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Get Canadian Netflix Outside Canada

The Canadian version of Netflix presents one of the biggest Netflix catalogs of all, with a far better and greater range of content as compared to what is available in the other countries. If you happen to be a Canadian citizen living in other parts of the world as an expat or simply craving for a wider selection of premium content without having to pay for it, you may want to access Canadian Netflix outside Canada. But, as you may already be aware of, each version of Netflix is available only in the part of the world, it exists in and not otherwise. This presents a huge problem for all the streaming and Netflix enthusiasts worldwide.

The process for getting around these restrictions and accessing a certain version of Netflix beyond the country it has been made for is quite simple and easy. All, you need to is get your hands on a VPN which will enable you to get Canadian Netflix outside Canada, in just about any country you want, be it in the European region, Americas, East Asia or even the Middle East.

How to access Canadian Netflix outside Canada with a VPN?

The process enabling you to access Canadian Netflix outside Canada and in any part of the world is not complicated and you don’t have to be tech-geek to make it happen.

However, you need to know that the majority of the VPNs are not successfully unblocking Netflix, and you will need a notable and trustworthy VPN service to get the job done. Moreover, if you go for free VPNs, that could prove to be a huge mistake too since they can result in privacy and security concerns.

Best VPN To Get Canadian Netflix Outside Canada:

Ivacy VPN is a great cybersecurity tool that has been around for a decade and is guaranteed to unblock Netflix, while most other VPNs fail in this regard.

You need to follow these simple steps to get Canadian Netflix Outside Canada:

  • Get Ivacy VPN
  • Download Ivacy VPN
  • Connect to a Canadian server
  • Visit the Netflix site to get Canadian Netflix

VPNs – How they function?

A VPN lets you connect to one of its servers and through that, to the Internet. Thus, a VPN provides you with a temporary IP address that is different from your original IP and your location is changed as a result. This process lets you access any website that is currently not available in your region.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network lets you connect to a VPN server before you connect to the Internet. As a result, all of your data begins to pass through a virtual tunnel, where it gets encrypted, rather than going directly through the internet. The server provides you with an IP from another country, thereby changing your location and providing you the much-needed security and making sure that you can easily Get Canadian Netflix outside Canada.

Why is Canadian Netflix not available outside Canada?

Netflix has to strictly follow the copyright laws that prohibit it to make its shows available outside of the regions they have been produced in. Therefore, every country’s version of Netflix is comparatively different and Netflix has to block people trying to access another country’s version of Netflix.

Therefore, whenever you try to access Canadian Netflix outside of Canada, you will see an error notifying you that you can’t do it.

3 Top Shows & Movies to watch on Canadian Netflix:

1- Sicario:

Sicario tells the story of the notorious drug trade between Mexico and the ed States and the various characters that make it that way, be it the FBI, assassins, drug cartels or street thugs.

Image result for Sicario 1

2- The Babadook:

A newly widowed single mother must actively battle her son’s fears of a monster residing inside the home, as the story unfolds and the monster reveals its most sinister side.

Image result for The Babadook:

3- Logan Lucky:

Two unlucky brothers decide to turn their life around by planning and executing a perfect heist by under a money-making machine.

Get Ivacy VPN today and begin unblocking amazing shows and movies only available in Canada.

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Do not pass up the opportunity to get Canadian Netflix Outside Canada through Ivacy VPN, now that you know everything about it.