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Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From amazing beaches to historical monuments, natural beauty and man-made attractions, the country has a lot to offer. If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica, it is always great to learn a little bit about the local language and culture. Local television channels like Teletica are a great source of assistance in this. 

Unfortunately, Teletica is only available for viewership within the country through cable service providers. This means that even local people travelling or living abroad, don’t have access to their own channel when outside the country. The channel’s website live streams content from all channels across the globe but it comes with the risk of potential cybercrimes.

Secure access to Teletica Online with Ivacy takes just three easy steps

Cybercrime has grown immensely in the last few years. However, many of us still remain oblivious to the risks involved. Nowadays, hackers have become so strong that no one can escape their wrath. From huge corporations like Facebook to ordinary household users, every entity is coming under attack due to many reasons and then suffering the consequences. 

Teletica is the first television channel from Costa Rica. It provides news, sports and lifestyle programs. These broadcasts are immensely popular with local audiences but they can become an easy way for people who want to visit Costa Rica to understand the language as well as the local way of life. Since the channel is not available outside the country, here’s how to access the website while minimizing any risks from cyberattacks.

What is Teletica Online?

Founded in 1958, Teletica is the first television channel coming from Costa Rica. It is a local channel which operates numerous broadcast channels including television and radio. All content is broadcast in the Spanish language and the channel is exclusively available to the people living inside the country. Telectica’s first transmission began in 1960 with the Canal 7 channel. 

Teletica live stream is also available through their website. Here users can watch both the television broadcasts and listen to radio streaming too. The channel was previously known as Televisora de Costa Rica S.A. Since its creation, Teletica has grown and transformed along the way. Today, it is one of the most popular channels which continues to provide fresh and exciting content for users. 

Television channels

The first channel to launch under the Teletica brand name was Canal 7. Now there are three channels which air a variety of content that appeals to users on different levels. The different channels feature a mix of content with no specific pattern. Here’s a brief breakdown of the type of content shown on each of the three channels:

  • Teletical Canal 7: This was the first channel to begin broadcasting under Teletica. Audiences can watch news, sports and other programs on this channel. These shows are imported from organizations like CBS, NBC, ABC and other networks, for instance, Televisa, Telemundo and Venevision,
  • XPERTV Canal 33: This channel targets small and medium companies. The broadcasts include small sporting events and lifestyle-based programs,
  • TD+: This channel only airs local sporting events. Moreover, it is only available on Cable TIca, the cable and internet service provider owned by Teletica. The service is extremely popular in San Jose, the city where Teletica headquarters are located. Cable Tica also offers other HD channels which air some entertaining content. 

Teletica television channels are open for live streaming on the website. The website is easily accessible to anyone around the world irrespective of their country. 

Teletica Radio Online

Teletica online has only one radio channel. It is called Radio Teletica and broadcasts on the frequency 91.5. The radio transmissions are also available on the website alongside television broadcasts. Besides this, the Teletica radio online shows are also available as podcasts on all major platforms. Radio audiences have reduced substantially over the years and the podcasts are an exciting way to keep these channels going. 


Teletica provides an amazing collection of programs that cater to all kinds of people. From music to culture, from TV series to competition programs, there is everything for everyone. Some of the noteworthy programs which air on Teletica online include Dancing With The Stars and The Walls are Listening. There are also two series currently airing on Canal 7. These are The Arrow and The Flash. 

Other programs include The Entanglements of Juan Vainas, The Cinamo, Summer Toreado and The Pension. All these shows are local productions are feature exciting story lines that keep audiences glued to their seats for as long as the episode is on air. Teletica live streams owes its growing popularity to these programs. 

Can Teletica detect a VPN?

Teletica is like most other websites. It can detect the similar IP addresses that emerge when people are using the same server to access a website. In simple terms, when two people connect to a VPN and choose the same server, they are given identical IP addresses. 

A website can obviously tell this but this is ignored because it is assumed that a single user is trying to access the website multiple times. So, even when Teletica detects a VPN, it doesn’t. More importantly, it can’t tell the users original location is any case. 


Teletica is one of only few places where locals can enjoy great local content and foreigners can learn Spanish language or Costa Rican cultural norms. That being said, it is crucial to use a VPN while watching Teletica live stream on their website. This is in light of the growing rate of cybercrime and the fact that most hackers target household users due to their lack of awareness and preparation. 

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