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Belgium is a country divided into three regions. The Wallon region or Wallonia, the Flemish region or Flanders and the Brussels-Capital region. Each area has its own administration and represents a separate part of the country. Except the Brussels-Capital region, the other two are divided into provinces to help with governance. VRT is the broadcaster for the Flemish Region.

VRT is a terrestrial channel. The signals are transmitted from the TV station to antennas located in homes. It is an old technology but is still in use in parts of Latin America and Europe. Since VRT is transmitted through shortwaves, it is only available with the Flemish region and not even inside the whole country. VRT livestream therefore is only available inside the Flanders.


Watch VRT livestream in 3 convenient steps with Ivacy

People around the world use local channels for understanding the culture, tastes and behaviors of other communities. These channels can also be put to use for learning and practicing new languages. VRT online for instance, is a handy tool to polish on the Belgian language if you’ve just learnt it. For the locals living abroad or travelling however, watching VRT holds a different meaning. 

Unfortunately for all these people, VRT is not available outside Belgium. Even VRT live stream on the website is placed under geographic restrictions. This means that if you try to access it from another country, it displays an error. This can become an inconvenience sometimes. With Ivacy VPN, users can get around this hassle quite easily:

About VRT Channel

Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie or VRT for short, is the radio and television channel for the Flemish region in Belgium. It is a public-service network and is controlled by the local community. The radio station for VRT was the first to be launched in 1930. It was followed 23 years later by the first television channel in 1953. 

VRT NU is available as an application and it features a variety of channels. The VRT livestream is also geographically limited to Belgium only. So, the channels which feature on it, have a small audience to cater to. VRT NU is also available on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook to help their users stay updated better. 


The VRT livestream is directed solely towards the Flemish community living within a certain area of Belgium. The website as well as the application list a number of channels that the Flemish can enjoy without having to go anywhere else. The platform provides a one stop shop for the whole viewing experience. 

The channels on VRT live cater to various genres, genders and age groups. The listed channels include EEN, Canvas, VRT NWS, Sporza, Ketnet, Ketnet Junior, StuBru, MNM, Radio 1, Radio 2, Klara and VTS NXT. All these channels offer different types of content including kids programs, documentaries, debates, news and sports etc.  

Content categories

The great thing about VRT livestream is that it offers an enormous library of content. The categories across which this span is quite diverse. There is always something for everyone to enjoy. The website provides a category wise grouping of content so users can easily pick what they are feeling like at any given moment. All that is left then is to sit and enjoy. 

The content categories include audio descriptions, cultural shows, documentaries, entertainment programs like TV shows and suspense thrillers, movies, programs on human behavior, psychology and interests, humor, children, cooking, lifestyle, music, current affairs and news, sports, Flemish sign language as well as science and nature to name a few. 

Can VRT NU detect a VPN?

Almost every web server be it for a website or mobile application, receives IP addresses for the device trying to access the program. When using VRT NU from abroad, a user has to use a VPN and select the Belgian server to make things work. The VPN then assigns a fresh and untraceable IP address to the user so that they remain anonymous while browsing online. 

This IP address will be identical for all the users who are connected to the same Belgian server. This means that if multiple people are using a Ivacy VPN to view VRT livestream, the website servers can tell that all the people have a similar IP address. This is as far as the detection capabilities of the website goes. These matching IP addresses are just dismissed because the website thinks it is just one user logging in multiple times.  

Website and Mobile applications

VRT NU has an aesthetically designed website and mobile application. These platforms are one for all intents and purposes. Both the website and the mobile app serve a similar purpose, i.e. to offer users the feasibility of enjoying their favorite content while on the move. This convenience comes at no extra cost because the network itself is publicly owned. 

VRT live stream is available for both Android and iOS. The website is compatible with most browsers. However, before logging in, make sure that you have the latest version because an older version poses a number of cybersecurity risks. There are chances that anyone spying on you can easily help themselves to some sensitive and personal information just by exploiting the weaker security of the old browser. 

Final word

VRT NU is an amazing service that brings together a great deal of content for the Flemish community in Belgium. Sadly, there is not much that Flemish people living abroad can enjoy from this. With a VPN like Ivacy though, this can change. All a user has to do is download and sign-up for the service, then select a Belgian server to connect to the internet and voila! You are now home free!

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