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How To Watch 9Now Outside Australia With VPN In 2021

Watch your favorite movies or stay up to date with exciting TV shows from absolutely anywhere in the world! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download Ivacy VPN today!

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Having a hard time accessing 9Now while you are abroad? Don’t be sad! Watch your favorite movies or stay up to date with exciting TV shows from absolutely anywhere in the world! Ivacy VPN solves it all for you.

Can’t seem to be able to watch 9Now while you’re traveling outside Australia? Looking for a way out of the loop and catching up with all the shows you keep missing out on? Or have you lived outside Australia all your life and are on the hunt for a way to watch 9Now for the first time in your life?

Whatever the case, you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll talk about how to watch 9Now outside Australia from anywhere in the world. But before we get into that, let’s talk a little about what regional blocking is and why it’s almost impossible to access 9Now outside Australia.

How to Stream 9Now with Ivacy VPN

To be able to watch 9Now with Ivacy VPN, here are the four simple steps that you’ll have to follow:

  1. First and foremost, sign up for an Ivacy account.
  2. Next, go ahead and download the right application for your device (Ivacy VPN offers different versions of the same tool for different devices to cater to the unique security needs better).
  3. When your application is downloaded, installed, and configured, go ahead and connect to the internet through an Australian server.
  4. Watch 9Now from anywhere in the world as much as you want!

Regional Blocking and How to Watch 9Now outside Australia

Sometimes, when you visit a website and get an error showing that you aren’t authorized to access it, it is because of regional blocking nine out of ten times. Regional blocking means that a website, page, or a particular content piece is blocked outside a specific geographical range; for example, people who don’t live in Australia can’t watch 9Now.

To counter this, the best way would be to somehow acquire an Australian IP address to bypass geo-barriers, which is only possible through a VPN. If you’re looking for a good streaming VPN, we’d recommend giving Ivacy VPN a shot.

Why is 9Now not Available outside of Australia?

9Now is an internationally famous TV channel and online streaming platform. The main reason behind its popularity is the wide variety of shows, movies, and other types of content available, which attracts thousands of users every day. Streaming companies like 9Now often have to buy rights to content owned by other companies to make their platform more likely to be visited by users while continuing to produce their original shows. It is a strategy to define their place in the market.

9Now has a lot of content available on the live stream. Still, it does not own the right to broadcast globally, only in Australia. This is because it is an Australian channel and is made to cater to the Australian audience only. There is no reason for it to buy the rights to stream the content in other countries. This means it is only allowed to broadcast content in Australia.

This is why it puts a geo-block on the website, protects the copyrights of the content owners, and blocks access of any user outside of Australia. So whether you are an Australian citizen traveling internationally or a permanent resident of any country other than Australia, you will need the Ivacy VPN to unblock 9Now.

How to Watch 9Now in New Zealand

9Now is a complete TV solution for users of every age and varying moods. Think of any type of TV content, and you will find it on 9Now. Whether you want to chill with your mates or family and watch movies or live streaming of sports or casually watch a popular Aussie drama or news channel, 9Now makes this possible.

9Now live streams can cater to a vast audience, all on a single platform. But, the company does not have the right to broadcast it throughout the world. This is why the live stream is geo-blocked and can only be accessed by Australian users. Users from outside Australia, including New Zealand or any other country, will receive an error whenever they try to access the platform directly.

Fortunately, using Ivacy VPN, you can unblock and stream 9Now live from anywhere worldwide, including New Zealand. But the question arises, How do 9Now servers know whether to allow access to a user or block it? And how does Ivacy VPN solve the problem?

9Now servers, like every other website, can read the IP address of their users. Every device that connects to the internet has an IP address. Though IP addresses are unique, every region has IP addresses with a similar pattern. This allows 9Now servers to know the user’s location and decide whether to allow or block access.

What Ivacy VPN does is that it hides your IP address so it can no longer be tracked. Moreover, it encrypts your IP address to look like your chosen region’s, tricking the 9Now servers and allowing you to watch 9Now irrespective of your location.

If you are in New Zealand or any other country where 9Now access is blocked, go to the Ivacy VPN online website and sign up for a plan. Download the Ivacy VPN application from your device’s App Store and log in with your credentials. Choose any Australian server from the long list of servers available, and within a few seconds, you will be connected.

Now, 9Now can no longer find out whether you are in New Zealand or anywhere globally, and you can easily enjoy live streaming of your favorite 9Now App.

Can I Use a VPN to Stream 9Now Live outside of Australia?

Yes, you can stream 9Now live from anywhere if you have a trusted VPN like Ivacy VPN. With Ivacy VPN, you can hide the IP address of your streaming device. You can easily trick the 9Now servers into believing that you are based somewhere in Australia and get instant access to the platform.

How Ivacy VPN helps users stream 9Now

Ivacy VPN works by letting users connect to the internet through a remote and secure proxy server that enables them to bypass geo-restrictions to unblock any sites or web pages that are blocked in their countries. In this case, this lets users watch 9Now from anywhere in the world outside Australia.

Not only that, in doing so, Ivacy VPN masks its users’ IP addresses and provides them temporary new ones, making their online activities virtually untraceable. This makes sure that users are safe and secure while they are enjoying their favorite shows.

Furthermore, Ivacy VPN also encrypts a device’s communication with the internet, so if a hacker manages to get in, he won’t be able to make out what data is being exchanged, adding another layer to the security the tool already provides.

How to get the 9Now App on Apple Devices?

Getting the 9Now app on apple devices is different for users within and outside Australia. If you are located anywhere within Australia, and your iCloud account was made here, too, you can directly search for the 9Now app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac App Store and download it. But if you are outside the country, you will not find the 9Now app in the App Store.

You will have to create a new iCloud account and choose its default location, like Australia. Sign out of your previous account and use this one to search for the 9Now app. This time you will find it and can easily download it. Now that you have the application connect to an Australian VPN server using Ivacy VPN and start streaming your favorite channel.

How to get the 9Now App on Android Devices?

The downloading and installation process of the 9Now app on Android is more straightforward compared to Apple devices. If you are based in Australia, you can effortlessly search for 9Now and find the application on the Google Play Store. Download it from there and continue using it. International users will not find the application in Google Play Store because their Google account is created for a location that is not Australia.

But Android users can change their default country from the Playstore settings. The option is available under Preferences. After this step, the 9Now app can be downloaded from anywhere. Download it, and start watching your favorite 9Now live stream.

To Sum It Up

What’s better than a good old comedy when you feel like you’ve just about had it? Now that you know how to stream 9Now, we’re sure you’re looking forward to having a good time with your favorite people when you’re looking to unwind after a long week at work.

Watch your favorite movies or stay up to date with exciting TV shows from absolutely anywhere in the world! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download Ivacy VPN today!


Will 9Now block my account for using the Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN is built specifically as a streaming VPN and will ensure that you can bypass the barriers without attracting trouble for yourself.

Is 9Now free to watch?

Don’t worry! 9Now is absolutely free to watch, and you don’t have to pay a dime to stream it.

How to watch 9Now live without a Cable connection?

9Now does not require its users to get a cable connection. Though the channel can be streamed on cable, you can easily visit the online 9Now website to quickly access the direct stream from any of your devices like Windows PC or Laptop, Mac, Android, and iPhones.

How to watch 9Now with Ivacy VPN for free?

Ivacy VPN offers a 7-day free trial, so you can enjoy any show you want on 9Now for seven whole days without having to pay for it.