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Netflix Alternatives – 20 Best Streaming Alternatives for You

Netflix: What is It?

Founded in 1997, Netflix is the topmost streaming service in the world by all standards. It offers a myriad of classic TV shows, movies, and documentaries and can be used on all kinds of devices. Netflix adds new content regularly including quality original productions of its own and remains an all-time favorite for numerous genres.

De merits of Netflix

Here are some of the most common demerits or disadvantages of Netflix:

Fresh Content Is Not Available Instantly

The latest episodes of your favorite TV shows will not be available on Netflix despite the previous seasons existing on the platform. However, eventually, they will have a premiere on Netflix and the same goes for movies. You will need to wait at least a few months for new releases to be available on Netflix.

Requirement For High Internet Speeds

The Netflix service depends upon high internet speeds to maintain quality. If you’re experiencing low internet speeds, you may be unable to watch Netflix as it’s video quality would highly suffer.

Region-based Content

The biggest drawback associated with Netflix is, the number of movies and TV shows you can access depends upon your region. For instance, if you are living in the US, you have a greater selection of content as compared to the UK or Canada. Meanwhile, it will get frustrating for people residing in other parts of the world to watch content that is only available in the United States.

How to get the most of Netflix content?

Netflix has a lot of exciting features and hidden tweaks that you can take advantage of, to optimize your Netflix viewing experience and enjoy it to the fullest. You can download content for offline viewing, filter the content, check out different genres and sub-genres, host watch parties, optimize for HD/ultra HD, customize your subtitles, and more.

Check out our blog on Netflix hacks, tips, and tricks for exciting ways you can get the most out of Netflix.

What are Netflix’s Geo-Restrictions?

When you try to access Netflix outside of the US, some of its content will be restricted with a message telling you that it’s not available, which becomes possible due to geo-restrictions.

Geo-restrictions work by maintaining a blacklist and a whitelist of IP addresses based on different regions. If you are on the whitelist, you will get access and will be unable to access if you are on the blacklist.

How to evade Netflix’s Geo-Restrictions?

With a VPN you can get an IP address from any country that has a number of VPN servers. For instance, if you’re in Australia and want to unblock the US catalog, all you need to do is log in to the VPN and connect to a US VPN server. Connecting to a US-based server can let you access US websites along with any Netflix shows that might be blocked outside of the US.

How to use a VPN to unblock Netflix?

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to unblock Netflix outside the US:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  2. Install Ivacy VPN app on your devices and connect to a US server
  3. Go to Netflix, log in and begin streaming

Top 11 Netflix Alternative that are FREE

Here are 11 of the free Netflix alternatives , from which you can choose any that you like:

1- Popcorn time

Popcorn time is the top Netflix alternative for free content. Popcorn time has a unique instant-playback feature for all that you want to watch which means you don’t have to wait for downloads. However, since it primarily lets you access copyright content, don’t forget to use a VPN before accessing it.

Popcorn Time VPN | Why use a VPN for Popcorn Time in 2020?

2- Kodi

Kodi is a leading Netflix alternative that works through repositories and lets you watch all kinds of content from sports, TV shows, movies, and documentaries to anime. Kodi stands to be one of the top free apps like Netflix.



3- Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is one of the most insanely popular free streaming sites and Netflix alternatives with a wide variety of genres such as comedy, drama, and family entertainment. Another one of the free apps like Netflix, popcorn flix can be your best choice as a Netflix alternative.


4- Vudu TV

Vudu is an ad-supported free streaming Netflix alternative offering TV in Standard Definition and High Definition both.


5- Sony Crackle

Crackle is another free Netflix alternative requiring users to register first before they can watch free movies and TV shows and offers an awesome collection. Here is how you can unblock Crackle.

sony crackle

6- Snag Films

Snag Films offers some 2000 movies, TV shows, comedy items, and documentaries with diverse topics ranging from athletes’ achievements, human rights to refugees.

Snag Films

7- YouTube

Although YouTube has it’s own paid service for premium shows and movies, most of the content found on this Netflix alternative is FREE and is readily available for all users.


8- Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers live free streaming of over 75 channels with genres such as News, comedy, gaming, and more. It can work on all popular devices.

Pluto TV

9- Putlocker

Operating since 2011, this Netflix alternative provides an index of popular movies and TV shows. Here are some good alternatives to Putlocker.



This Netflix alternative is backed by the popular Internet Movie Database, IMDB TV is another great source for watching free content online.

IMDb TV - Watch Free Movies & TV Shows


The RED BOX Netflix alternative allows you to conveniently rent and buy newly released movies.


Best Netflix Alternative – Paid

Here are some of the best Netflix paid alternatives:

1- Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the best Netflix paid alternative out there giving you access to content that would otherwise cost extra or might be unavailable entirely. Do not forget to secure yourself with an amazon prime video VPN before accessing it. It offers an interface that is similar to other sites like Netflix.


Amazon Prime

2- Hulu

Hulu has a myriad of content including Hulu originals, sports, live news, anime, and more but it is geo-restricted outside the US. Always use a Hulu VPN to access Hulu outside US.

Hulu VPN

3- Sling TV

SLING presents the best of live TV, whether free or paid, and can be streamed on any device the users want. It has 200+ channels and has a little something for every user’s needs. Here is how you can watch Sling TV outside US.

Sling TV

4- Disney +

An initiative of the legendary Disney studios, Disney + is an exclusive streaming service offering you the best movies and TV shows produced by Disney including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Remember to always use a Disney + VPN.

Disney Plus VPN

5- Hotstar

Hotstar is India’s largest paid streaming platform offering thousands of hours of Bollywood series and movies in multiple languages. It’s wise to use a Hotstar VPN before accessing the service.


6- Sky GO

Sky Go app offers on-demand Sky TV and is available on all devices, available for free to the Sky TV subscribers. Learn more about how to watch Sky Go abroad outside the UK.

Sky GO


7- BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer offers internet streaming, TV, and radio. It is available on a long-range of devices. However, you will still need Ivacy VPN to access BBC iPlayer outside UK.

BBC iPlayer

Other Streaming Alternatives

Here are some of the other best streaming alternatives that you could choose:

1- Torrenting

Torrenting works by creating a network of users or peers from around the world, each lending their resources to be utilized for the download and upload – also known as the Peer to peer (P2P) system. You can opt for any torrent site that has the content you need and begin downloading with a torrent client right away.

For more details, check out our guide on how you can torrent safely and the sites you can opt for torrenting in 2020.

2- Free Streaming sites

There are plenty of free streaming sites available that you can opt for, as a Netflix alternative. For reference, you can check out the above-mentioned list.

3- Dedicated Servers

You can choose dedicated servers to access any Netflix alternative that you are unable to access.

Why Do you need a VPN for Streaming before accessing any Netflix alternative?

You always need a reliable and trustworthy VPN service to have your back before accessing any Netflix alternative that might be hosting copyright-protected content to save yourself from potential legal troubles. Moreover, the only sure-fire way to evade any streaming geo-blocks is to use a VPN. A VPN service can enable you to bypass geo-blocks by switching your original IP address with a VPN server located in another part of the world.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gained sufficient knowledge of how you can access any Netflix alternative you want for FREE and can now do so, in any part of the world. However, if we missed something or you would like for us to make an addition, do let us know in the comment section below.