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How to Get Australian Netflix In UK – The best way 2019

Despite the fact that the UK’s Netflix is far better than the Australian owing to a far richer catalog of movies and TV shows, it still misses a lot of content which is available on the Australian version of Netflix. Therefore, if you happen to be an Australian living in the UK, you may want to access the same catalog as is available back home and a failure to do so may seem frustrating to say the least.

However, an easy solution exists for solving this problem. Most people around the world are opting for a VPN service to get their way around the notorious Netflix geo-blocking which forces you to remain restricted to the Netflix titles of the specific country you are situated in.

Using VPN technology can enable you to change your location and hence, access the same Netflix Australia in the UK, that you get to enjoy back home.

How to access Australian Netflix in the UK with a VPN?

Using a VPN is a fairly simple process and it helps you trick Netflix into granting you the access you need. All you need to do is, find the right VPN that can get the job done successfully and wouldn’t fail.

Ivacy VPN is one such VPN, with military-grade encryption and a huge network of servers spread across the world, Ivacy has a proven track record of unblocking Netflix and making it accessible to a great number of people around the world.

Best VPN to Get Australian Netflix in UK:

Ivacy VPN not only provides the best cybersecurity in the business but a sure-fire way to unblock Australian Netflix in UK – a task in which most of the other VPNs fail miserably.

Here are the easy steps you will need to follow to unblock Australian Netflix in UK:

  1. Get Ivacy’s Netflix VPN by subscribing to it
  2. Download and install the Ivacy app on the device of your choosing
  3. Connect to an Australian server or under Smart Purpose Selection choose Netflix Australia

Go to Netflix and begin watching from the Australian catalog.

VPNs – How do they work?

A VPN lets you connect to the internet through a secure server placed in the middle of your network. As a consequence of this technology, all of your data gets transferred through those secure servers instead of going directly. The server replaces your original IP address with an IP address from another country, and your online location changes as a result. This makes sure you can easily access Australian Netflix from the UK.

Why is Australian Netflix blocked in UK?

Netflix is contractually bound by licenses worldwide to show content exclusive to a particular region. For instance, Netflix has the rights to broadcast ‘The Walking Dead’ in the US alongside the UK. But in other countries, the same show cannot be accessed unless you are present in either of the above. So to access Australian content, you have to be in Australia for exclusive viewing rights.

The situation has resulted in unrest among all streaming fans worldwide and made them turn to the VPNs to gain access to the coveted Netflix titles.

How does Netflix keep British users away from Australian Netflix? 

All devices connecting to the Internet have a distinct IP address much different from others. Netflix maintains a list of all the IPs connecting to its servers, to track users and then redirect them to their country’s own version of Netflix. Therefore, when you try to connect to the Australian Netflix from UK, you cannot do so, because you have a UK based IP address rather than an Australian one, which is why you need a VPN ultimately.