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What to Expect from Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things was a success, and its sequel managed to do what The Empire Strike Back did for A New Hope. The second season widened the lore while and personalizing the conflict. The conflict moved from the eerie town of Hawkins to Pittsburg. The narrative was scaled to match the larger environment.

Even though the show was bigger than before, it focused on the relationships that define the show. The second season saw loss and intimacy while the dark presence of the netherworld grew beneath Hawkins, causing the characters to accept uncomfortable truths forcing them to rethink their connections to the people around them.

What to Expect from Stranger Things 3

The filming of Stranger Things 3 has wrapped for some time now, there is a lot of speculation regarding what is going to happen this season. The previous season took place during Halloween, and this time, it seems as the show will take place during summer. The plot will most likely revolve around the new hotspots in Hawkins: the Hawkins pool and the Starcourt Mall.

The mall seems to be a key plot feature in this new season, and not just a simple set dressing. A teaser released last year revealed Steve Harrington to be serving salted caramel cones at an ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy, after being dumped by Nancy. Appearing in the teaser along with him is Robin, who is going to be all new character that will unveil the dark mystery surrounding the new mall.

Here are some other things you can expect from the Stranger Things 3:

  • While the second season may have been about expanding the mythology, this season will focus on an intimate story, which was also confirmed by Matt Duffer.
  • Stranger Things 2 revealed that the Mind Flayer was still in the Upside Down, which means it could probably return, and could even have a big presence on the show.
  • Since season 3 will be inspired by the Jon Carpenter’s masterpiece The Thing, so expect a lot of gore. It will even have a bit of George Romero sprinkled throughout, meaning fans will get an unforgettable viewing experience.
  • There could not be many seasons left. The Duffer Brothers have stated in the past that will do no more than four seasons in total.
  • There was a lot of content for season 2, so much so, much of it did not make the final cut. Matt Duffer revealed that a few of plot points and details that were left out in season 2 will be integrated into season 3.
  • Stranger Things already had plenty of characters that were fan favorites, but Lucas’ sister, Erica, had seemingly outdone them all. She is expressive, charismatic and snarky; which is something the show can always do more of.
  • Season 2 featured an episode solely about Eleven who was introduced to a new character, Kali. Since Kali’s story was never concluded properly, there is a high probability she just might return for season 3.
  • Everyone is already well acquainted with Eleven, and season two did introduce the audience to number Eight, referred to as Kali. Since experiments were conducted on numerous children, at least what is what is implied, there are lot more numbers out there. It is highly unlikely the show will only showcase numbers Eleven and Eight, chances are others might make appearances too.

Stranger Things 3 Release Date and Details

The latest season of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix on July 4, 2019. It will feature eight episodes, the same number of episodes as the first season. The show will take place during the summer of 1985, a year after the event of season 2.

Since the show will most likely be released at all at once, like before, Netflix viewers will get a chance to have a binge-watching session.

How to Watch Stranger Things 3

To watch the upcoming season of Stranger Things 3, you will need a Netflix subscription, there is no other way to go about it. By doing so, you can ensure you get access to all the episodes as soon as they are released on the streaming platform.

If you are not ready to make that kind of a commitment, then you will be pleased to know Netflix offers a month free trial. What you can do is take advantage of the free trial to watch the entire season without paying a dime in the process. A month is more than enough time to get done with the show. If you wish to continue with Netflix, which you surely will, a streaming platform will automatically deduct the subscription price from the payment method you provided during the signup process.