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How to watch Winter Olympics on Roku


Your winter is about to get more entertaining! The Winter Olympic Games begins this week at the Beijing National Stadium. Fans in the U.S. can watch Winter Olympics on Roku with an NBCSN subscription. All Roku customers can watch the latest clips, commentary, and highlights for free on the NBC Sports channel.

The Beijing National Stadium will witness the opening ceremony of this year’s Winter Olympics. The same stadium will also be used for the closing ceremony. The event will take place on February 4th, 2022. Millions from around the world will tune in to see how China will celebrate the opening of the Winter Olympics

How to Watch Winter Olympics on Roku

Watch Winter Olympics on Roku without any hassle. You can follow simple steps to know-how:

If you want to watch all the live coverage of the amazing sporting event in the US, you should log on to NBC. The same goes for the UK fans since they can catch all the live action of Winter Olympics 2022 on their screens through BBC Sport or Eurosport. However, you can also watch the live coverage of the event through the BBC iPlayer if you do not want to get a cable subscription. T

he Winter Olympics 2022 followers can stream all the happenings live and exclusive on different channels in various countries. Here is the list of channels along with their respective broadcasters.


Because of the TV broadcaster’s huge emphasis on internet streaming platforms, live streaming Winter Olympics on Roku is easier than ever before. The Winter Olympics 2022 starts on the 4th of February, being an Olympics fan you will be eagerly waiting for the event. It is high time for you to watch some of the best sporting moments on your screens live and exclusive

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