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Ivacy VPN’s Digital
Privacy Scholarship

We are proud to announce the introduction of our digital privacy scholarship. Apart from giving users the opportunity to earn a scholarship, the purpose of this initiative is to create awareness about the importance of online security and privacy.

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Let’s Educate the World about the
Importance of Online Security & Privacy

Through this initiative, and many others, we aim to educate internet users about their
right to online privacy and security.

What is Ivacy VPN’s Digital Privacy Scholarship?

Ivacy VPN’s digital privacy scholarship is meant to lead to the future of privacy. Its purpose is to help any and all internet users understand why they need to be cautious online. Since educational establishments fail to keep students up-to-date in this regard, we believe it is something we need to discuss.

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How to Enter?

To be a part of this scholarship, you will need to write an essay on The Importance of Privacy and Security in the Next Decade. Your essay needs to be 800 to 1000 words long with ZERO plagiarism of any kind. Submit your application by May 31, 2020.

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How can you benefit from the Scholarship?

For starters, your submission will be featured on multiple media platforms. You will also get the rare opportunity to become a leading voice in the debate regarding digital rights, internet privacy, and so on.

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Ivacy VPN’s Digital Privacy Scholarship Prizes

The winner of that submits the best internet privacy essay will receive a $5000 scholarship. But that is not all, Ivacy VPN will select fiver runners-up, who will get a one-year Ivacy VPN subscription to browse and stream the internet freely without worrying about their security and anonymity online.

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Understanding the Selection Process

Privacy essays will be evaluated on the clarity and completeness of their arguments and theses. While we encourage participants to write keeping their personality and style intact, do keep in mind that this is not a creative writing exercise. Responses made must have a clear position on the required topic in order to be considered.

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Ivacy VPN’s Digital Privacy Scholarship Content Rules

1 Essay submissions need to be in English.

2 Applicants currently enrolled in high school, undergraduate school, or even graduate school located in the US, UK, EU, Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand will be strictly entertained.

3 There is no citizenship or age requirement.

4 Submissions will need to be sent to [email protected] Submissions will not be considered valid without the following information:
- Full
- name
- Details of your school
- Your grade level

5 Multiple entries will not be entertained.

6 Essay submissions will not be entertained after May 31, 2020.

7 The winner will be announced by October 2020 end. The prize will be delivered via international wire transfer. For this reason, the winner will be required to provider his/her bank details to complete the international wire transfer.

8 The winner must provide proof of enrollment and valid ID.

9 Employees of Ivacy VPN and their family will not be entertained for this contest.

10 All submissions will be owned by Ivacy VPN. The winner agrees to give Ivacy VPN permission to print and publish his/her essay and name.

11 Winners will be solely responsible for dealing with applicable federal, state, or local taxes.

12 The prize will be paid in USD (United States Dollars)

13 Any decision made by Ivacy VPN in regards to disputes for the digital privacy scholarship will be final.

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About us

Ivacy VPN has been a part of the VPN industry for over a decade now. It has cemented its position as an innovator and a company that cares about internet freedom with complete online privacy and security for all. For an unrestricted internet experience, use Ivacy VPN, which is available on all popular platforms i.e. Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.

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