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How to get American Netflix in Romania? in 2019

Many Romanians long for the full version of Netflix also known as the American Netflix but fail to do so. The fact that their version of Netflix is not as populated with titles as the American one adds insult to injury. An American IP address is the only way to access American Netflix.

Why is Netflix US blocked in Romania?

Copyright Laws!

It goes beyond copyright laws. Each content creator on Netflix receives a large sum in return for allowing their content to stream on Netflix. However, these agreements are region specific which means Netflix must pay as per the region in which that content is supposed to be available in! Therefore, a load of TV shows and movies are not available for streaming in Romania since their creators have not made them available in the Romanian region.

Netflix is helpless, and it is not much it can do about this situation since it only owns the rights to stream the content, not the content itself unless it has been produced under Netflix’s banner. Notwithstanding the legal aspect, Netflix claims that there isn’t enough of a demand in different countries to enable the availability of US- only content in the first place. Not the most logical reason, but it is one of the common excuses given by most streaming services.

How to Watch American Netflix in Romania with a VPN?

Simple because you are unfortunate enough to belong to the wrong country (as per Netflix) or because governments and large corporations like to rant about laws, does not make it fair for you to be deprived of the best shows and movies in the world.

As we mentioned above, American Netflix in Romania can be accessed with the help of a US IP address. An American IP address can be obtained via a VPN service. Accessing American Netflix in the UK or Romania through a VPN is quite a simple process and has been explained below:

1- Set up a Netflix account after subscribing to one of the offered packages, if you do not have one.

2- Subscribe to Ivacy VPN – the fastest VPN as of 2019

3-Download, install and log in to Ivacy VPN

4- Connect to a US server from the list of servers presented to you

5- Now, visit the Netflix site. You will be automatically redirected to the American version of Netflix because Netflix’s system will detect that you are connecting from an American IP.

6- Log in and begin enjoying the biggest catalog of online movies and TV shows in the world.

Finding the right VPN service for American Netflix in Romania:

The importance of choosing the right VPN service to stream American content in Romania, cannot be stressed enough. Good speed and bandwidth are both crucial factors for seamless streaming of the Netflix content which a low-end service may not be able to cater. You must opt for a VPN service that offers the best speeds, implements a strict no logs policy and provides a greater customer support system – particularly important since you never know when you might encounter a problem or have a question for the service provider.

The average VPN costs $10 to $20 per month. However, it is recommended that you go for a service offering Netflix unblocking at the lowest possible rates. It is advisable that you opt for Ivacy VPN since it costs $9.9 per month and maintains a proven track record of enabling Netflix US access to users globally.

A desirable VPN should be able to do the following:

  • Bypass the Netflix proxy error with considerable ease
  • Enable you to access a large selection of server locations around the globe
  • Provide a fast and reliable service with consistent speeds
  • Offer secure encryption backed by additional security features
  • Have a strict policy of maintaining no logs of user activity or IP addresses
  • Offers well-informed and accessible customer support for all users

Netflix Account creation for American Netflix in Romania:

Once you have installed a VPN and hooked your computer up to the network, you can easily access Netflix to create your account. It might only take a few moments, but you need to have an accepted Visa Debit/Credit card available. Netflix also accepts PayPal, Mastercard and gift certificates, which can be purchased online. You can select from the various packages on offer by Netflix including the regular package meant for single use and the premium one that allows streaming for multiple users and 4K quality. Price may vary as per these factors.

After you create and pay for your account, you can begin watching titles of your choice on American Netflix in Romania.

Other Options for you:

While it is great to watch American Netflix in Romania after unblocking it, you can also unblock other streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime – other great streaming platforms based out of USA. With a VPN, you can also take advantage of music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify.

If you have a reliable VPN, the choices are high while the possibilities are endless.


Best Shows to watch on American Netflix in Romania:

Just in case you are still not convinced about the vast Netflix US catalog encompassing world’s best shows, here are the top 3 shows:

1- The Walking Dead 

A post-apocalyptic survivor series based on a group of people trying to survive zombies, The Walking Dead is hands down one of the best shows available on Netflix. The walking dead presents a roller coaster of emotions, thrilling action sequences, and breathtaking situations that make you stay hooked for the next episode as the series moves forward. Of course, heartbreak follows with the characters’ gradual death, on hands of the “walkers” as the show moves forward.

2- YOU

YOU is another excellent offering by Netflix US. The plot revolves around a bookstore owner who after falling in love, unleashes a deadly stalking scheme. It may sound like just another love story with twists and turns, but it leaves the viewers surprised when they find out that the main character is a psychopath who will stop at nothing to get close to his obsession. Even if this means cyberstalking, murdering, manipulating and employing other dangerous tactics.

3- Stranger Things

The thrilling Netflix drama which is based on the supernatural phenomenon is an ode to the 80s era – a time when tales of science fiction mesmerized audiences. When a woman’s 12-year old son goes missing, she launches an investigation with the help of the local police. However, the findings are unbelievable for the simpleton town folk.  A huge government led secret project is underway and has given rise to monsters that prey on young kids. The third season Stranger Things 3 will be available in July 2019.