How To Watch ARTE Live Outside Germany & France

You can access ARTE’s programs from outside Germany and France through a series of incredibly easy steps:

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Open the Ivacy app and connect to Servers located in Germany or France.

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Watch ARTE Live online from anywhere in the world.

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ARTE TV enforces geographical restrictions on its content, which means people connecting from any place outside of France or Germany are prohibited from watching ARTE programs. This means, if you are not a citizen of any of these countries or simply want to watch a favorite show on ARTE live, you need to be using a fast and reliable VPN service such as Ivacy VPN. 

How Does ARTE Block You From Accessing ARTE Livestream?

When you try to watch a show featuring on ARTE, from outside of Germany or France, you will encounter an error message telling you that, the video cannot be viewed from your current location. 

This problem occurs because ARTE’s system can detect your IP address and hence find out your location and when it determines the location to be outside of Germany or France, it blocks you from viewing any of its content. Every ISP assigns the users with unique IP addresses which can be used to trace any user’s location. 

How can Ivacy VPN help you watch ARTE livestream online?

You now know that Ivacy can enable you to unblock and access ARTE live but it is also worthwhile to know exactly how it works and why Ivacy is the best VPN for this purpose:

  1. Ivacy works by hiding your location from ARTE and redirecting your IP address – a technique which makes ARTE consider your location as that of Germany or France. 
  2. You are guaranteed to have a seamless streaming experience owing to the blazing fast speeds offered by Ivacy – awarded the Fastest VPN award for 2019 by
  3. Ivacy completely secures your internet connection with its highly advanced 256 – bit encryption – the best in business, so you do not have to worry about your online security while you bypass ARTE’s geographical restrictions. 
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The ARTE LiveApp

The ARTE App is available for the users who want maximum accessibility through their portable devices rather than through the website. All programs can be live-streamed on the ARTE android app. 

The ARTE galaxy available on the ARTE app and website Live

ARTE’s entire digital content is classified in the following categories:

  • ARTE Future:

Interested in watching the ARTE livestream? If you’re into learning new things, staying updated with technology and making sure you’re on top of any finance related issues, try ARTE Future. The ARTE Future platform hosts docuseries based on environmental, technology-related and economic issues. 

If you’re the type of person who wants to make sure they learn something new every time they watch ARTE livestream, you won’t go wrong with ARTE Future.

  • ARTE Creative:

Not really into the documentaries, finance and tech, but are still looking for something fun, interesting and creative to watch on ARTE livestream? ARTE creative might just be the category for you! This platform focuses on programs based on culture and creativity.

Bringing you the latest news on cultural life, and shining the much-deserved light on contemporary artists, geek culture, photography and even video games, if you’re a person who appreciates fun and creativity, you won’t get bored with ARTE Creative.

Watch ARTE livestream in the ARTE Creative category to stay updates with cultural news, and other creative media like street art, design, and media art.

Image result for ARTE Creative:

  • ARTE Concert:

There are very few heartbreaks in the world that the right music can’t fix, and if you’ve been feeling like joining a live concert, but haven’t been able to, here’s a solution: join one on ARTE livestream in their concert category!

ARTE concert shows live concerts and performing art-related events, exclusive interviews from musicians and behind the scenes footage from international tours; ARTE livestreams that fans of music and performing arts shouldn’t miss! 

Watch ARTE livestream in the ARTE Concert category and stream through hundreds of the best musical and performing arts events from the comfort of your own home. Feel like this is the category for you? You won’t be disappointed!

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  • ARTE +7

Too busy for ARTE livestream and often miss some of your favorite shows and programs because they aren’t available after they have first aired? Try ARTE +7! This is a catch-up service on which programs can be viewed until a period of 7 days after they have aired. Cool, right? 

Is it legal to use a VPN?

It is perfectly legal to use VPNs in the majority of the world’s countries. However, the following points need to be noted:

  • VPNs are banned in China, Russia, and North Korea heavily ban or restrict the use of VPNs for any purposes. 
  • The use of a VPN may breach the terms of service of networks such as ARTE, although it’s perfectly legal. 
  • Free VPNs may be involved in logging and selling your data illegally, which is why it is recommended that you go for a paid and well-renowned VPN service such as Ivacy. 

The 3 Top Shows Available On ARTE livestream

Here are the three best shows available on ARTE live which you will be missing out on if you don’t opt for Ivacy VPN:

  • China, The New Empire:

If you’re looking for historical, culture rich shows, China, The New Empire is one of the best ones to catch on ARTE livestream. The TV series traces centuries of China’s long history to investigate and unravel the causes of the dramatic rise of the modern emerging superpower. The show is a quest to find out, exactly what Chinese did right!

Interested in finding out more about China’s history and how it became the superpower it is today?Watch ARTE livestream today to catch the show.

Image result for China, The New Empire:

  • 3 x Manon:

Love a good mix of crime, thrill and psychological suspense? You need to catch this one on ARTE livestream! The show focuses on its central character Manon who is sent to a rehabilitation center after stabbing her mother and has six months to better herself and her future. 

Can’t wait to find out why Manon stabbed her mother in the first place and if she even stands a shot at bettering herself? Guess you’ll find out if you sign up to watch ARTE livestream and stick to the episodes!

Image result for 3 x Manon:

  • Bad Banks

Career-oriented? Looking for a show that is both thrilling, has a healthy amount of suspense, and is still relatable to boss-women who are committed to their careers? Don’t miss Bad Banks on ARTE livestream!

Bad Banks tells the story of a young investment banker who, after getting wrongly fired receives a dream job offer. Despite committing fully to the new job, she finds that her new boss isn’t entirely honest and has been manipulating her. 

Already gripped by the storyline? We’re not surprised! Watch ARTE livestream today to find out what happens.

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