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How To Watch VRT Live Outside Belgium With VPN

To instantly watch the channel globally, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign Up For Ivacy VPN Account & Get Your Credentials.

Step 2


Open the Ivacy app and connect to your desired server.

Step 3


Watch the channel from anywhere in the world.

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Belgium is located in the South of the Netherlands and is mainly known for music festivals, chilled beers, and waffles. However, if you have ever traveled to Europe, you would find a striking similarity between all European countries: their rich culture represents their values and standards. Among the most popular features of Belgium is its administration system. Belgium is a diversified country that is divided into three significant regions. All these regions have different ruling governors and competent authorities. Brussels, the Capital region, is further divided into two provinces which help the provincial authorities govern the region.


Regarding VRT Live stream in Belgium, it is unfortunate that VRT Live can’t be accessed outside the Flemish Region of Belgium due to geo-restrictions. Who doesn’t like streaming content from around the world and staying updated with the content coming their way? However, if you reside outside the Flemish region (Flanders), you won’t have access to the VRT Live stream. This means that if you are residing in Belgium but not in the Flemish region, you can’t stream content on VRT Live.

If you have tried accessing VRT Livestream outside Flanders, you will be greeted by an error message. The message states: “Unfortunately, the video isn’t available, and the broadcaster has no rights to provide you access to the specific video.” You may be wondering why this is the case, but if you do your homework about this platform, you will come to know that VRT Live’s first radio station was launched in 1930, and after almost 23 years, its very first TV channel was aired in 1953.

Recently, VRT online stream gained immense popularity amongst locals as the stream was offered in the regional Belgian language. This platform plays a vital role in maximizing the potential of new learners. Be it students, business people, or locals, they all benefit from the platform. However, you will lose access to VRT online while traveling outside Flanders due to geo-restrictions. In regards to geo-restrictions, the locals, too, are frustrated by being restricted this way. Fortunately, with Ivacy VPN, one can dodge the inconveniences caused by geo-restrictions and can watch VRT Live without any hassle.

With a VPN, like Ivacy VPN, online users can access all geo-restricted content, be it from anywhere around the globe. With the changing dynamics of the digital market, many local service providers are also signing up for paid VPN services that offer genuine breakthroughs for geo-restrictions. Whether VRT online or any other streaming platform, individuals can access content freely without any hassles.

Watch VRT Livestream in 3 Convenient Steps via Ivacy VPN

With 5700+ servers around the globe and over 100+ geo locations, Ivacy VPN will be your go-to solution for your streaming and gaming needs. Ivacy VPN takes pride in its customer satisfaction rate and overall reviews, which remain exemplary on various sites. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, users can count on Ivacy VPN to unblock content and keep them safe and secure online.

Be it Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or any geo-restricted content, including VRT Live, it can be accessed with Ivacy VPN’s optimized servers. However, a premium subscription plan is required to make the most of Ivacy VPN.

When selecting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider, you must closely analyze its workings and customer support. With Ivacy VPN’s experienced customer engagement team, you will get the best streaming experience on your devices.

That being said, if you wish to access VRT live outside Belgium, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Get an Ivacy VPN subscription.

Step 2: Download and install Ivacy VPN on the device of your choice.

Step 3: Use your credentials and sign in to Ivacy VPN. Now select a VPN server from Belgium. You should now be able to access the VRT streaming platform with ease.

Remember, whenever you need to unblock content online, you will need to connect to the respective VPN server. If you do not connect to a VPN server, you will not be able to unblock content and put your data at risk.

Be it any geo-restricted library of Netflix or streaming website; you can unblock it with Ivacy VPN. Depending on your usage, pick the best subscription plan, and you will never have to worry about geo-restrictions again!

About VRT Channel

VRT is the national broadcaster for the Flemish region and mainly for the people of Belgium. Being a national broadcaster, VRT is free for the locals and can be accessed on multiple devices simultaneously. VRT channel or network isn’t just limited to a few Belgian shows, movies, and documentaries. Inside the VRT network, you can stream various sporting events, including the Europa League. Additionally, Sporza and Canvas are accessible via the VRT streaming service, which offers Ketnet, NWS, and other services.

Top VRT Livestream Channels

According to VRT, they deliver their content to about 90% of the people living in the Flemish and Brussels region. With time, VRT has upgraded its content library to keep its viewers interested in innovation and digitalization.

With strong cultural and regional influences, Being a national broadcaster, it has to value its people’s interests, regularly providing them with quality content. VRT upholds the region’s values by promoting all sorts of content in the regional language. To date, VRT channels offer quality education, entertainment, sports, information, and cultural content. With three main TV channels, five impressive radio stations, and other digital streams, VRT ensures to capture its entire target audience.

Radio 1 is the primary news channel in Flanders, working under the umbrella of VRT. Radio 1 focuses on providing verified information to the public and delivering audio-on-demand content daily. If you love music and want to listen to Pop, Classic rock, and a mix of local Flemish and Dutch tracks, Radio 1 is the best free platform for you. Moreover, the listener also gets information regarding new regional and worldwide news and developments.

To the astonishment of online streamers and determined tech geeks, VRT channels are free to access and stream; however, you will require an Ivacy VPN subscription to access VRT from outside Brussels and Flanders.

Android And IOS App for VRT Live

Growing with digital media and accepting changes is a primary act of leading streaming websites and platforms around the globe. Decades ago, who would have thought radio and TV channels would be readily available on our smart devices. With time, tech has influenced service providers to widen their umbrella and scope of work, and this applies to VRT channels which are now accessible on Android and Apple devices.

The VRT Live platform can be found on Google and Apple Stores by searching for VRT NU. VRT live streaming has been made easy for users that want to access their favorite content on their smart devices. Irrespective of your smart device, you can download the VRT NU application from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

You can easily download the app and log in using your credentials. You must create a profile and sign up if you don’t have a verified VRT account. The app’s user interface is simple, and you won’t find any complexities while downloading.

If you are an Apple iPhone user, you must follow the same process and download the VRT Livestream application on your device. Once the application is ready, you can stream and listen to the best Belgian content free of charge. You won’t be just limited to TV shows, movies, and documentaries, but you can listen to unlimited podcasts while traveling and studying. You can watch VRT Livestream from anywhere in the world with a click, which is made easy with Ivacy VPN.

Final Words

VRT livestream is free to access and will be a surprise for streamers looking for online ad-free streaming platforms. VRT Live is a holistic collection of different types of content which brings society together and binds the gap between generations. If you miss out on sporting action or international events, VRT livestream is the best solution to all your streaming needs. Moreover, the platform being user-friendly is a plus, as most European content streaming sites aren’t easily accessible by people living outside the regional parameters.

It’s best to use Ivacy VPN to seamlessly access VRT livestream and bypass geo-restrictions without compromising your identity. Avoid using free VPNs to watch VRT livestream outside Brussels to avoid putting your data at risk. Paying for a premium VPN account and accessing free shows, documentaries, podcasts, and sporting activities is a good trade.

If you want to watch the VRT livestream, signup with Ivacy VPN and access region-restricted content for free. With Ivacy VPN, you can explore the digital world freely, without restrictions. You can stream restricted content without limitations in Canada, Australia, America, Europe, Africa, or Asia.


Are VRT Channels Free to Watch?

Yes, VRT channels are free to stream as long as you are in the supported region. If you cannot access the platform, you will need a reliable VPN, like Ivacy VPN.

Can You Access VRT Channels from Outside Belgium?

With Ivacy VPN, you can easily access the VRT channel or any other content online.

Can You Watch VRT Channels on Smart TV?

Once you have downloaded the app on your smart TV, you can watch your favorite channels.

Is Ivacy VPN Trustworthy and Reliable?

Ivacy VPN doesn’t compromise user identity for malicious gains and has a zero-logs policy guaranteeing your safety and security online.

Is Ivacy VPN Free?

Ivacy VPN does not have a free plan, but it does have a 30-day money back guarantee.

What Happens After the VPN Connection is Established?

Once your VPN connection is established, VRT Live will accept you as a local host. However, to stream content, you must create your profile by following all the steps mentioned on VRT.

What can you Find at Canvas?

At Canvas, you can find a diverse collection of TV shows from different genres. One can stream Sharp Objects, White House Farm, It’s a Sin, Trapped, and other exciting movies for your watchlist. You can also find top international documentaries like The Windsors, All-In, Conjoined Twins, and much more.

What is Sporza?

Sporza, the ultimate sports channel, satisfies the cravings of all determined football fans in Belgium and Flanders. At Sporza, you won’t just find action limited to football, but there’s much more, including hockey, Boxing, Tennis, Cycling, Formula 1 events, etc. With Sporza, you can catch all the live action on your TV and smart devices for free.

What to Do Before Starting VRT NU Stream?

Before you start, download Ivacy VPN on the device of your choice. Ivacy VPN is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, use your credentials to log in and select the region you want to access.

How to Download VRT Live Application?

To download VRT Live application, you will need to connect your device to the Ivacy VPN’s Belgium VPN server. Once connected, you will need to search for the VRT app on the store for your respective device.