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Ivacy VPN & GamersOrigin

Ivacy VPN and GamersOrigin Teams up to secure all gamers worldwide, As a fast-emerging online gaming club that boasts 23 pro-players, GamersOrigin realizes the high importance of playing it safe on the field and outside of it too. In view of this goal, GamersOrigin has partnered up with Ivacy – a veteran gaming VPN, to strengthen the defences of its players, while they keep on gaming online, worry-free.

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The best VPN for Gaming, Protect all your devices like a Pro Player

It is essential that you protect all your personal data and files, while also ensuring a stable connection while gaming online. You can do both with Ivacy’s robust VPN gaming solution.

Ivacy’s gaming VPN saves you the hassle of signing in and out of every device while you play online since it allows you to connect to 5 devices at a time. All you need to do is get an Ivacy VPN subscription.

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Rock-Solid Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Gaming rivals can often carry out DDoS attacks to slow you down and take the lead. But. With the best gaming VPN, you get the ultimate protection from any DDoS attacks.

DDoS attacks are intended to cripple your servers or gaming infrastructure which kicks you out of the game and make you lose all your progress. It’s directing unwarranted traffic to your server that it crashes. Stay safe and opt for the best VPN for gaming.

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Be The First To Grab Your Favorite Titles and Play

Most games are released in certain regions first before going to the rest of the world. But, with the best gaming VPN, you no longer need to wait. All you need to do is, use Ivacy to connect to a location where the game has already been released and be the first in your region to access it.

Limited time skins, characters and costumers can be missed out on. Therefore, a Gaming VPN will help you capitalize the opportunity.

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Bandwidth Throttling – A Thing of the Past

Bandwidth throttling causes slower speeds and buffering which affects your gaming performance. But, Ivacy VPN lets you escape ISP throttling and get a seamless gaming experience never did. Ivacy’s static IPs are the best in the game. Full bandwidth is essential for online gaming and with a Gaming VPN by your side, it’s thing of the past.

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Get Better Gaming Experience with a Dedicated IP

Apart from everything else, Ivacy offers dedicated IPs which can help you play like you. Dedicated IP means a particular IP is whitelisted so only you can access it from a recognized device to play online games. Sign up to get one for yourself today.

Choose Dedicated IPs from countries such as Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, US, and Singapore.

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Why should you opt for a Gaming VPN?

A VPN gives you ultimate internet freedom by hiding your IP address and using an encrypted tunnel for all your traffic. A good gaming VPN can significantly improve your gaming experience and help perform better. Here is how:

256-Bit Encryption

Ivacy offers the best possible, state of the art 256- bit encryption, providing your connection with an impenetrable fortress.

Unlimited Servers

Ivacy allows unlimited server switching, you can find a fast server from Ivacy’s 1000+ servers from anywhere around the world.

No Logs Policy

Ivacy VPN has a clear and strict No Logs Policy, and an excellent track record of maintaining it.

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