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How to Watch Pluto TV Outside the US

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Despite being one of the best streaming services, accessing Pluto TV outside the US is still almost impossible. We know how infuriating it is to be unable to access Pluto TV’s impressive content library due to geo-restriction. However, you don’t have to get all worked up about it, as you can easily bypass these restrictions with a premium VPN service like the Ivacy VPN.

Want to learn how to watch Pluto TV outside the US? Keep reading.

How to Watch Pluto TV Outside the US (Quick Steps)

If you want to watch Pluto TV outside the US, follow the following steps:

  • Download and subscribe to Ivacy VPN.
  • Now launch the VPN app and sign in.
  • Connect to a US Server. (You can choose from a range of servers, including Washing, New Jersey, etc.)
  • Head to the official website of Pluto TV and install the Pluto TV app.
  • Sign in and start streaming.

What is Pluto TV, and how can I watch it?

Pluto TV is one of the best free alternatives to cable; Pluto TV was first launched in 2014, and due to its prompt success, Viacom soon acquired it in 2019 for $350 million. Pluto TV has more than 20 million monthly viewers as it is an all-in-one streaming service.

Like CBS All Access, Pluto TV is also among Viacom’s primary streaming services. Pluto TV has reached such heights in such a short time that some massive content providers such as CNN, Weather Nation TV, A&E Networks, and Nerdist partnered with them.

Most streaming fans know that Pluto TV is an ad-supported, free streaming service available specifically to an American audience. If you live in America, you can easily enjoy your favorite TV series and movies any time you want! However, there might be a problem if you’re traveling outside America or don’t live there.

Pluto TV is geo-blocked outside the United States, so if you access it from outside the country, you will get an error saying that you’re not authorized to access it. But don’t worry; all is not lost.

You’re not the only one wondering how to watch Pluto TV outside the USA. On this page, we will talk about searching and watching Pluto TV with Ivacy VPN outside the USA.

But before we get into that, let’s discuss geo-blocking and why certain websites and platforms are blocked in some parts of the world.

A word on geo-blocking and why websites get geo-blocked

It’s a common misconception that the internet is the same for everyone. Several parts of the internet, including websites, pages, and content pieces, are region-specific. This means that everything is not available for everyone, which is the case with Pluto TV.

One of the main reasons websites like Pluto TV is blocked because of restrictions imposed by content providers or governments. This blocking occurs due to several financial, legal, and political reasons. Even though this is done to maintain smooth operations and cordial relationships between financial and media parties, it can get annoying fast.

Before moving forward, let’s look at geo-blocking and how it works.

In a nutshell, geo-blocking is a set of protocols that allows you to access content only from your geographic location, but it is not all that, as it gets a bit more complicated. The way that geo-blocking blocks you from a particular website is by identifying the IP address of your device. Whenever you visit a website, your IP address gets exposed to the server on which the content resides, and the server then decides what content should be reverted to you based on your geographical location.

Besides blocking users from accessing geo-restricted content, geo-blocking is used for many other things. For example, geo-blocking divides the globe into regions and controls the market. With the help of geo-restricting policies, film producers launch their movies in one area at a time.

Producing different content for different audiences not only helps in meeting licensing terms but also helps content providers to boost the overall effect of marketing campaigns. Some primary streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix use the same technique to ensure that they only produce the content demanded in the region. This also means that these online retailers can charge differently in different markets based on geographical locations.

Geo-restrictions are based on your location, so if you want to bypass it, you will have to find a way to mask your IP address, and the best way to do that is by using a quality VPN service like the Ivacy VPN.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch Pluto TV from outside the USA

A VPN will connect you to the internet through a remote and secure server. The process hides your IP address, letting you temporarily use the IP address of your chosen VPN server.

While connected through a USA server, you will be visible to the internet as an American citizen. This will let you access any websites and platforms available to the US audience, even if they are blocked in your own country.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to watch Pluto TV outside America by bypassing geo-blocks, a VPN is the most effective and secure way. However, you need to understand how a VPN works first. Understanding the fundamentals of a VPN would not only help you make an informed decision but also prevent you from future troubles.

Since the internet is not very private, you need a VPN to maintain your privacy. A virtual private network, also known as VPN, is an efficient way to improve your online safety and privacy. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet by encrypting your details.

When you use the internet, you constantly exchange your data with different parties on the web, including your IP address. A virtual private network like Ivacy VPN masks your IP address by connecting you to a foreign server and allowing your data to pass through it before reaching the internet. There are countless possibilities with a new IP address, and watching Pluto TV from outside the USA is one of them.

Watch Pluto TV outside the USA with A VPN

Now that we’re done with talking about the basics of a VPN, it’s time to learn to watch Pluto TV using Ivacy VPN. You can easily do it in a few simple steps.

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy VPN account.
  2. Download the correct application for your device (Ivacy VPN offers different applications for different devices to better care for your individual security needs. Choose the one that best suits your needs)
  3. Once you’re done with that, you can connect to the internet through a US VPN server.
  4. Now open up Pluto TV’s official website and watch your favorite content.

How to Register for Pluto TV from Outside the USA

Although Pluto TV does not require you to register to enjoy all its benefits, signing up and registering allows you to have a better experience and customize it according to your needs. After registration, you get access to different features; for example, you can add channels to favorites, hide and unhide any track you want, and the coolest of all is you can set up your Android device as a remote. Moreover, registration also benefits you by saving your preferences for later use.

Read the step-by-step guide below to register for Pluto TV from outside the US easily:

Step 1

First, connect to a US server on the Ivacy VPN.

Step 2

Go to the Pluto TV website and click on the Signup button.

Step 3

Now fill out the required information and click “Sign up Free.”

Step 4             

Now you can directly watch Pluto TV on the website or download its application on any device.

These four steps are needed to Register for Pluto TV; however, things don’t end here as you also have to activate Pluto TV plus. As we mentioned, Pluto TV plus allows you to customize your experience and make the service more enjoyable.

To activate Pluto TV plus, you must go to the app or web setting and click on the activate Pluto TV plus option.

To activate the Pluto TV services, you need to follow these three steps so that you can access all the features that are available and still are yet to come.

Step 1

Sign in to the account that you just made on My Pluto TV website

Step 2

Find the six-digit code that is needed to activate the service

Step 3

Follow the prompts on your phone or the activation site, and you’re ready.

Watch Pluto TV on Different Streaming Devices

One of the main reasons why Pluto TV is such a popular streaming service is because it supports several streaming devices. Apart from directly accessing the website or downloading the application, you can stream your favorite shows on various devices, including iPhone, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chrome Cast, Xbox One, and Apple TV.

Most people don’t even know how to use all these streaming devices to watch shows on Pluto TV; if you too are one of them, then we have a piece of good news for you as we bring you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to access Pluto TV on different streaming services.

Chrome Cast

You can stream Pluto TV on Chrome Cast in two ways, your browser or Pluto TV mobile application. Now, let’s take a look at how it can be done.

Step 1

Open Google Chrome, redirect to Pluto TV’s official website and play the content you want to cast.

Step 2

Find “More” icon on the top right corner of your browser and click on “Cast.”

Step 3

Choose where you want to cast your content from the list of devices available, then click on Sources and Cast tab.

However, if you want to cast through Pluto TV mobile application, you can do that in the following simple steps:  

  1. Open the Pluto TV app on your mobile.
  2. Go to the channel you want to cast.
  3. Find the “Cast” option in the top right corner.
  4. Select Chrome Cast from the options, and you’re done.

Amazon Fire Stick

Listed below are some of the steps that you need to follow to stream Pluto TV on Amazon Fire Stick:

  • Download the official app of Pluto TV from the Amazon app store.
  • Now go to the search option on your fire stick, find the Pluto TV app, and click “Get.”
  • Wait a few minutes for the app to download and install on your device.
  • Open the app, and now you can access all your favorite channels in a single go.

Pro-tip:  Add the Pluto TV app to the Fire Stick home screen for quick access because we are sure you would be accessing it a lot.


Streaming Pluto TV on Roku is the easiest; all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the home screen of your Roku.
  2. Go to App Store and download the Pluto TV app.
  3. Add Pluto TV to the home screen by clicking on the “Add to home” button.
  4. You can now stream Pluto TV on Roku.

Apple TV

There are two ways you can stream Pluto TV on your Apple TV – the first one is by downloading it from the app store and launching the app, and the second one is by connecting your iPhone and Apple TV to the same network and following the listed steps:

  1. Download the Pluto TV app from your App Store.
  2. Open the app and stream a video of your choice.
  3. In the player, find the Airplay icon.
  4. Now, you have to select your Apple TV device, and you’re good to play Apple TV via Airplay.

Best Shows to Watch on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is well known for its extensive content library. When you open the app or the website, you will find excellent news channels, movies, and numerous sports programs. Not only that, but Pluto TV is also widely known for streaming classic TV shows. Other than that, you can also find a variety of channels dedicated to music, science, and documentaries.

One of the most popular TV channels on Pluto TV is The Stadium. This channel broadcasts all the modern-day sporting activities, live games, and highlights. There is a massive variety of unique sports shows in the Sports section. You will also find a short videos section with YouTube-styled short videos.

Apart from this, the section that everyone loves the most is the entertainment section. This section consists of exciting TV shows and numerous full-length programs. If you are a fan of TV series, here are some of the shows that are available to watch on Pluto TV:


Narcos is an excellent crime drama that provides a detailed look at recent history. The show revolves around the tale of Pablo Escobar, a notorious Colombian drug dealer who made an empire selling drugs. This detailed and well-narrated masterpiece also shows the lives of people around him and the DEA officers who worked hard to catch Pablo Escobar.

One of the best things about this show is that it is very engaging, and you won’t get bored from the first scene to the last. So, if you have a thing for crime dramas, then you would love Narcos, which is currently streaming on Pluto TV.

Women Behind Bars

Since we are talking about crime-related TV shows, let’s not forget Women Behind Bars. This show is more of a documentary that gives us an in-depth look at the true-life crimes of Women Behind Bars.

Family Ties

This one is a classic TV show that is widely popular for two reasons, one because it is considered hilarious and the second because Michael J Fox did a spectacular job in it.

The show travels back to the 80s and shows how American life was back then. Family Ties revolves around two liberal parents, Elyse and Steve, who have three children, a financially savvy political son Alex, a shopaholic daughter Mallory and a tomboy daughter Jennifer. The sitcom shows these people’s lives and how different they are from one another, even when living under the same roof.


Scorpion is a show filled with comedy, romance, action, suspense, and knowledge. The show revolves around computer genius Walter O’Brien who has a 197 IQ, and Cabe Gallo, who solves significant crimes that happen all around the globe. The character development is well thought out and gives a clear sense of who is written to be good and who is written to be wrong. The love story and true emotional appeal were also excellent all around.

Touched by an Angel

The next show you must watch on Pluto TV is a 90’s classic named Touched by an Angel. The show spans over nine seasons and ends exceptionally well. When the show was released, it was a big hit, and this is only because of the beautiful acting, breathtaking screenplays, and fantastic production. Another reason why everyone loves the show so much is because it dives into your daily life with a creative twist. The show tells us how God loves his creations and how he works in mysterious ways.

When you see Touched by an Angel, you would also notice that the actors don’t have forced chemistry and complement each other perfectly. The story of Touched by an Angel shows three angels, Monica, Tess, and Andrew, who are sent on Earth to help people facing issues in their lives and remind them how much God loves them.

Some other brilliant TV shows on Pluto TV

Apart from all these TV shows, there are tons of amazing on-demand shows on Pluto TV, such as The Nanny, The Carol Burnett Show, MacGyver, Deal or No Deal, Three’s Company, and Party of Five and Becker. Numerous reality shows, such as American Pickers, Kitchen Nightmares, Bridezillas, Fear Factor, Four Weddings, and I Love New York, will keep you hooked on Pluto TV.

Moreover, Pluto TV has a detailed section for kids’ shows and includes cartoons like Bananas in Pajamas, Garfield Specials, Street Sharks, and Super Wings.


How To Watch Pluto TV For free?

Are you wondering how to watch Pluto TV for free? The good news is that since it is an ad-supported network, it is free to use. No fee is required, and you won’t require a credit card to sign up.

Can I use Ivacy VPN to unblock Pluto TV for free?

Yes, Ivacy VPN comes with a 7-day risk-free trial. This means that you can use Ivacy VPN to watch Pluto TV risk-free for seven whole days!

During this free trial, you will find that Ivacy VPN is the best option because most VPNs that are available online aren’t ideal for streaming high-definition videos.

Is it legal to watch Pluto TV with a VPN?

Are you looking for ways to watch Pluto TV with a VPN legally? The truth is that there is nothing illegal about using a VPN for anything unless you’re involved in unlawful activities.

Every country has different policies regarding the use of a virtual private network. However, you should also check whether your country supports the use of VPNs or not because VPNs are illegal to use in some countries.

How to search on Pluto TV?

Even though Pluto TV offers its users a gigantic content library to choose from, many users find it troubling that none of the apps come with a search feature. This is because Pluto TV is designed to work and feel like a traditional channel guide for your satellite or cable TV system and relies on users browsing through the library.

However, if you’re looking for how to search on Pluto TV, there are three ways you can do that. The first way is to browse through categories. Even though this isn’t the traditional ‘search’ feature, it narrows your options down and makes picking a show or movie from among hundreds an easier task.

The second way to search is to use the channel list; this will give you a list of channels and the shows and movies on them, making it easier to pick from hundreds of options. Finally, another creative way is to use your watch list. Every time you’re browsing and find a show interesting, add it to your watch list and then go through the list to take your pick.

What channels do you get with Pluto TV?

Pluto TV has recently announced a new channel lineup for its users on its official website. You can now watch your favorite shows and channels across cool new categories. This new and improved lineup has all your favorites and some new ones yet to be discovered. Let’s check it out:

 Pluto TV Indies Pluto TV Drama, Pluto TV Comedy, Pluto TV Thrillers
 Criss Angel Mindfreak Pluto TV Reality
 McLeod’s Daughters Pluto TV Love Stories
 Fuse Pluto TV Reality, Celebrity, Food TV, Travel, Live Music Replay
 MTV The Hills Pluto TV Drama Life
 MTV Are You The One MTV Dating
 MTV Guy Code MTV Pluto, Funny AF, Comedy Central Animation
 MTV Cribs PTV Celebrity, PTV Best Life
 VH1 RuPaul’s Drag Race Logo Pluto TV
 Crank Yankers Comedy Central Pluto TV, Funny AF
 THC Funny AF
 Pluto TV Her Dramas PTV Love Stories, PTV Suspense
 Sportsgrid PTV Sports
 Pluto TV Tech CNET, Best Life
 Anime All Ages Anime All-Dubs, Yu-Gi-Oh Channels
 4K Travel, Slow TV, Food TV, PTV Science
 Nick Movies PTV Tweens
 Nick Games PTV Tweens, Nick
 Classic TV Classic TV Comedy, Classic TV Drama
Today’s Top Story content no longer available on Pluto TV
RT America content no longer available on Pluto TV

Why is Pluto TV free?

Pluto TV works in a different format to get its revenue. Instead of charging a monthly fee like Netflix and other streaming services, Pluto works with advertisers. This makes the platform free to use for you and all of its users. The drawback is that you will have to go through a hefty amount of ads that can sometimes get annoying.

What movies does Pluto TV have?

Pluto TV offers a wide range of fan-favorite movies, the top 5 among them are listed below:

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • The Northman
  • Top Gun
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  • Jurassic World.