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The Lithuania National Radio and Television – LRT is Lithuania’s national broadcaster and controls a couple of national channels, one international media outlet and three radio stations all focusing on providing different types of content to viewers.

It is standard practice for countries to establish official broadcast channels for themselves right after their creation. The Lithuania National Radio and Television company was established with the first radio channel in 1926. Then there was a transition towards HD television in 1957. Ever since then, the channels and content have evolved significantly.

LRT is currently headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. 75% of the channel’s revenues come from advertisements and a government budget. LRT online became a full member of the European Broadcasting Union in 1993. In the time since it began, there have been a variety of changes to the channel, its arms, and content, etc.

Channels And Types Of Content

LRT Live operates three main channels. Each of these have their own content and target markets where they broadcast what is appreciated. Here is a list of the channels and what content they air throughout the day:

  • LRT Television: This channel airs general content which is made up of a lot of things. This includes news, documentaries, religious programs, research shows, children broadcasts, entertainment, music as well as films/TV shows.
  • LRT Plius: This is the second LRT TV Online channel which puts more focused and specialized content. Formerly known as LRT Kultura online, this medium is dedicated to sports and cultural programs for those who are more inclined towards it. Transmissions for the channel began in 2003 and in 2018, the name was changed to LRT Plius.
  •  LRT Lituanica: This is the satellite version for international audiences. The channel was first launched in 2007 but soon there was a discontinuation of broadcasts. The purpose of this channel is to show movies and drama serials to people from North America and Europe.

LRT Online has been constantly modernizing its content so that it can be in-line with latest standards. In 2007, the company began a project where they would convert all their films to digital mediums. This would enable higher quality broadcasts for shows dating back as far as 1895.

LRT Radio

Much like the television channels, LRT has three radio channels which air customized content too. Radio is a medium which has lost a lot of its audience to digital channels and social media. Therefore, keeping it alive can pose as a challenge. Currently, LRT radio has three main channels which are:

  • LRT Radija: This is the equivalent for LRT Television. The channel broadcasts general content for the public which has everything from news to documentaries and sports to entertainment,
  • LRT Klasika: The second channel corresponds to LRT Plius. The channel has content which is tailored to the tastes of specific audiences. The broadcasts which air on LRT Klasika are cultural and classical music etc,
  • LRT Opus: This channel is the odd one out. It airs music and other content which suits the likings of younger audiences.

Lithuania National Radio and Television Live mobile applications

LRT and all of its content is available through the website. Besides this, there are also mobile applications available for both Android and iOS. These programs bring the whole experience of LRT to the users mobile phone. People can view LRT live stream, read news and follow a multitude of other programs through the app without having to worry about anything else.

Can LRT detect a VPN?

LRT like all other geo-restricted channels can detect a VPN but only because of the fact that it can tell when the same IP address is logging in to the website again and again. This is ignored by the servers of the website. There is also no way by which those operating the website may be able to tell where the user is actually located.


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