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How to Get American Netflix in France – The Only way 2019


France’s fine people can enjoy Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris but can’t access the full version of American Netflix in France. This is because of geo-restrictions. The fact that the content offered by Netflix France pales as compared to its American counterpart doesn’t help either but worry not you can get American Netflix outside US with ivacy VPN.

How to Get American Netflix in France: step by step guide

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  2. Download and Install Ivacy app
  3. Select a Netflix US server in the purpose section
  4. Connect to a Netflix server by tapping on “Connect”
  5. Start accessing American Netflix

That’s it! All you need to do is follow this process to unblock American Netflix in France.

Netflix on your favorite Devices:

Although Netflix has made its app available for a wide variety of platforms, it works best on Roku and Firestick TV.

  • Netflix on Roku:

The “Roku Box” is a 6-inch, square-shaped device presenting a simple way to stream video on your TV. It currently offers Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express, and Express+ and you can choose according to your budget needs. Roku has a number of exciting features like voice commands, auto volume leveling, and private listening. You can watch American Netflix on Roku with ivacy vpn.

  • Netflix on Firestick TV:

The Amazon Firestick is similar to a USB drive and can turn any TV into a smart when plugged in an HDMI port. The Firestick includes remote control functioning with voice commands and the newer versions are equipped with Alexa assistant.

Here are some of the most exciting features offered by Firestick:

  •  You can mirror your phone’s screen on the Fire TV
  •  You can play music on your Bluetooth headphones through Fire TV
  •  You can use your phone as a Fire TV remote
  •  Find shows in Netflix and iPlayer with voice control
  • Watch American Netflix on Firestick with the best Netflix VPN i.e. Ivacy vpn.

Does American Netflix in France work?

When you go to “Netflix.com” or login to Netflix using its official app, you are automatically routed to the localized version of the service, which is definitely different than the one available in America. This happens because Netflix has to follow certain rules pertaining to its content. Rules that have been laid out in agreements Netflix signs with its content providers.

In short, American Netflix it does not work in France.

How Netflix makes sure French users are not accessing American Netflix in France? 

When a computer, mobile or any other device connects to the Internet, the device is assigned an IP address. This address acts like a virtual home address through which user’s location can be tracked.

Netflix maintains a list of IP ranges belonging to each country, used to detect where each connection is originating from. That connection is routed to the relevant content belonging to that region. When you enter https://netflix.com into your browser or use Netflix app to log into the service, you will be automatically routed to a localized version of Netflix which would be completely different from the American one.

So, what’s the solution?

You don’t need to shift to the US to access the US Netflix library. The simple solution lies in a VPN. However, not all VPNs guarantee access to American Netflix in France!

How to Get American Netflix in France? With a VPN

When a user wants to access Netflix, he/she first load the VPN app and connects to a VPN server based in the United States, having a US IP address assigned to him. The user then logs into Netflix which detects the user’s location as that of the USA, and routes his/her incoming connection to the content library meant for the USA viewers.

Not all VPNs work!

Netflix’s VPN detection systems are extremely efficient in detecting and blocking VPN services. Netflix actively blocks any VPN it suspects to be accessing a blocked region via its advanced IP detection system. This has forced many VPN providers to give up offering Netflix access to their customer’s altogether.

However, there are still a select few VPNs that reliably unblock Netflix and are acclaimed for it. Ivacy happens to be one of them.

How to FIX the Netflix Proxy Error issue?

Get ivacy VPN and fix the famous Netflix Proxy Error with ease. Ivacy VPN has dedicated servers for Netflix which eliminates any chance of detection. Other VPNs don’t offer this service and the result is a proxy error.

Best VPN for watching American Netflix in France:

Ivacy VPN offers the most reliable way of connecting to American Netflix in France. It ensures speedy connections, great customer support, a comprehensive – all-encompassing global server coverage and much more:

  1. Connection Speeds:

Connection speed is integral when it comes to streaming and Ivacy never lets its users down when it comes to ensuring the best speeds.

  1. Multiple Platforms Supported:

Most users want to enjoy their Netflix on multiple devices. Ivacy offers support across all major platforms and devices.

  1. Economical Pricing:

A month of Ivacy VPN costs way less than what a month of Netflix may cost. Ivacy costs $9 per month – pretty reasonable for the level of service you would be receiving from the VPN provider.

  1. Customer Support:

Ivacy has 24/7 customer support chat option available in an event that you run into technical problems. Moreover, Ivacy also offers a trouble ticket option for complex problems.

  1. A network of Servers:

French Netflix fans can access their favorite movies and TV shows no matter where they are located, thanks to Netflix’s global server coverage of 1000+ servers in 100+ countries.

  1. Privacy:

Since Ivacy is located in Singapore – a country with no VPN related laws, your privacy is guaranteed, and rest assured, your browsing activity is not being monitored or recorded either.

Using a Free VPN to access American Netflix in France:

There are many free VPNs available out there, guaranteeing full access to everything that’s blocked on the Internet. However, there are two factors you must consider before going for a certain VPN:

  • Since a free VPN does not charge you anything, there is a good chance that your data is being harvested and sold to the highest bidder.
  • Free VPNs are highly unreliable and lack security features that premium services have to offer, which means that you risk getting a DMCA notice if you opt for a free VPN.

Aside from the factors explained above, most free VPNs are unable to consistently beat the geographical restrictions – your most crucial need, putting you through endless misery.

Apart from accessing free VPNs, there are several tricks, tips and Netflix Hacks you can explore to make your binge-watching experience better.

Top 5 TV shows on Netflix US:

Netflix is no less than a treasure trove for streaming enthusiasts and binge watchers. You could be looking for an excellent movie from the Horror, Anime or Comedy genre or wanting to go beyond a two-hour commitment, in any case, Netflix has you covered.

Even if your goal is to keep yourself occupied for days or weeks, Netflix is the place to go since it has a myriad of titles to choose from, with its remarkable mix of classic, contemporary and original content.

To put you at ease, here are the best 5 TV shows available for American Netflix in France:

Based on the novel of the same name, YOU is a psychological crime thriller about a young man stalking his female victim through the internet and social media. The New York City book store manager – Penn Badgley (Joe) meets, charms and eventually preys on Guinevere – a student. Joe uses the Internet to gain information about her and follows her around. As Joe’s infatuation with Beck grows, his ways become more violent and he begins seeking ways to eliminate people close to Beck from her life.

A criminal mastermind who goes by the name “The Professor” aims to pull off the biggest heist in history by recruiting eight people with a certain set of skills and nothing to lose.

A socially awkward high school student – Otis does not have much experience when it comes to sex but has been able to gain deep insights owing to his sex therapist mom. When his friends come to know about his background, he decides to use his knowledge to make a name for himself by establishing an underground sex therapy clinic.

This supernatural Netflix original is based in the 80s – a time when tales of science fiction mesmerized audiences. It stars Wionna Ryder – a mother living in a small Indiana town whose 12 – year old son goes missing. As the local authorities search for answers, a series of mind-numbing mysteries are unraveled, revealing the tales of secret government experiments, monsters, and a strange little girl.

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina involves elements of horror and cult practices. Sabrina Spellman struggles to come to terms with her split personality – half witch and half human, amid her stand against evil forces threatening her and her family.