How To Watch France TV Live Online Outside France

Here, we will explain how you can bypass regional blocking of any kind and watch France TV live online from any country in the world in three easy steps:

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Open the Ivacy app and connect to a server located in France.

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Watch France TV Live from anywhere in the world.

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If you try to access France TV from anywhere else in the world, you are greeted by this unwelcoming message:

france TV error

“For copyright reasons, this video owned by France TV is not available due to your current geographic location (GB)”

But Ivacy VPN offers a robust solution to this problem with it’s VPN solution. 

More About France TV Online

Now that you can access it, let’s have a look at what France TV has to offer. 

The website divides up its programs into a lot of useful categories. Here they are:

  • Roland-garros 2019

This is THE sporting event of the year, famous all over the world… The French Open. Catch all of your favourite Tennis Stars, including Rafael Nadal fighting hard to retain their titles. You can watch all of the matches in the French Open LIVE on France TV.

  • Séries & fictions – Watch France TV Online dramas free

There’s a WHOLE lot to choose from, so we’re just going to focus on the ones that have REALLY caught everyone’s attention.

 Le rat scelerat – A masked rabbit with a thieving habit… this is an entertaining short drama perfect for the little ones. 

Plus Belle La vie – A long-running French soap opera based on the lives of several working-class people living in Marseille. You can watch this live with France TV.

Des jours Meilleurs – France TV truly caters to all audiences as this comedy is about 16 years old Charlie who’s up to no good… one for the adolescent demographic.

  • Documentary – Watch live France TV documentaries

Apart from entertaining the French, France TV also informs them. A vast range of documentaries are on offer varying from topic to topic. 

Political documentaries such as Dans les coulisses du duel Macron/ Le Pen. Here, the conflict between the two political opponents is explored thoroughly, in a highly relevant analysis of the reconstruction of the political left and right. 

Historical documentaries are also on offer, for example 1939, un dernier été. In this documentary, the tension present before 1940 is explored, as people attempted to escape the   tediousness of war. 

  • actualités & société – Stream current affairs programs with the help of Ivacy VPN 

France TV is famous for being incredibly modern. Their exploration of modern-day social issues shows how invested they are in the social consciousness of the everyday French person. 

Opanpani, prisonnier a Tahiti 

Drawing attention to the plight of 410 men held in the detention centre Tatutu de Papeari who are held in solitary confinement, this documentary is an example of incredible investigative journalism.

There are also regularly running informative programs such as Infrarouge that help you understand social issues by presenting them to you in a clear, concise manner. 

  • Enfants – Stream Children’s programs  with France TV

          You can stream live children’s television from France TV as well.  Their cartoons are not only useful for soothing hyperactive toddlers but also to help those who wish to learn French but cannot yet fully understand adult programs.

Oscar & Malika, toujours en retard.  Living in the same neighborhood means that Oscar and Malika walk to school together. This, of course means that they get up to a few adventures without their parents knowing …

Yetili If you haven’t got a soft spot for Yeti’s who love to read, you certainly will after watching an episode of Yetili.

  • Culture

You won’t miss out any of the music festivals as you can stream them live with France TV. 

Festival Marsatac has lots of music acts that can all be seen on demand on France TV. 

We always save the best for last. 

  • Sport – Stream sports live on France TV Online

We’ve already had a look at the French Open, but of course, that’s one of many spectator sports that France TV has to offer. 

You can catch the  Championnat du monde U20 de Rugby on France TV as well as Sports Analysis programs such as TOUT LE SPORT. 

Final Thoughts

It’s obvious that France TV has a lot to offer. With Ivacy VPN, you can unlock the cornucopia of content that is available to those living in France. Whether you are a French person living elsewhere yearning for a taste of home, or simply a French learner who want to immerse themselves in the culture, there’s a lot to be gained by unblocking France TV.

With Ivacy VPN, the process is easy, and you can rest easy knowing that Ivacy VPN is a completely secure method of unblocking channels from all across the world. 

We hope you enjoy watching all the content that France TV has to offer with the help of Ivacy VPN!

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