How Can All Financial Institution Protect Their Vital Information

How Can All Financial Institution Protect Their Vital Information

Financial institutions mostly suffer because they fail to take appropriate steps to protect their private and confidential information. One of the most effective ways to deal with this issue is by adopting a secure network gateway (VPN).

With a VPN (Virtual Private Network), secure network connections can be created. In this day and age, a VPN should be a tool that all businesses keep handy.

Security issues like Firesheep, Wi-Fi spoofing and so on make it difficult for financial institutions to protect themselves. Additionally, since virtual offices are becoming more mainstream with employees working from around the globe, a VPN is more of a necessity, as you never know which employees may be connected to insecure networks. For instance, if an employee is working from a coffee shop, and is connected to the free Wi-Fi available there, it can end up becoming a big problem.

VPNs are no different from firewalls, as they are designed to protect data online. Technically speaking, VPNs are actually a WAN (Wide Area Network). On the front, businesses will enjoy the same functionality, look, and security as a private network. The real benefits take place behind the scenes.

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Not just financial institutions, but businesses in general and private individuals too are using VPNs, making them more popular than ever before. Ivacy VPN, in particular, utilizes dedicated connections via encryption protocols for virtual P2P connections. This means cybercriminals, hackers and third parties attempting to access data being transmitted will be unsuccessful in their endeavours.

How Ivacy can help Financial Institutions?

Greatly Decreases the Risk of Cyberattacks and Breaches

It may seem farfetched, but financial institutions are easy targets for hackers, cybercriminals, and third parties. Not all companies make headlines, and with cyber attacks on the rise as reported by Symantec between 2014-2015, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities has increased by 125%. By using a reliable VPN, like Ivacy VPN, the risk of cyber attacks and breaches drop considerably.

Improves Productivity

Employees aware of vulnerabilities online will stay clear of public networks. But if they travel, they will not be as productive as they normally would be at work. This is where Ivacy VPN can come in the picture to give financial institutions and their employees the peace of mind they need to work effectively.

Makes Client Feel Safe

Financial institutions are constantly collecting data from clients. They can assure their clients are safe by using Ivacy VPN. They might not know what a VPN is in the first place, but they can be educated. Not only will their clients appreciate these efforts, but they will feel safe as well.

Connect to the US While Abroad

With employees abroad, using Ivacy VPN to get dedicated IP addresses will become a necessity. There are countries that restrict internet access like Facebook is restricted in China, so to stay connected to their work employees will need a VPN at all times. Moreover, it can also be used to make it as appear as though employees are at work and not aboard, which is crucial for maintaining client trust.

Is an Affordable Solution

What is interesting is that a VPN is an affordable solution. Ivacy VPN offers some of the most flexible packages out there. This makes it a budget-friendly solution for financial institutions that want top-notch security without breaking their bank in the process.

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Published on February 4, 2019




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