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It is said that traveling broadens a person’s experiences and the horizons of their mind. Unfortunately, countries like Japan remain a little out of bounds for most of us to explore like that. Still, there is a lot that is told about Japanese customs, practices, and traditions. If these things fascinate you, then watch Japanese channels like NHK Live can help.

NHK Online is the International broadcasting service for the Japan Broadcasting Corporation. The channel itself is available worldwide through satellite and cable service providers. The various branches of NHK live also transmit using their mobile application and the channel’s website. Most of the programs are in English but there is an option on NHK Online to pick from six different languages.


Access NHK Online with Ivacy VPN

Whether you are a Japanese citizen living abroad or just someone looking to learn about the fascinating culture of Japan, you can watch NHK and its diverse range of programs. With both Television and Radio stations available through the mobile application and website, there is something of interest for everyone. For the locals, the channel is already a popular medium to stay in touch with things back home.

NHK Online is a great source to gain insights about Japan. While the NHK live website is hosted on a secure server, online data theft and other cybercrimes are strong enough to get past these. This is why it becomes imperative to use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network like Ivacy masks users IP address and makes their data traffic anonymous. Here’s how to use it in three steps:

About NHK Online

NHK World – Japan is one of the most prominent international channels. It was launched in 1998 and is headquartered in Tokyo. With various leading networks like CNN and BBC having their representation on the global stage, NHK felt the need for a Japanese channel in the market too. Today people watch NHK from around the globe through satellite dishes, cable operators and online channels.

NHK World has three main services. These include two television channels and one radio station. The website of NHK live carries streaming options for all three. This adds to the convenience for travelers who can’t get access to other mediums of accessing the channel. The network’s slogan in “Widening Horizons” and that is that it aims to do.


There are two television channels operating under the NHK World – Japan brand name. NHK as a whole has many other sister channels too but our focus today is the international arm of the organization. The two channels which are available internationally include NHK World TV and NHK World Premium. Both these networks differ in the type of content they provide audiences with.

NHK online website is available in six different languages however the transmissions are mainly in Japanese and English for most nationalities to watch it easily. Here’s a breakdown of channel-wise transmissions:

  • NHK World Television: The channel primarily focuses on news and programs where current affairs come under discussion. The programs are mostly produced by NHK’s own production studio. NHK World TV is free-to-air and available in HD,
  • NHK World Premium: This channel provides audiences with a combination of content. It features sports, news and entertainment programs. It is a subscription-based service as compared to NHK World Television which is available for everyone without any charges. Another difference between these two is that the former is broadcast completely in English while NHK World Premium is purely Japanese with no subtitles.


NHK World Radio Japan also known as RJ is the only radio channel that operates under the banner. Much like NHK World premium, this station also broadcasts a combination of news, sports, and entertainment-based content. The services are divided into two broad categories, i.e. general and regional.

The general transmissions are sent out worldwide in Japanese and English. The regional service, on the other hand, is only available in specific areas and in 17 different languages. Both these services are available through the NHK online website. In the regions where it is allowed, this station can also be tuned into using shortwave receivers, more commonly known as normal radios.

NHK Programs

NHK World – Japan is a great place for people to become accustomed to Japan as a country and the people in general. The programs on NHK World Television are created in a way that they fulfill this purpose. Here are some of the shows which are available through NHK online. People can easily log on to the platform and begin streaming their favorite programs.

  • Japan-easy: A 24 episode-based series for any native English speaker to learn the basics of the Japanese language. This educational program is available for both Japanese and English. Japan-easy II is the name of the English language show,
  • Somewhere Street: An amazing travel guide where the host explores different cities from a tourist’s perspective. It features a different city in each episode,
  • NHK Newsline: One of the more popular programs on the channel is NHK Newsline. It is broadcast every hour and provides world news, weather updates and covers other relevant events happening in Japan and elsewhere.

Other programs like J-Melo, a musical program with local hit songs from different genres, Cool Japan, a show that shows the changing Japanese culture and how new foreign settlers are embracing it, as well as Begin Japanology, a lifestyle show are also noteworthy.


NHK online is an amazing avenue for foreigners to experience a fascinating culture and for the locals to have a piece of home away from home. It’s a win-win on every side. One important thing to bear in mind though is the threat users face while accessing NHK live website. Ivacy resolves this issue quite effectively while highlighting why a VPN is crucial nowadays.

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