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How To Watch CyBC live TV Streaming

To instantly watch the channel globally, follow the steps mentioned below:

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Watch the channel from anywhere in the world.

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Cyprus is a country with staggering natural beauty. It is known for its halloumi cheese and hospitable and highly welcoming people. Many people don’t know that it also has a thriving entertainment and media industry! And at its center is the CyBC network, with its dedicated channels, programs, and radio shows.

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation or CyBC is a state-run channel in the country that provides glimpses into the rich culture of this nation. The channel has various divisions catering to diverse forms of content.

CyBC, like most public broadcast channels, is only available for viewership within the country. The network has a satellite channel that transmits local content to the diaspora living outside the country. However, these streams are only available around Europe, the USA, and the Middle East through the Rik Sat channel. Cybc live streaming through the website of the channel is also geographically restricted.

Does this mean that if you are an ex-pat of the country or a curious cinephile out on a quest to find the hidden media gems of the world, you won’t be able to access Cybc live tv streaming? You can, as long as you use a quality VPN – like Ivacy.

How to Unblock Cybc live tv streaming Outside of the USA

CyBC is a channel with considerable viewership within the country and internationally in places like the US. Audiences use it to catch up with the latest news of Cyprus or watch entertainment-based programs regularly.

While accessing the channel from within the country is simple, and without limitations, once people step outside Cyprus’s borders, the channel’s availability becomes limited.

The website provides wider coverage, but it comes with other risks like theft of personal information through hacking or cyberattacks. With a reliable VPN like Ivacy, these issues can be eliminated.

Here is how you can unblock Cybc live stream outside Cyprus and USA through Ivacy VPN:

Step 1: Sign up for Ivacy VPN.

You must create an account and select a subscription package to sign up. You can choose a monthly, yearly, or five-year plan. Once you create your account, you will get the required credentials for logging into your account.

Step 2: Connect to Cyprus

Launch the Ivacy app, log in and change the server location to the USA. This will allow you to get a USA-based IP address.

Step 3: Begin streaming

Once you select your server will enable you to access all Cybc radio programs, channels, and live streams. Then, all you have to do is visit the CyBC website. You are now ready to watch unlimited content. The videos that were previously not loading would not begin to stream without buffering.

About CyBC

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, formerly the Cyprus Broadcasting Service, is a public network founded in 1953 in Cyprus. The channel initially began with radio transmissions. Four years later, its television service was launched. CyBC is run through the funds received from the government of Cyprus as part of the state budget.

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation operates as a non-profit organization, so all the surplus income the channel receives is put back into the company to achieve its mission of providing unbiased news to its audience. Hence, promoting the culture of Cyprus and entertaining its local and international audience.

Unfortunately, Cybc live tv streaming is restricted to a few regions, including Cyprus, the USA, and certain countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, etc. Only people traveling to or living in specific countries can have access to it without requiring the help of a VPN.

Why Is CyBC TV Geo Restricted?

The Cybc live tv streaming service is blocked in many countries outside the USA. If you try to access the website, you’ll likely receive an error displaying a message that says you’re not allowed to access the content.

CyBC, like several other regional sites, is geo-restricted due to operational, legal, political, and economic issues. In other words, it is not authorized to be streamed in many countries.

There are several different sites on the internet that are inaccessible for a similar reason. For starters, the Netflix or Amazon Prime you watch in your country is starkly different from the one available in the USA. Content options tend to vary because of these geo-restrictions.

Does this mean you cannot bypass these geo-restrictions without issues? Well, a VPN allows you to enjoy Cybc live streaming without stirring up issues with the law of your country.

How Can a VPN Help You Stream CyBC Live?

To understand how a VPN, including Ivacy, help you in streaming CyBC channels, you need to understand the technicalities of how geo-restrictions and VPNs work.

Understanding Geo-restrictions

When you access a geo-restricted website, it shows an error message because the site detects that the IP address you are trying to access the website belongs to a restricted location. It would be useless even if you try to access a website in Incognito. While private browsing eliminates search history, it still shows your IP address to the website you’re trying to access.

What does Ivacy do to bypass it?

Ivacy VPN works by masking your IP address into a location that looks familiar to your desired website. In the steps above, we mentioned how you need to set your server location to Cyprus. When you do so, Ivacy gives you a USA-based IP address. In other words, any website you visit after you activate the VPN will think that you are based in the USA.

Since Cybc live streaming is only available for an audience based in the USA, masking the IP address allows the VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions placed by the government and channel.

A user is susceptible to malware and hacker attacks due to DNS leaks. This occurs when the IP request passes through the DNS channel rather than via the VPN. Further steps are taken to make the connection secure from potential hackers.

Encryption adds an extra layer of safety to the VPN mechanism by making your communication with the internet impossible to understand by an intercepting third party who doesn’t own a decryption key. It also encrypts the DNS channel and provides up to 256-bit military-grade encryption level.

This ensures that you’re browsing the internet safely and don’t risk getting hacked into and losing important information when accessing Cybc live to stream.

CyBC TV Channels

CyBC TV live has three local channels and two international networks. All of these channels are dedicated to different types of content. CyBC TV programs are also available on their website, and users can go there to begin streaming the channel of their choice. But, this is only possible if your location is within the United States.

The various television channels of CyBC live TV also include EuroNews and ERT World, which are Greek language platforms for broadcasting content from that particular country. CyBC live operates under the brand name PIK. The channels carry this logo, which is why sometimes people get confused when CyBC and PIK are used synonymously.

Here are the details of the CyBC channels and what forms of content they broadcast:

  • CyBC 1: Also known as RIK 1 because of the brand name, this channel features programs on current affairs like debates, etc. It also broadcasts news in the Greek language catering to all genres like sports, economy, and politics.
  • CyBC 2: The channel broadcasts as RIK 2. It is oriented towards entertainment content only. About 80 hours a week on this channel are dedicated to EuroNews programs. The rest of the time, RIK 2 streams foreign as well as local movies, music, children’s shows, feature films, TV series, etc.
  • CyBC HD: This channel, simultaneously with RIK 1 and 2, broadcasts many international or local special events like competitions or sporting programs. The channel broadcasts events like Formula 1 and Moto GP races, the FIFA Confederations Cup, and the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • RIK Sat: This is the satellite channel of CyBC which is available in Europe and North America. It is specifically designed to provide local content for Cypriots living outside the country and offers free streaming via the Hellas Sat 2 and the Eutelsa33E satellites.

It also operates in Greece in the form of a digital terrestrial channel. As of 2014, the channel is also available in Canada via the Bell Fibe TV.

RIK World: You can think of this channel as an extension of RIK Sat. It offers similar content to an international audience of the Middle East, Asia, and Pacific countries.

Cybc Radio

CyBC has four radio stations, each labeled numerically and external service. The programs on these channels are broadcast throughout the day in different languages. They are also available on the internet.

The channels are First, Second, Third, and Fourth, with everyone having different content for the respective listeners.

First Channel

Also known as RIK Proto and Cybc radio 1, this Cybc radio channel broadcasts on topics like current affairs, local news, educational shows, and cultural programs about Cyprus. The radio channel is aimed at children and young adults interested in classical and modern music and curious about the country’s history.

Channel Frequency: 963 and 693 kHz AM and 97.2, 92.4, 105, and 91.4 MHz FM. 

Second Channel

This radio channel is popularly called RIK Deftero, or Cybc radio 2. It aims to engage the Armenian and the Turkish residents of Cyprus by broadcasting Armenian-based programs daily from 17:00 to 18:00 and Turkish news bulletins at 7:30, 13:15, and 16:50. Apart from local radio, the channel is also available via the website. Hence, a VPN will allow access to it too.

Channel Frequency: 91.1, 93.1, 94.2 and 97.9 MHz FM

Third Channel

The RIK Triton, or Cybc radio 3, is by far the most popular radio channel within the CyBC network. It mainly features information-based content and the evergreen entertainment genre, making it suitable for adults.

Channel Frequency: 603 and 1044 kHz AM and 94.8, 94, 96, and 106.7 MHz FM.

Fourth Channel

More popularly known as RIK Classic, you can guess what the Fourth Channel streams – music! You can listen to all the classic rock, jazz, and classical music of Cyprus and beyond and belt out the tunes of the songs you know.

Channel Frequency: 88.2, 90.2, 90.5 and 100.9 MHz FM

External Service

Apart from local Cybc radio channels, the network also has services aimed at its Cypriot ex-pats (as long as they live in unrestricted countries). A Greek-language program is available for residents of the United Kingdom on weekends. However, this is only available via a shortwave radio with the help of a transmitter of VT Communications.

CyBC Programs

The various channels under the CyBC banner have their own Cybc program portfolios. There are news programs, discussions, documentaries from National Geographic, children-friendly broadcasts, TV shows, and movies. Content streamed is both foreign and local. The shows on the channel are popular in their own right among the local audiences and their respective tastes.

Some noteworthy documentaries and TV series airing on RIK 2 include Global Ideas, Reaching for the Stars, Little House on the Prairie, Mr. Selfridge, and Smallville, to name a few. Other channels broadcast their version of things like RIK 1 runs news bulletins, morning shows, and other content like documentaries.

Current Popular Shows

Here is a description of some current shows available on Cybc live streaming. Note that the names of the programs have been translated into English and are different in local terms.

  1. Day to Day

Channel: RIK 1

When does it air? Monday – Friday at 11:00

Overview: This Cybc program is a daily noon news show that talks about a variety of current issues, both local and international, and critically analyze it all via reports, bulletins and discussions.

  1. Beautiful Day Every Day

Channel: RIK 1

When does it air? Monday – Friday, at 9:30

Overview: Presented by Elpida Iakovidou, the show offers cooking recipes, fashion and beauty tips, home care guides, and discussions about psychology, to name a few topics.

  1. We and Our World

Channel: RIK 1

When does it air? Monday – Friday at 14:30

Overview: Presented by Loukas Hamatsos, the genre of the show is historical. It initially began as a Radio 1 program. Now, it is being televised via guests as well as telephonic participation of the audience.

  1. Together (Birlikte)

Channel: RIK 2

When does it air? Saturday at 18:15

Overview: The weekly program aims to strengthen the relationship between Cyprus’s Turkish and Rumlar communities. Hence, it is aimed at anyone curious about the subject and highlights the prevalent issues among the two communities.

  1. Manolis & Katina

Channel: RIK 2

When does it air? Daily at 16:00

Overview: Reruns of the classic comic show are broadcasted on the channel. The TV series ran from 1994 till 2007 and revolved around the two protagonists, Manolis and Katina, and a series of supporting cast members, each adding their comic relief to the plot. It features George Zenios and Vania Konstantinou in the leading roles.

  1. Black Forest

Channel: RIK 1 and RIK Sat

When does it air? Monday – Friday at 19:20 on RIK 1 and 19:20 at RIK Sat

Overview: The plot is spread over three decades; the swinging 60s, the evergreen 80s, and the present time. The story revolves around a hotel called the Black Forest, which enjoyed immense popularity and glory during its prime years. However, since then, its business has decreased. A matriarch of the family runs the hotel along with her three grandchildren. The protagonists must solve the puzzle to restore the hotel to its previous stature. Every episode is interwoven with stories from the past and mysterious disappearance that has remained unsolved.

Final word

Cybc live streaming might be taken for granted when residing in Cyprus or the US. However, once you travel to other parts of the world, you will soon begin to miss your daily dose of news, entertainment, and informative shows, especially if you are an avid follower of any CyBC content!

Whether you speak Greek or wish to stay updated with the current happenings in Cyprus, having unlimited access to the country’s public channel will surely appeal to you. Considering that the motto of the CyBC network is to promote its culture and encourage harmony, it is quite unfortunate that the channel remains geo-restricted in many parts of the world.

However, with the help of Ivacy VPN, you can surpass all virtual restrictions and watch your favorite CyBC live streams easily. The process takes merely three steps to complete, making Ivacy an excellent choice for watching inaccessible and geo-restricted content.

If you are still searching for ways to watch CyBC live stream, equip yourself with a paid Ivacy VPN subscription that helps you watch your favorite shows hassle-free. Ivacy VPN offers various exceptional features for a small fee, like Internet Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and Buffer-free streaming; what else do you need?

You can enjoy privacy, security, and safety while streaming CyBC live stream if you get an Ivacy VPN subscription.

Sign up for the VPN today and begin watching content otherwise restricted for you.

Happy streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ivacy VPN share my private information with anyone else?

No, it doesn’t. We offer a transparent no-logs policy, which means that none of your user information is stored, except for the crucial things like your email address. Additionally, we do not monitor the websites you visit after activating the VPN. You can read more about our Privacy Policy by visiting the Legal page.

Are privacy policies the same for all VPNs?

Not really. Every company has its own set of privacy policies. The no-log policy is a distinctive feature of Ivacy VPN. Read the privacy policies of a given VPN thoroughly before subscribing to it. Also, if a VPN is free, it will share your data with third parties to earn revenue. While we guarantee our service, we recommend you exercise caution with other services.

Can I watch all CyBC channels through the Ivacy VPN?

Yes, you can watch everything being live-streamed through the CyBC website. Note that if a given channel is not a part of the website network, the chances you will have to stream it based on the programs you are interested in watching rather than the live channel.

Is CyBC available in English?

The channels RIK World and RIK Sat are meant for an international audience and hence might have English dubs and subtitles. The same cannot be said about the local channels RIK 1 and RIK 2. They are made for the people of Cyprus, mainly in Greek, except for the Turkish and the English broadcast. You can check the current schedule of CyBC to find out about their timings.

What are some of the features offered by Ivacy?

Ivacy offers Internet Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, Dedicated IP, iPv6 Leak Protection, Multiple Protocol, Multiple Logins, DDoS protection, and Secure Downloading. Internet Kill Switch ensures that your browsing remains private and disconnects when your connection is interrupted. The Split Tunneling feature allows users to access local and foreign content simultaneously.

I am unable to access the CyBC website after activating the VPN. What should I do?

Disconnect the VPN and recheck the server location. The chances are that you have inputted the wrong location. Your IP address must come from the USA for the safest and most widely accessible experience to access CyBC.