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How To Watch LTV Online Outside Of Latvia

Here is how you can bypass LTV’s restrictions and watch LTV Online outside Latvia:

Step 1

Sign Up

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Open the Ivacy app and connect to a Latvia server.

Step 3


Watch LTV Live online from anywhere in the world.

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LTV broadcasts in two main languages. One of its channels, LTV 1, broadcasts primarily in Latvian and the second channel, LT7 in Russian. Since it caters to an incredibly large demographic, it’s demand is quite high. However, if you reside outside Latvia you cannot access this diverse range of content. and will be greeted with this message if you try to do so: Atvainojiet, šis video satur materiālu, kuru LTV nav tiesību izplatīt valstī, kurā Jūs atrodaties. [Sorry, this video contains material that LTV is not authorized to distribute in the country where you are.]


What Can I Stream Online On LTV?

We really meant it when we said that LTV offers a wide range of programming. Here are some of the categories of entertainment that they offer:

  • Sports
  • Documentary
  • Entertainment
  • Culture
  • Movies

Stream Sports Online With LTV

The Latvians are crazy for football. Catch breathtaking matches between Jūrmalnieki and Jelgava that you can STREAM LIVE.

Even though football is such a famous sport, it’s not the only one. LTV also shows the coverage of the BMX championships as well.

No sports section can be complete without some semblance of sports analysis.

On the LTV website, you’ll find exclusive interviews with sports stars and in-depth discussions about the sporting events that you can dive into (see what we did there) as well.

Watch Latvian Documentaries Online

Now we’ve only gone and opened a can of worms – Latvian Documentaries are diverse and leave you wanting more.

Bezceļu tūrisms». 7 sērija, is a seven-part series on Off-road tourism that explores the harsh and beautiful terrains of the world. In one episode, for example, the documentary explores the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland.

Going further down the travel documentary route we see that 700 pasaules brīnumi. Vietnam.

Straying a bit further afield this time, we see all the attractions of Vietnam that make it worthy of the documentary’s title: 700 World Wonders.

Now it’s well and good that you’ve watched something informative but there is nothing more informative than the news is there?

You have access to TWO types of news with LTV.

You can stream Latvian news on LTV 1.

You can stream Russian news on LTV 7.

This means that if you are lucky enough to be bilingual than you can remain up to date on the news without having to look for different TV broadcasters to achieve this!

LTV 7 doesn’t only just offer Russian news. It’s home to a whole range of cultural content that’ll earn you many brownie points during high-end gatherings. You are able to stream, for example, a program called Eiropa koncertos. Deutsche Welle žurnāls.

This means you can sit and watch Europe in concert – all of the most famous musicians in the world performing over such a diverse continent at your very fingertips.

Stream Children’s Programs On LTV Online

Of course, if there is so much diversity for adults then it is only fair that the children have something to entertain themselves as well.

LTV is home to different kinds of entertainment for children. Whether it be a film tailor-made for a younger audience like Princis Zildebesis un feja Lupīne or the animated series ALU MAN LTV will genuinely keep your children entertained.

Here’s one that we don’t usually find on these kinds of websites…

LTV Live Streaming the Films From All Around The World

Not many TV broadcasters have a separate tab for movies, but with LTV you can stream movies online like Zelts. Trilleris which has been branded as being suitable for those aged 12 and above.

What’s great is that the film content on LTV isn’t limited to just Latvian and Russian entertainment. You can even find English classics like Madame Bovary on there, under its Latvian name of Džemma Boveri. A ‘Romantiska drāma’ indeed.

Do I have to create a membership with LTV in order to access the content?

The answer is no! All you have to do is connect to a Latvian server using Ivacy VPN, navigate to the LTV website and you can watch any content that takes your fancy.

LTV Online for the deaf

Love watching movies and documentaries on LTV Online but keep wondering if there was a way to get deaf people the same entertainment, knowledge and experience? Don’t worry! LTV online has thought of everything!

With a dedicated section for deaf people, website makes sure that our friends and family with impaired hearing can enjoy LTV Cyprus Online with zero issues. This section shows a wide range of shows, movies, and live events that are coupled with automatic subtitles.

Not only that, this special section for deaf people also includes news pieces like cultural news, sports news, daily news and even environmental facts so that the hearing impaired can stay up to date by watching LTV live streaming.

LTV Live Streaming—Entertainment

Want to watch something interesting with LTV live streaming? The website has an entire section dedicated to entertainment. From food and culture, to games, to even educational events, there is very little that you won’t find in this section of the website.

If you’re more of a food person looking to watch LTV Online, you might really enjoy “world of taste” This is a documentary mini-series in the culinary niche and centers around the peculiarities of national cuisines borrowed from different cultures of the world.

If you are a fan of music and want to watch LTV Cyprus online, you might find the concerts section particularly enjoyable. Full of great music, this section will make sure that you never get bored of watching LTV Online.

Lessons in Culture—LTV Online

If you love learning about different cultures, you won’t regret watching LTV live streaming culture section. With shows like “Along the street”, which features the Rigas and Saules streets that are located on an old Swedish road and were created in the 17th Century, you can get valuable insights into the culture and history of different areas. This particular stream on LTV online covers how over 95 years ago Madonna acquired the city rights and the Madonians created homes for themselves within the walls of the city.

Interesting right? That’s not all! If you want to watch LTV Cyprus Online, you can also watch shows like “Culture Dose”, “Culture Bed”, “Culture Shock”, and “Born in Riga” to get to know more about the different cultures and histories of places, especially Sweden.

Final Thoughts

We’ve explored, at great length the vast range of programming that LTV offers you.

Whether you’re a Latvian who has relocated and is desperately homesick, or a student wanting to become proficient in Latvian, LTV provides content that’ll entertain you regardless.

Not to forget the fact that LTV also offers Russian programming in the form of LTV 7.

A whole demographic of people are catered for due to the linguistic flexibility of LTV.

It definitely seems as though it’s worth unblocking LTV to release a whole world of content to keep you entertained.

With Ivacy VPN, this process is made easier than you could ever imagine… what on earth is stopping you!