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How To Watch Trans TV Outside Indonesia

Ivacy VPN can be set up easily on any device, following a simple three-step process:

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Sign Up

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Open the Ivacy app and connect to Indonesia server.

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Watch Trans TV Live from anywhere in the world.

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Looking for an all-in-one entertainment package that will keep you close to the Indonesian culture? Look no further than TransTV streaming! Live streaming Trans TV will make sure that you don’t have worry about finding different online spaces to catch your favorite Indonesian shows, movies, programs, event, and even live events.

Trans TV’s offerings include movies, dramatic series, reality TV, quiz shows, and it also broadcasted the FIFA World Cup in 2018, which makes it one of the leading TV channels in Indonesia.

But the problem is, Trans TV streaming can be only accessed in Indonesia which means that Indonesians who travel to other countries or are currently living as refugees cannot watch  live streaming TransTV unlike the rest of the Indonesians because of the geographical restrictions. These restrictions actively prevent users from accessing their broadcast from any location outside of Indonesia.

However, if you still want to watch Indonesian TV online, while living outside Indonesia, there are certainly highly effective workarounds that can help you access the channel without running into any legal issues. The best of these methods is by using a VPN to bypass all kinds of geo-blocks, letting you and your family watch Indonesian TV online to your hearts content.

However, before we move on to talking about unblocking and enjoying Trans TV live streaming, let’s talk a little about how region blocking really works.

How Does Region Blocking Work?

If you’ve ever tried to load up a site, like live streaming Trans TV outside Indonesia, and have it display an error saying that the site has been blocked in your area; you know what region blocking looks like. Some sites, due to issues including legal, financial, and political are blocked in certain areas and countries.

This means that anyone living outside a particular area, will not be able to access the site. This is why it can get a little hard to watch Indonesian TV online outside Indonesia. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if you’re looking forward to Trans TV live streaming, it can be done by getting your IP address masked.

Your IP address plays a pivotal role in blocking streaming services from your viewing. This address is used to identify your location, after which you are forbidden to access Trans TV or any of its shows.

Trans TV live streaming isn’t alone though. Most of the world’s top-notch streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and BBC enforce the same kind of restrictions.

Unblocking live streaming Trans TV with Ivacy VPN

Want to watch Indonesian TV online outside Indonesia and make the best of live streaming Trans TV? Using Ivacy VPN is the best way for all users to evade any kind of geographical restrictions and watch Trans TV from any location. This is done in two ways. The first is by masking your original IP address and letting you connect to the internet via proxy, through a remote server in Indonesia. The second way is to ensure security by encrypting the data you are sending over the internet.

Once you connect to any of Ivacy’s 1000+ servers, your IP address begins showing the location of the server assigned to you instead of your original IP address, rendering Trans TV unable to track you.

Why Ivacy VPN Is The Best Option For Unblocking  Trans TV Live Streaming

Ivacy offers a multitude of features that provide you a seamless streaming experience including multiple servers in Indonesia, excellent security apparatus – Split tunneling, Kill Switch, and the state of the art 256 – bit encryption that makes your connection impenetrable.

Apart from the other features, Ivacy has easy to use apps available for use across all platforms and major devices in use including Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV, and others.

Top Genres You Can Watch on TransTV

Now that you know how to watch TransTV streaming live outside Indonesia, you must wonder what genres you can choose from. The good news is – it offers a massive variety of channels from almost every genre you could think of. Here’s the list of a few popular genres, including the channels that are available on TransTV, so you can pick what suits you best hassle-free!


TransTV offers you access to a ton of cartoon channels where you can stream your favorite cartoon shows and movies whenever you want. Here’s the list of some popular cartoon channels you can access on TransTV hassle-free.

  • Boing (Itlalia) Live
  • Cartoon Network Romania Live
  • Cartoons 4U Live
  • Disney Channel (Germany) Live
  • Disney Channel Live
  • Disney Junior Live
  • EBS Kids Live
  • Gulli TV Live
  • Gurinel TV Live
  • IRIB Pooya Live
  • JumJam Live
  • K2 Live
  • Kartoon Fun Time Live
  • KNR Live
  • MBC 3 Live
  • MiniMax Live
  • Nickelodeon TV Live
  • PBS Kids Live
  • Rao Yoyo Live
  • Ric Live
  • Rik Live
  • TRT Cocuk Live


There’s a whole variety of documentary channels that can be accessed on Trans TV live. A few popular among them may include the following –

  • Animal Planet Live
  • BBC Earth Live
  • CGTN Documentary Live
  • Cinethronix Live
  • Digi Animal Worl Live
  • Digi Life Live
  • Digi World Live
  • Discovery Channel Live
  • TRT Belgesel Live
  • Viasat History Live
  • ZDF Info Live
  • Viasat Nature Live


TransTV offers hassle-free access to a massive variety of entertainment channels. A few popular among them may include the following –

  • 1+1 TV Live
  • 10TV Live
  • 4seven Live
  • 5USA Live
  • 7star TV Live
  • 9X Tashan Live
  • ACB TV Live
  • Accent TV Live
  • ALB UK TV Live
  • Algeria TV Live


You can stream as much sports content as you want using TransTV. It allows you to access a huge variety of sports channels streaming all the top sports series from around the globe. A few popular among them may include –

  • Action Sports 4U Live
  • Adventure Sports Network
  • Betis TV Live
  • Canada One Live
  • CDN Sports Max Live
  • Cheer Channel Live
  • CT Sport Live
  • Digi Sport 1 Live
  • ESPN Sports Live
  • Eurosport (France) Live
  • Fight Sports Live

Is It Okay To Use A Free VPN For Unblocking Live TransTV Streaming?

Want to watch Indonesian TV online? A number of free VPNs are available for unblocking streaming that offers a lot but it is not recommended to use a free VPN service. The reason is that a free VPN may not charge you anything but most free VPNs are believed to have sold their user’s data. Free VPNs also do not guarantee the same speeds and performance as an internationally recognized service such as Ivacy can offer.

Is It Legal To Use A VPN?

Want to use a VPN for TransTV streaming but aren’t sure if they are legal? Here’s a short answer: VPNs are completely legal and are used by millions around the globe. However, there are certain activities associated with using a VPN that are not legal. These include accessing illegal sites, using VPNs to deal in drugs, arms, or weapons etc.


Watching Trans TV should no longer be a dream for the Indonesian citizens as Ivacy VPN can be used to unblock it’s broadcast around the world. So, what are you waiting for? Get Ivacy today and unblock Trans TV online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch TransTV on all devices using Ivacy VPN?

Yes, Ivacy VPN provides dedicated apps and setup guides for a wide range of devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and even compatible routers. This allows you to watch TransTV streaming on your preferred device, whether it’s a computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

Does Ivacy VPN keep logs of my online activities?

No, Ivacy VPN is a strict no-logs VPN service. This means that it does not store any information related to your internet activities, ensuring your online privacy is maintained. Ivacy has a strong commitment to user anonymity and data security.

Can Ivacy VPN guarantee a smooth streaming experience for TransTV?

Ivacy VPN is renowned for its fast and reliable servers, which significantly contribute to a smooth streaming experience. However, the actual performance may also depend on your internet connection’s speed and stability. For the best results, it’s advisable to connect to a nearby server and ensure a stable internet connection.

Will using Ivacy VPN to watch TransTV streaming be legal in my country?

Ivacy VPN is a legitimate service used by individuals worldwide to enhance online privacy and access geo-restricted content. While using a VPN to watch TransTV streaming outside Indonesia is generally legal, the laws and regulations regarding VPN usage may vary in different countries. It’s essential to be aware of your country’s specific laws and use Ivacy VPN responsibly and within legal boundaries.