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How to Play Google Memory Game?

Google Memory game is an interactive game for kids and adults that allows you to strengthen and boost your memory. It’s a graphical game that uses images to increase your IQ and memory. It’s a web-based game, so it’s a pretty straightforward option for users to put their minds to exercise and improve their cognitive skills.

The Google Memory game is beneficial for kids in helping improve their cognitive skills. Kids learn to remember names and associate objects with text. Likewise, adults facing memory issues can make the most of this game and improve their remembering skills.

So, in this post, we will talk about the different aspects of the Google Memory Game, such as:

  • How To Play the Google Memory Game
  • Advantages of Google Memory Game
  • How You Can Achieve a high score in Google Memory Game
  • What Platforms Support the Google Memory Game

What’s In the Google Memory Game?

Google Memory Game is a logic contest. You are shown different images one by one. Each time, the previous image disappears. The user must remember its position. Once a matching image is revealed, the user must click on its previous matching image to create a match.

Initially, the game may seem complicated. However, as you continue to play it regularly, it can boost your memory and help you achieve better scores. It means that the user must remember the positions to avoid getting out.

It’s a cross-platform game that works on most mobile and desktop devices. Moreover, since it runs on a browser, you don’t need to install additional software to enjoy the game.

How to Play Google Game Memory from Anywhere?

Users that want to play Google Game Memory from anywhere without dealing with geo-restrictions will need to use a reliable VPN, like Ivacy VPN. Be it geo-restrictions or ISP throttling, Ivacy VPN allows internet users to access any content with complete privacy and security online.

To make the most of Ivacy VPN, follow these simple instructions:

Step#1: Get an Ivacy VPN subscription.

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Step#4: Access Google Memory Game effortlessly henceforth!

‌How to Play Google Memory Game

The exciting bit about this game is that you can choose the images from your Google Drive. Each image is used as a card. At once, the user can select up to 15 cards. Once you have selected the images, you can set the game’s difficulty level.

Currently, there are four difficulty levels, such as:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Very Hard

Here is the complete process to run the Google Memory Game on a browser:

Open A Browser

Go to your computer browser and open the Google Memory Game. The game works with most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Start a New Game

Once the game opens, click the gear button at the top-right corner to start a new game.

Start Flipping

You should see multiple cards placed on your screen. Start by flipping any two cards. If the two cards match, they will stay flipped. Otherwise, the second to the last card will unflip to its original position.

Remember the Cards

When a card unflips, you must remember its position to match with other cards. Therefore, it tests your memory and trains it to work more efficiently.

Match All Cards

When all cards are matched, the game is over, and you can check your score. Based on the attempts and mistakes, your score varies.

How to Beat Google Memory Game?

The Google Memory Game, often part of Google’s interactive doodles or online game offerings, is a simple yet engaging game that tests your memory. Here are some strategies to help you beat the game:

  1. Pay Attention to Patterns: As with any memory game, the key to success is remembering where each card is located. Pay close attention to the patterns and try to memorize the location of each card as it’s revealed.
  2. Start with Corners and Edges: It’s often easier to remember the location of cards on the corners and edges, so start matching these first. This method also gradually reduces the number of cards, making it easier to remember the remaining ones.
  3. Use the Process of Elimination: As you reveal more cards, use the process of elimination to remember which cards are where. This is especially useful as the game progresses and there are fewer cards to choose from.
  4. Develop a System: Some players find it helpful to develop a system for remembering card locations. This could be a mental grid system, associating cards with an image or story, or any other method that works for you.
  5. Stay Focused and Patient: Memory games require concentration. Avoid distractions and stay patient. If you don’t find a match right away, keep trying and stay focused on the task.
  6. Practice Regularly: Like any skill, improving your memory takes practice. The more you play, the better you’ll get at remembering where cards are located.

Remember, the game is not just about winning but also about having fun and improving your memory skills. Enjoy the challenge!

Why You Should Play Google Memory Game

One of the primary advantages of playing the Google Memory Game is that it boosts your memory and puts your mind to something useful. So, it’s a healthy activity in your leisure time that can improve your cognitive skills too. Here are some of the reasons you should play the Google Memory Game.

Test Your Brain

The memory game gives you a fair check on your memorizing capabilities. So, it shows how much you remember. Therefore, the Google Memory Game could be a good starting point if you want to test your remembering capabilities.

Improve Logic and Attention

Other than improving memory, the game requires logical handling too. For instance, if you know that a particular card isn’t going to match, you will alter your selection and go for a more probable output.

At the same time, it forces you to pay attention because that’s how you will ensure not to forget the images on the cards.

Brain Exercises for Kids

Kids love mobile games and interaction with screens. So, you can use this game to train your brain and improve your memory. It’s one of the better options for Google games for kids.

How Does Google Memory Game Calculate the Score?

If you want to set a Google Memory game high score, it’s important to understand how the game calculates your score. It considers two values to give you a score, i.e.,

  • Number of attempts
  • Number of mistakes

Based on these two parameters, the game uses the following formula to evaluate your score.

Score = (Number of Attempts – Number of Mistakes) * 100 / Number of Attempts

Quick Tips to Score Higher In Memory Games Google

If you want a higher score in the Google Memory Game, there is no shortcut to achieving that. However, you can try a few tricks to improve your logical thinking and match cards faster with minimum mistakes.

  • Always flip the cards sequentially. It’s better to start from left to right. Randomly flipping the cards can make remembering the card positions more confusing and difficult.
  • Instead of trying the most complex level in the beginning, start with the easiest mode to warm up your brain cells. Once those gears start moving, you will feel the difference in speed in your thinking process.
  • Cut off any distracting apps like music or audio files. It helps concentrate better and reduces the chances of errors. That way, you can score higher.

Is Google Memory Game Free?

Google Memory Game is available for free. It’s a web-based game that doesn’t require a gaming PC. You only need a browser to run the game online for free. It’s a pretty straightforward option to pass time constructively.

Google Memory Game for Android Devices

Google Memory game works with most popular OS’, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. Moreover, it’s browser-friendly, too, so it should work with all devices, including Apple and Android.


The Google Memory Game is an appropriate option if you want to enjoy a quick escape from work for a few minutes. While it’s a brain training activity, it also uses an interactive and engaging graphical theme that intrigues the user into playing more.

It’s free, easy, and constructive, so it’s the perfect option to train your memory or try it on your kids. Remember, if you cannot access the game, then be sure to use Ivacy VPN to overcome geo-restrictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Google Memory Game answered below:

What is a good score in Google Memory Game?

The score is categorized into tiers in the Google Memory Game. Each tier represents how well a player has done in the game.
• Great Score: 18-25
• Good Score: 26-30
• Poor Score: 30+

What is the recommended age for playing Google Memory Game?

Google Memory Game is suitable for players aged 5 to 6 years old.

Is Google Memory Game good for memory?

Yes, Google Memory Game helps to develop the memory and puzzle-solving skills of the brain.

Is Google Memory Game good for kids?

Yes, Google Memory Game is an amazing game for kids. It can help develop their brains by teaching them puzzle-solving skills.

Published on May 13, 2024