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Germany is one of the most liberal of all countries where internet users are free to surf the web with complete freedom. More than 7.4 million or roughly 84% of German population has access to internet. This statistic alone is a testimony to that very fact that German people love surfing the internet for any reason they deem suitable. However, Germany has strict copyright infringement laws in place when it comes to tracking illegal use of internet.In comparison to other European countries, Germany is somewhat liberal in enforcing the laws surrounding internet browsing and torrent downloads. Downloading torrents is outrightly illegal under the German legal framework. But don’t worry German users! You can still enjoy the ultimate freedom of surfing the internet with Ivacy VPN.

understanding VPN

What is a Virtual Private Network?

In simple terms, a Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as a VPN is a network of two or more computers interconnected with each other, forming a cluster of computers designated to perform a dual operation – of encrypting the data and of sending the data through a virtual tunnel. A VPN essentially protects a user’s IP address, replacing it with a pseudo IP address, so that there remains no danger of any third party intrusion or data breach. Hence, your privacy, your security, and your sanctity remain intact.

The data that a user sends through a virtual private network is encrypted and then after that the data is transferred through a secured tunnel where nobody knows about your whereabouts. Hence if you are online, you can surf safely as no one can decipher your online identity. This is the reason why VPNs are much loved and are one of the most sought after products in the world today. And the netizens of Germany are no exception. They do use a VPN to safeguard their online presence at any cost. And they have every right to do so. With the stringent laws governing the German cyberspace, using a VPN service has become a necessity.            

why VPN

Why should I use a Virtual Private Network?

Well, that’s a good question. In this digital age, a large number people surfing the internet, don’t have enough time and money to spend in a long queue, awaiting for their turn to grab an expensive tickets, outside a cinema. What’s the need of making so much effort when all the favorite online programs, movies, ebooks, sports events, software applications, games, etc. are available right at your desktop. Yes, they are just a single click away. There are free torrents available which allows you to download your favorite file. But with this unprecedented freedom there always remains a chance that your activities are being monitored.

Your online whereabouts are on the radar. The so-called surveillance are after you. You are not safe over the internet. This very reason urges you to opt for a secure and reliable VPN service available in Germany. And if you are travelling outside of Germany to any other place, and you want to watch your favorite programs, that are not available in that country, you must then need a VPN, just like Ivacy VPN to thwart geographical restrictions and get access to the online program that you desire.    

how to pick a vpn

How to pick a VPN service?

Meanwhile there are a lot of VPN service providers operating under the jurisdiction of Germany, as a regular VPN user, you can’t trust them all blindly.

When it comes to buying a German VPN service, you have to play it rather cautiously and safely. What if you didn’t manage to get what was promised to you by the VPN service provider? Who is responsible if the speed of the VPN service is not upto the mark? Who is responsible if the VPN logs your activities? It’s you! It’s solely your fault. Therefore, you must think twice before making the decision to purchase a German VPN service.

There is not just money. There are many things involved. There are many factors that you need to consider before making the final decision regarding purchasing a VPN connection service. These factors include the number of servers a VPN has, does it keep log or not, does it leak your IP, is the price reasonable, does it offer P2P file-sharing, is it compatible with every device and operating system and much more.


Why Ivacy is the best VPN Service for Germany?

Ivacy VPN is the best VPN service out there in Germany. It suits all your needs when it comes to torrenting. The VPN has more than 200 servers, strategically placed in major locations around the world. And with support for peer-to-peer file sharing available, internet users living in Germany can easily download, share and upload their favorite torrent files anonymously and privately.

Flawless speed, optimum server performance, state-of-the-art encryption technology and reasonable pricing packages are the hallmarks of the VPN company.

In contrast to traditional VPN services, the German VPN service fully protects you against all the potential security and privacy threats. This is just to ensure that users in Germany don’t have to bother about any pity issues.

Become anonymous and use the best VPN for Germany without any fear of information hack, security and privacy breach. If there is any problem, the users can always trust on Ivacy VPN’s customer support team for prompt resolution of your problems related to speed and performance.            


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