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Get American Netflix in Singapore in 3 sec


As a netizen from Singapore, you must be well aware of the painful reality that most US-based channels and streaming services have dedicated a major portion of their online content for US-based users only, including Netflix, Amazon, CBS, Hulu, and many others. You may come to terms with not having access to content from other streaming services but, definitely not Netflix since it has the most insanely popular and trending shows available.

It’s not that the Netflix version available in Singapore doesn’t have a good enough library of its own but the fact that this library is not best suited for hardcore streaming enthusiasts. A good number of shows are blocked for viewing in the Singapore version of Netflix and you need an American IP address to view them.

What is a VPN and how does it help you access American Netflix content Singapore?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) contains a bunch of helpful tools allowing the users to protect their online activities. A VPN does this, by encrypting your connection, making it nearly impossible for the third parties to spy on you and thus keeping you safe. A VPN has the ability to change your location by assigning you a different IP address and hiding your actual physical location.

Now, coming towards what you desperately want to know i.e. exactly how Ivacy VPN is able to open up access to the American Netflix’s awesome TV shows and movies. When you launch Ivacy VPN and select a server situated in the USA, you are then connected to the USA’s version of Netflix, while staying right where you are.

Here Is How You Can Watch/Unblock American Netflix in Singapore:

The steps to unblock Netflix in Singapore are really simple:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy’s Netflix VPN
  2. Download and then install Ivacy’s official app
  3. Launch the VPN and connect to an American server
  4. Go to Netflix’s official website and you will be redirected to the American version
  5. Start watching your favorite shows on American Netflix

And that’s just about it! You can now sit back, relax and watch US Netflix.

Why can’t you access Netflix USA’s movies and TV shows in Singapore?

The content you view on Netflix is licensed from movie studios and production houses. The streaming service usually signs licensing agreements as per the region where they want their service to be available, which then limits access to other regions. This system leads toward much of the content available in one country not being available in other countries.

How Does Netflix Prevent non-Americans from viewing Netflix content within their home countries?

When the devices you use connect to the Internet, they are assigned a unique IP address, just like your home address. All of the countries have been assigned a range of IP addresses that are unique. This is how Netflix can identify where you are connecting from and then redirect you to the Netflix version for that country.

How Can You Get Netflix USA in Singapore?

You need a VPN to get American Netflix in Singapore!

Fortunately, you don’t have to relocate to the USA to access the full Netflix library. A VPN is all you need but the harsh reality is, not all VPNs work! However, a good majority of users find Ivacy VPN to be the most reliable VPN to get Netflix USA in Singapore. It has won the fastest VPN award for 2019 so you can binge-watch Netflix with Ivacy in HD without having to worry about buffering.

Netflix on Devices:

Netflix is available on almost all devices and platforms including the wildly famous Kodi and Chromecast.

Netflix on Kodi:

Kodi is one of the most popular platforms available across all popular devices including desktop PCs, Apple devices, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, while also accessing streams from streaming services such as Netflix. You can easily download the Kodi addon for Netflix which has a myriad of features to offer. For instance, you can search for content using voice commands.

Netflix on Chromecast:

Google Chromecast is a really simple and efficient method for streaming videos directly on your TV. You can set it up by plugging it into the HDMI port and it is powered by the USB cable that comes with it. Chromecast makes it possible for you to view and enjoy content from a huge range of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon and many more. With Chromecast, you can drop content from your Chrome browser directly to your TV.
Here is a complete guide to watch Netflix on chromecast.

The Top 5 TV shows on Netflix US You Are Missing If You Can’t Access Netflix US

Here are the top 5 shows on Netflix US which you may be unable to watch due to the geographical restrictions in place by Netflix:

  • Queen Charlotte


Set in the enchanting world of Regency-era London, “Queen Charlotte” offers a fresh and vibrant take on historical dramas. Inspired by the characters from the hit show “Bridgerton,” this spin-off series delves into the life of Queen Charlotte, a formidable and enigmatic figure. Played by the talented Golda Rosheuvel, Queen Charlotte takes center stage as we discover her intriguing backstory and the secrets that shape her reign. The show masterfully blends romance, scandal, and political intrigue, providing an addictive viewing experience that will keep you hooked.

  • Firefly Lane: Season 2


If you’ve been eagerly following the heartfelt story of two best friends, Tully and Kate, then you won’t want to miss “Firefly Lane: Season 2.” This emotional and captivating series explores the ups and downs of a lifelong friendship, spanning decades. Through heartfelt performances by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, the show portrays the enduring bond between these two women as they navigate life’s challenges together. With its poignant storytelling and relatable characters, “Firefly Lane” is a must-watch for fans of dramas that tug at the heartstrings.

  • Sweet Tooth: Season 2


“Sweet Tooth” takes us on a mesmerizing journey into a post-apocalyptic world where hybrid children, part human and part animal, emerge as a new species. Based on the popular comic series by Jeff Lemire, this visually stunning and thought-provoking show tells the tale of Gus, a young boy with deer-like antlers, as he embarks on an extraordinary adventure. The show beautifully combines fantasy, adventure, and mystery elements, offering a unique and captivating viewing experience. “Sweet Tooth” is a hidden gem that deserves recognition for its exceptional storytelling and compelling performances.

  • The Diplomat: Season 1


For those seeking a gripping political thriller, “The Diplomat” is the perfect choice. This suspenseful series follows the life of Joseph Veltman, an idealistic young diplomat assigned to a war-torn country. As he navigates the complexities of diplomacy and power struggles, Joseph becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy and danger. With its intense plot, well-crafted characters, and realistic portrayal of international politics, “The Diplomat” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

  • The Night Agent: Season 1


“The Night Agent” is a thrilling espionage drama that explores the world of undercover operatives and deep-rooted secrets. Following the story of a talented FBI agent named Jack Sharpe, played by a captivating lead actor, the show takes us on a suspenseful journey as Jack uncovers a complex conspiracy that threatens national security. With its intricate plot twists, high-stakes action sequences, and compelling protagonist, “The Night Agent” delivers an adrenaline-pumping viewing experience that will leave you craving more.