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The Best Germany VPN for Anonymous Surfing

Access Geo-restricted websites & Stream Anonymously

Germany allows all its users to surf the internet as they see fit. With more than 7.4 million Germans having access to the internet, the numbers alone bear witness to the fact that the people there love surfing the internet. But the real problem lies in the copyright infringement laws that exist preventing the use of torrents and different streaming avenues. When compared to other European nations, Germany is quite strict with the implementation of laws that prevent internet browsing in its truest form. Fortunately, German internet users can overcome this predicament with Ivacy VPN.

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What is a Virtual Private Network?

Ivacy the best Germany VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs for short, refers to a network of computers that are connected to one another, thus forming a cluster of computers designated to serve two specific operations – encrypting data and transferring data through a virtual tunnel.

With the help of a German VPN, users can protect themselves by acquiring a new IP address altogether. What this does is that it ensures that users do not have to worry about data breaches or third party intrusions. This means you remain safe, secure and anonymous online.

On the other hand, the data sent through a VPN is protected via encryption protocols. This data is then sent through a secure tunnel, ensuring you can never be monitored nor can you be tracked. With Ivacy’s German VPN set in place, you will be invisible while surfing the internet, which is why it comes highly recommended for those that wish to safeguard their online presence at any cost. Since freedom is the right of every sentient being, the solution is completely legal, especially in this day and age where online security and anonymity is always under threat.

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Why get a German VPN?

Reason to use German VPN

The reasons for using a German VPN are plenty. In this digital age, everything revolves around being connected to the internet.

Long gone are the days when you would need to stand in line to get a ticket or to take advantage of a sale at your nearest brick and mortar store, as everything is available online. Be it watching movies, playing games or even shopping, all of it can be made possible from the comfort of your home. Even with this freedom, there are risks that simply cannot be ignored.

Believe it or not, your online whereabouts could quite possibly be tracked. There are numerous surveillance agencies that are monitoring what you do online, and use this information against you. This can be prevented with Ivacy’s German VPN.

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How to pick a VPN service?

Ways to pick a VPN service

You will come across numerous VPN services out there, offering one better feature than the other. You need to understand that not all VPN providers can be trusted nor can they offer you the perfect solution to deal with your specific problems.

When it comes to buying a German VPN service, you have to be cautious. The last thing you will want is to end up paying for a service that logs your service and sells it to a marketing firm. This reason alone should make you think twice before purchasing a German VPN online.

To get the best VPN for Germany, you will need to keep a few steps in mind. Stick to a VPN provider that has been around for quite some time, do your homework in regards to its credibility via reviews left behind by users and compare its features to the ones being offered by the various other providers out there. Taking these factors into account, you will come to realize that Ivacy VPN will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Is it Safe to use a VPN in Germany?

Use a Ivacy VPN in Germany

Ivacy is the best service in Germany, and that is a fact. This Deutsche VPN is designed to meet all your needs and requirements, even for torrenters.

With 275+ servers across the globe along with peer-to-peer file sharing available, German internet users will be able to download, upload and share content freely. Additionally, they can get all this and so much more at an affordable cost!

When compared to traditional VPN providers, Ivacy VPN protects you against any and all privacy and security threats. With optimum server performance, unparalleled speed, military grade encryption and affordable plans to choose from, you will get everything you need in one place.

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The Fastest VPN in Germany for Online Privacy

Expect complete internet freedom with our state-of-the-art VPN technology

Download, Upload & Share

Unleash torrenting services at your will. Taste the flawless torrenting experience as much as you can. No one is stopping you. Go for it.

Anytime, Anywhere

Locations don’t matter. The world is on your fingertips. Share your torrent files with your friends, at anytime, from any location on the planet Earth.

Be Anonymous & Private

Stop worrying. Enjoy complete anonymity and privacy online. No one is there to know about your digital footprints.

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Our Top of the Line Features

Amazing features to keep you coming back for more.

275+ servers across the globe

275+ Servers across the Globe

Enjoy unrestricted access to the internet by connecting to any of one the many servers available across the globe.

Unlimited server switching

Unlimited Server Switching

Switch between as many servers as you require to get the job done. Restrictions will henceforth be a thing of the past.

Smart purpose selection

Smart Purpose Selection

Not tech savvy? Ivacy’s Smart Purpose Selection allows you to change settings with the click of a button. Choose from location or purpose to get the best experience possible.

P2P optimized servers

P2P Optimized Servers

With our highly optimized servers, you get unbelievable speeds, which is vital for speedy downloads. Torrenters will particularly benefit from this feature.

Multiple login support

Multiple Login Support

Protect 5 devices simultaneously using a single Ivacy account. Rest assured, you will get true value for your money here.

Split tunneling

Split Tunneling

Rather than disconnecting and connecting the VPN, route specific apps or internet traffic through Ivacy’s encryption network.


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Guarantee Guarantee
  • Advanced IPsec & IKEV Protocols
  • Virus Protection
  • Smart Connect Feature
  • Military Grade 256-Bit Encryption
  • 450+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • No Browsing Logs Policy
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • High Speed Downloading
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Kodi App
  • P2P Support
  • 5 Devices Simultaneous Logins

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