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Cyprus is a country with staggering natural beauty. It is known for its haloumi cheese and the people here for their hospitality. The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation or CyBC is a state-run channel in the country that provides glimpses into the rich culture of this nation. The channel has various division catering to diverse forms of content. 

CyBC like most public broadcast channels is only available for viewership within the country. The network has a satellite channel which transmits local content for the diaspora living outside the country but still, these streams are only available around Europe and in the USA. CyBC live streaming through the website of the channel is also geographically restricted.

How does region blocking work?   

As discussed earlier, the CyBC live TV streaming service is blocked outside of USA. This means that if you try to load the website, you’ll likely receive an error displaying a message that tell you you’re not allowed to access the content.

Similarly, there are several different sites on the internet that are blocked in certain regions due to legal, political, and even economic issues. Blocked websites often include region specific services like  CyBC live streaming, torrent websites, even illegal content that could get you into legal trouble if you’re seen accessing.

There is however a way to still enjoy CyBC live tv streaming if you’re travelling or outside the USA for some reason without stirring up issues with the law; subscribing to a VPN service.

How to access CyBC Live TV streaming with Ivacy VPN?

CyBC is a channel which has considerable viewership within the country. Audiences use it to catch up with the latest happenings or watch entertainment-based programs regularly. While accessing the channel from within the country is simple and without limitations, once people step outside the borders of Cyprus, availability of the channel becomes limited. 

This means that even if you are travelling for a few days, it will be difficult for you to access the channel particularly through cable TV. The website does provide a wider coverage but it comes with other risks like theft of personal information through hacking or other cyberattacks. With a reliable VPN like Ivacy, these issues can be resolved in three simple steps.

How does Ivacy VPN unblock CyBC live streaming from any location?

Want to enjoy CyBC live TV streaming? Not to worry! Ivacy VPN works by masking your original IP address and providing an up to 256-bit military grade encryption level. IP masking makes sure that you’re connected to the internet by way of a proxy server in the USA, letting you pose as you’re still in the country, instead of letting your actual whereabouts be known.

Encryption adds an extra layer of safety to this mechanism by making your communication with the internet impossible to understand by an intercepting third-party who doesn’t own a decryption key. This makes sure that you’re browsing the internet safely and don’t run the risk of getting hacked into and loosing important information when accessing CyBC live streaming.

What Is CYBC?

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, formerly known as the Cyprus Broadcasting Service, is a public network which was founded in 1953. The channel began with radio transmissions only and then four years later the television service was also launched. CyBC is run through the funds received from the government of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation is a non-profit organization so all the surplus income received by the channel is put back to help expand the channels objectives of providing news and entertainment to the local population. CyBC live TV streaming is restricted however, based on the regions so only people travelling to or living in specific countries can have access to it.  


CyBC TV live has three local channels and one international network. All of these channels are dedicated for different types of content. CyBC TV programs are also available through their website and users can simply go there are begin streaming the channel of their choice. CyBC live operates under the brand name of PIK. The channels carry this logo and this is why sometimes people can get confused. 

The various television channels of CyBC live TV also include EuroNews and ERT World which are Greek language platforms for broadcasting content from that particular country. Here are the details of the CyBC channels and what forms of content they broadcast:

  • CyBC 1: Also known as RIK 1 because of the brand name, this channel features programs on current affairs like debates etc. It also broadcasts news in the Greek language catering to all genres like sports, economy and politics,
  • CyBC 2: Broadcast as RIK 2, this channel is oriented towards entertainment content only. About 80 hours a week on this channel are dedicated for EuroNews programs. The rest of the time the channel allows audiences to enjoy foreign as well as local movies, music, children’s shows, feature films and TV series among numerous other things,
  • CyBC HD: This channel simultaneously with RIK 1 and 2 broadcasts a number of international or local special events like competitions or sporting programs. The channel has broadcast Formula 1 and Moto GP races, the FIFA Confederations Cup and the Eurovision Song Contest,
  • RIK Sat: This is the satellite channel of CyBC which is available as free-to-air in Europe and North America. It is specifically designed to provide local content for Cypriots living outside the country.

Cybc Radio

CyBC has four radio stations each of which are labelled numerically. The programs on these channels are broadcast throughout the day in different languages. They are also available through the internet. The channels are First, Second, Third and Fourth with everyone having different content for the respective listeners. 

The First channel also known as CyBC Radio 1 is all about news, current affairs, educational and cultural programs etc. The radio station also features some kids’ programs on history and music. CyBC Radio 2 is a channel for Cypriot’s living in Turkey and Armenia. The channel has three news bulletins in Turkish whereas Armenian content runs for an hour a day between 17:00 and 18:00 local time. 

The other two channels; CyBC Radio 3 and the Fourth channel are for entertainment and music. The Third Channel or CyBC Radio 3 is the most famous radio stations due to its programs. 

CyBC Programs

The various channels which operate under the CyBC banner have contents of their own. There are news programs, discussions, documentaries from National Geographic, kids broadcast and TV shows or movies both foreign and local. The shows on the channel are popular in their own right among the local audiences and their respective tastes. 

Some of the noteworthy documentaries and TV series airing on RIK 2 specifically include Global Ideas, Reaching for the Stars, Little House on the Prairie, Mr. Selfridge and Smallville to name a few. Other channels broadcast their own version of things like RIK 1 runs news bulletins, morning shows and other content like documentaries etc. 

Final word

CyBC live streaming is an important thing to the local population whether they reside in the country or outside it. With the limitations in place though, this can be difficult but with the help of a credible VPN, all issues can be resolved. 

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