream RTS Live Outside Switzerland

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RTS (Radio Télévision Swisse) is a Swiss public broadcasting organization responsible for radio and television programming in French, managing French-language channels such as RTS un and RTS deux. 

The programming consists of entertainment, culture, information/news and sports-related shows in both live and replay formats and offers a broad range of entertainment options to its audience. 

However, when it comes to streaming RTS live, the company does what other major streaming platforms are doing – it blocks you from viewing its broadcast if you are not presently located in Switzerland.

  • But this is bad for you if:
  • You are a Swiss citizen visiting another country temporarily
  • You are a Swiss expat living in another country
  • You speak French but live in another country and are a fan of French original programming on RTS live

In all these cases, you will need a reliable and high-performance VPN to unblock RTS live. 

Don’t worry!

Ivacy is what you need, to bypass geographical restrictions and watch RTS live! 

Unblocking RTS: Step-By-Step Process

RTS Online without the use of a VPN

RTS Online without the use of a VPN

Step 1: Launch the Ivacy VPN app and connect to a Swiss server

Launch Ivacy VPN app and connect to a Swiss server

connected to Switzerland

Step 2: Go to RTS Online and select a show

Go to RTS Online and select a show


Step 3: Begin streaming RTS Online shows

Begin streaming RTS Online shows

An Overview of how RTS Online appears after using Ivacy VPN

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How does RTS block you from accessing RTS Live Online?

When you try to watch RTS live from any location outside of Switzerland, you will encounter the following message, which means you can’t access it while you are at your current location. 

watch RTS live from any location outside of Switzerland

This error occurs because all Internet Service Providers – ISPs assign unique IP addresses to their users which help streaming services such as RTS identify the location of people connecting. 

When RTS finds out that you are accessing RTS live from outside of Switzerland, it immediately blocks you from viewing its programming. 

These geographical restrictions have been placed to meet the licensing requirements which RTS is obligated to meet as per the law. 

Ivacy is the best option for accessing RTS live, because

  1. Ivacy presents a huge list of servers located around the world and in Switzerland, which means accessing RTS live never becomes a problem for you, once you get RTS. 
  2. Ivacy has the highest connection speeds in the world, which is why it has been ranked as the world’s fastest VPN for 2019 by
  3. Ivacy employs the most advanced 256 – bit encryption which ensures maximum protection even when you are not using it to unblock RTS live. 
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The Play RTS App

The Play RTS app is available on the Google Play Store and presents the following:

  • Routinely updated videos including series, documentaries, cartoons and news-related programs. 
  • List of the most viewed and popular videos from the last 24 hours
  • Programs accessible as per their airing date

Play RTS App

RTS Programming sections

RTS programs are classified into the following categories with respect to what they host including, info, sport, series, kids’ section and primetime all of whom are available on:

  • RTS Un
  • RTS Deux
  • RTS Info

Can I stream RTS live on my mobile?

With a stellar four-star rating, the Play RTS app is a great option for enjoying your favorite French shows when you want. 

No matter which device you use, whether it is a smartphone, your laptop or a tablet, Ivacy is readily available for you since it supports all major platforms and can protect you on 5 devices at the same time. This way, you don’t have to face nuisance of constantly logging in and out of different devices. Just a single login is enough to unblock the world of RTS live entertainment.  

The 3 top shows available on RTS Live

Here are the three top-rated shows available with French subtitles on RTS live:

  • NCIS: Los Angeles

This crime show focuses on the highly dangerous and volatile environment surrounding the Office of Special Projects (OSP) in Los Angeles whose highly trained agents routinely go undercover and utilize the most advanced technologies available at their disposal to identify and detain criminals considered to be a threat to national security. 

NCIS: Los Angeles

  • Sherlock

This TV series is based on a modern-day Sherlock who partners with a contemporary Dr. John Watson – a war veteran, while Sherlock is serving as a consultant to Scotland Yard. As soon as the two cross paths, they begin running into mysteries and deaths, most of whom are somehow linked to Sherlock’s nemesis – Moriarty. 


  • The Good Doctor

The show focuses on Shaun Murphy – a young autistic surgeon who relocates from his quiet country life to a busy one at the surgical unit of a reputable hospital. Even though Shaun is alone in the world, and has been through a troubled childhood, and faces extreme difficulty in connecting with those around him, he soon finds the purpose in his life, when he begins to use his extraordinary medical skills and intuition to save lives. 

The Good Doctor

All these awesome shows popular among international audiences are waiting for you to watch. What are you waiting for? 

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