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VUDU is one of the biggest streaming platforms offering its users a vast collection of shows and movies to choose from. Not only does it let its users buy and stream movies they want to, the platform also enables users to rent HD movies whenever they want to if they’re running low on cash.

The one drawback to VUDU is the fact that it’s geo-blocked outside the United States. This means that if you try accessing it from any other region in the world, you’re most likely to get returned an error stating that you’re not allowed to access the website.

However, that is not the end of the world when it comes to getting a shot at accessing your favorite movies. If you watch VUDU offline or online, there are ways that you can do just that!

Here, we’re going to discuss how to watch VUDU online and counter VUDU streaming issues. But before we get into all of that, we must first talk about region blocking and understand why you can’t access it outside the US.

Region blocking and why you can’t access VUDU in some parts of the world – Vudu Streaming Issues

Have you ever had times where you’ve tried to access a website while you’re traveling only to get returned an error saying that you’re no longer authorized to access it? Isn’t it strange that you could visit the same website a couple of days ago from another country?

This happens because of geo-blocking. Geo-blocking simply means that a particular website, webpage, or content piece is unavailable to a specific geographical demographic. There could be several reasons for this, including financial, political, and even copyright issues.

Even though this is all done to abide by the rules, laws, and order better, it can also get really annoying fast, especially if you want to avail harmless entertainment abroad, like watch VUDU offline anytime you’d like to.

But don’t worry, all is not lost. You can easily unblock whatever site you want to using a professional streaming VPN like Ivacy VPN. Let’s talk about how VPNs will let you access VUDU anytime you want.

Accessing VUDU with a streaming VPN

Want to watch VUDU offline? A streaming VPN works by letting you connect to the internet through a proxy server indirectly. This process makes sure that your original IP address is hidden and that you’re using the IP address of the server you’re connected through.

This tricks the internet into believing that you’re from another country, in this case, the United States, and hence you’re able to access VUDU—or any other website you’re trying to unblock.

Not only this, a streaming VPN like Ivacy VPN also lets you bypass ISP throttling making sure that you can stream smoothly without your internet glitching.

How to use Ivacy VPN to access VUDU

If you’re looking to watch VUDU offline with Ivacy VPN, here are the four super simple steps you’ll have to follow.

  1. First and foremost, sign up for an Ivacy VPN account.
  2. Download the right application for your device.
  3. When you’ve downloaded, installed, and configured the application, go ahead and connect to a USA server.
  4. Enjoy VUDU anytime from any part of the world!

Now that you know how to watch VUDU online from anywhere in the world try the method and let us know if you have any questions! Let’s move on towards some questions we get asked frequently.


Is it illegal to access VUDU with Ivacy VPN?

If you’re looking for how to watch VUDU online legally, you can opt for Ivacy VPN. There are no legal issues with using Ivacy VPN unless you’re engaging in illegal activities.

Will a VPN give me slow VUDU streams?

Another one of VUDU’s streaming issues are the slow streams with VPNs. If that is your issue, try Ivacy VPN. As a streaming VPN, this tool offers split tunneling, ensuring that streaming speeds are not affected.

Is it possible to watch VUDU while traveling?

One of the most common VUDU streaming issues are that the platform becomes inaccessible outside the USA, which makes it difficult to watch your favorite movies while you’re traveling. However, Ivacy VPN will help you get around this issue.

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