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How To Watch Antena 7 Outside Of Dominic Republic

You can watch Antena 7 Live Online outside the Dominic Republic in 3 Steps:

Step 1

Sign Up

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Open the Ivacy app and connect to Dominic Republic server.

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Watch Antena 7 Live Online from anywhere in the world.

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The Dominican Republic is a land of natural beauty and amazing cultural diversity. Antena 7 online is a channel that showcases everything that there is to see about the country and its people. It serves as a great source of information and entertainment to the local population. Antena 7 can also serve as a window for foreigners to learn more about the Dominican Republic if only it were accessible.

Licensing limitations mean that viewers from outside the Dominican Republic get to see a screen that reads:

Access Antena 7 From Anywhere In The World With Ivacy In 3 Simple Steps

Antena 7 live is a channel that broadcasts news, sports, entertainment and other genres of content simultaneously. It has gained popularity with the locals over the years because of the exciting content that it has to offer. Foreign channel transmissions like Antena 7 allow foreigners trying to learn the language of the country to understand and practice the dialect.

Unfortunately, the authorities behind Antena 7 may not feel like this is a very good idea. There can be several reasons behind this but the bottom line is that for both residents and international communities, Antena 7 live remains blocked in specific geographical locations. However, there is good news for those in need of it. Ivacy VPN offers a solution to this problem in just three easy steps:

  • Sign Up For Ivacy VPN & Install it on your respective device
  • Connect to the Dominic Republic Server
  • Watch Your favorite Shows on Antena 7

About Antena 7

Launched in 1999, Antena 7 has become one of the leading channels in the Dominican Republic. The channel broadcasts a variety of content in the Spanish language. The picture format for the transmissions is quite low, just 480i. Plans are underway to upgrade but when they will go into effect are uncertain. The channel was previously known as Antena Latina.

Antena 7 is owned by Albavision, a media group that operates other channels in different countries of the region like Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Peru, etc. The headquarters of Antena 7 is located in Santo Domingo. Antena 21 is another channel operated by the same parent company in the region and both of them differ in terms of content that plays on them.

Antena 7 Programming

Antena 7 is a multi-dimensional channel in it that it features many different categories of content. This includes news, sports, TV shows both local and foreign and adaptations of some of the finest novels in the Spanish language. Each category has several programs available under it and this is what attracts local audiences that there is always something for everyone on the channel.

The programs aired on Antena 7 don’t just end here, there are an adventure, reality and even kids shows which play on the channel. Foreign programs like American Ninja Warrior are popular with audiences. Then there is the Spanish language tutorial program called Here you speak Spanish. Other programs include the like of Crazy for You, Night of Light and Bitter Life, etc.

Antena 7 On Social Media

It is no secret that the most convenient way for an organization to reach its viewers has become social media. Antena 7 has a presence on a number of these platforms and no, these pages are not geographically restricted. Antena 7 online is available to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they post updates about programming and other announcements.

Antena 7 also has a YouTube channel with more than 1000 videos in its library. Viewers can scroll through the archives to search for news footage or clips of some programs that they want to watch again. This presence on social media is great for Antena 7 because it helps viewers have a little bit of access to the channel even in places where live transmissions are not available.

Antena 7 live Online

Most leading channels these days have websites where they stream the TV broadcasts live. Antena 7 is no different. They have a fully functional website where users can catch up on the latest and trending news stories, a list of programs which are to be aired every day and yes, a live stream from the channel which sadly, is still only available in the Dominican Republic.

You might ask, then what is the purpose of this website? Well, it serves as a backup for when television transmissions are out or order. You can still catch your favorite programs on the internet. However, this is not the only thing the website is good for. Ivacy VPN helps users anywhere in the world access Antena 7 live easily. All they have to do is install the application for their device and enjoy.

Can Antena 7 detect a VPN?

In order to view Antena 7 live, users anywhere in the world must connect to VPN servers in the Dominican Republic. When this happens, every user is given the same IP address. Every website including Antena 7 can tell that the same IP address is accessing the website again and again. This is just as far as Antena 7 can go in detecting a VPN. Even so, this situation is ignored because the website assumes the same IP address is one person trying to access the website multiple times.


Antena 7 online is a great resource for both locals and international communities to enjoy Dominican culture and get familiar with the Spanish language. With Ivacy VPN, users can bypass geographic restrictions and enjoy the channel anywhere they like.