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Dramas and movies are great, but have you ever put on a science documentary and been amazed at how strange the world is? If you’ve been there, we’re sure you’re looking for more of the same—and the top channel for learning all things science is Discovery Go.

The bad news is that Discovery Go is currently only available to an American audience. This means that if you try to access it outside the USA, you’re likely to get returned an error saying that you’re not authorized to access it.

However, there is one way to bypass these barriers and watch Discovery Go without cable from anywhere in the world; using a streaming VPN like Ivacy VPN to spoof your location to the United States!

But before we learn how to watch on Discovery Go and how to use Ivacy VPN to do it, it’s important to understand what geo-blocking is and why it happens. Let’s talk about that in a little more detail. Later on, we’ll also be talking about how to watch the Discovery channel on Kodi.

Geo-blocking—what it is and why it happens

If you’ve been trying to watch Discovery Go without cable outside the United States without any luck, we feel you. There are certain channels, platforms, and websites that are blocked for access in certain countries of the world.

There are multiple reasons for this; sometimes they are blocked because of copyright issues. Other times, a company doesn’t want to waste budget on promoting to audiences that don’t lie within the defined demographic. And yet other times, censorship boards of countries have to step and restrict access because the content hosted on a specific website contradicts their laws and regulations.

Geo-blocking can be annoying, but its safe to say that it is done for the right reasons; but on the other hand, it also doesn’t have to hold you back from learning new and interesting things by watching Discovery.

How to watch Discovery Go outside the USA with Ivacy VPN

Want to watch Discovery Go without cable outside the USA? Ivacy VPN is a great option to turn to. Here are the four simple steps you’ll have to follow to access it.

  1. First, sign up for an Ivacy VPN account.
  2. Next, download the right application for your device.
  3. After that, connect to a USA server.
  4. Finally, enjoy Discovery Go anywhere in the world, anytime you want!

How to watch the Discovery channel on Kodi

Want to know how to watch the Discovery channel on Kodi? You can easily install the Discovery addon on your Kodi account. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter ‘file manager’ from the settings menu and select ‘add source’
  2. Select name and enter in the top box
  3. Enter ‘fusion’ as the name for this media source and hit ‘done.’
  4. Return to your home screen menu and select ‘system’ and then enter the settings menu.
  5. Select ‘add-ons’ and then ‘install from zip file’
  6. Hit ‘Fusion’ and select the option ‘xmbc-repos’ and then click ‘English’
  7. Next, select ‘’
  8. Now, find the add-on repository and hit ‘video add-ons’ and then select USTVnow Live and hit ‘install’
  9. Now, go back to your Kodi home screen and his ‘video’ and then ‘add-ons’
  10. Now, select the ‘USTVnow’ add0on again and sign in with your credentials, and you’re done!


Is it legal to watch Discovery Go with Ivacy VPN?

Wondering how to watch on Discovery Go abroad legally? You can undoubtedly use Ivacy VPN! There is nothing illegal about it unless someone is using it to access illicit websites and content.

How much does it cost to watch Discovery Go?

The Discovery Go app costs $5 for a subscription with commercials and $7 per month without commercials.

Can I watch Discovery Go for free with Ivacy VPN?

Want to know how to watch Discovery Go abroad for free? Ivacy VPN offers a 7-day free trial which will let you unblock the application outside the US for free for seven days.

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