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What is Torrenting? How do I do it?

Torrent is a fast, secure, and reliable protocol that helps users download and share data. It works best with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Do you want to download your favorite movies with the breathtaking speed of light? Do you want to share a large number of memorable photographs with your friends? Do you want to download the game that you love to play in your spare time? If the answer to all these three questions is a big YES! Then using BitTorrent or Utorrent is the best choice for you.  

What is a Torrent and how it works?


What is a Torrent and how it works


It is a fact that every one of us loves torrent. Torrent or more precisely BitTorrent is a fast, secure, and reliable protocol that helps users download and share data, including files, movies, games, etc. via a peer-to-peer network, without affecting the performance of the web servers involved.

By using a torrent you can share any type of file, while it is still in the process of downloading. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the whole file to download. You can start sharing and transferring your file, as soon the file starts downloading. This means that torrent essentially divides a larger file into small components while downloading is still in progress. Thus it eventually saves a user’s time without putting any extra burden on the computers within the network.

Torrents work best with Virtual Private Network VPN service providers. If you are using a VPN, then you get the experience of fast torrent download, as speeds increase, while your identity is secured with the VPN. As mentioned above, torrents support P2P file sharing, what if you can use a VPN for carrying out your P2P file-sharing activity. Well, using a P2P VPN or more precisely, a P2P-enabled VPN will make your file-sharing activity safer and more secure than ever.

Before going into further details, you must have clear concepts about the terminologies that are most commonly associated with torrents. These terms include; indexers, trackers, seeders, leechers, torrent clients, etc.

Indexers: Indexers are websites that have a huge collection of torrents. You can call them a sort of forum or a channel that contains a large number of torrent files. Whenever a  user wants to share a torrent file, the individual begins his search from within an indexer.

Trackers: Trackers are servers that work as a bridge between the peers of the network. They can be conceptualized as assistants that direct and help a user maintain a smooth flow of operations among the peers within the network. Whenever a user downloads and uploads a file for another user, a tracker unzips all the file along the way, thus avoiding any unwanted delay. This helps other users with different files to streamline their sharing process as well.

Seeders and Leechers: When a user downloads a file from a torrent client, he becomes a ‘Seeder’. To remain a seeder, the user should continue to upload the downloaded files for other users. If the user continues to download the files while not uploading any file, he becomes a ‘Leecher.’ The good practice is that a user must upload as many files as he has downloaded.

BitTorrent Clients: A ‘Client’ is a computer that actually does the bulk of work for the user. It is the ‘client’ that is responsible for managing your torrents. It also helps a user to connect with other peers within the network. And most importantly, it is with the help of a client that you download and upload a file that you need. There are a host of free torrent clients available. Some of the most commonly used torrent clients include uTorrent, Vuze, etc.  

How to use Torrents?

In order to use torrents efficiently, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Download and Install Torrent Client

In order to use torrents, you need to search and download a good one. You can download torrents from any of your chosen torrent clients. You can also download a torrent by using the best torrent VPN available. There are many VPNs available, but you have search and select the best VPN for torrenting, in order to enjoy your experience to the fullest. A VPN also helps in easy torrent download. Once the torrent download is complete, you need to install the torrent on your system.   

Search for the Torrent File to be downloaded on any of your favorite torrent sites



Once the torrent client is installed, you need to search for a torrent file that you want to download on your system. Remember, the torrent files have a .torrent extension. Therefore, if you want to down a video file or a music file via torrent, search for that particular file with the .torrent extension.

Download the Torrent File



If you want to download a particular torrent file on your system, you need to click on that file and then “Get This Torrent” in the subsequent window, to launch the torrent and download the file to your system. Select  “Open uTorrent” and a pop up of uTorrent will appear with a dialog box presenting options for various torrents available for download.

Here you need to select a specific file that you want to download. You can also decide to keep your torrent file at the top of the queue or unmark any irrelevant torrent file that you don’t want to download.

Once you have selected the file to download, click O.K. You can now easily manage your torrents from within the main uTorrent window.

  • The ‘pause’ button allows you to pause the download while keeping the connection open.
  • With the ‘stop’ button, you can stop downloading a file. The connection will be disabled.
  • You can use the ‘play’ button to restart downloading your desired torrent file if the downloading was paused or closed.
  • The ‘red x’ button gives you the opportunity to delete your selected torrent files if any.
  • By using the ‘up arrow’ button, you can raise the priority of your torrent file amongst all the other active torrent files.
  • By using the ‘down arrow’ button, you can lower the priority of your torrent file amongst all the other active torrent files.

This brings us to the end of this tutorial. This is the first article in a series of tutorials aimed at helping the beginners use torrents to their advantage. We hope that you will find it an interesting read. Don’t hesitate to contribute towards these tutorials for beginners with your valuable ideas and suggestions in the comments section.


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