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Beware Torrenteer! You are exposed!

  • MPAA and RIAA track torrent downloaders
  • Your ISP will send you legal notice
  • Court will impose a hefty fine on you
  • Your ISP will throttle your speed

What's the Solution?

It's Ivacy VPN, the Fastest VPN for Torrenting and P2P File Sharing that makes you 100% Anonymous & stops ISP Speed Throttling

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Torrent Anonymously & Privately

Streaming torrents is a hassle since most ISPs throttle your speed if they detect torrenting activity. Use Ivacy VPN and stream torrents flawlessly and anonymously.

Stream Live Sports, Watch Movies & TV shows

Watch your favorite TV Shows, Movies, or stream live sports without worrying about any stop signs that you see along your way to the website.

Stay Safe & Secure Online

You are as vulnerable in the digital world as you are in the real world. Use Ivacy VPN to stay secure and safe while you are online.

Stop your ISP & Government from tracking you

Your privacy is the most important thing you have as an individual. Make use of Ivacy VPN to stay out of the radar of data snoopers and online spies.

Easy installation & User-friendly interface

Setting up Ivacy VPN is super-easy, and its interface is so user-friendly that you will get started with it in no time. It's available on all Operating Systems.

Overcome throttling & Port Blocking

ISP throttling and port blocking is a big issue that most internet users face. Worry not though, Ivacy VPN ensures that you don't encounter any such issues.


7 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Get Ivacy VPN and enjoy torrenting without fear of DMCA notices, mass surveillance and ISP tracking.

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